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Is America Prepared For A Presidential Election Crisis?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/12/america-prepared-presidential-election-crisis

We already live in a nation where the person with the most votes doesn’t necessarily win.
I’d call that a crisis.


spend more time creating a system that doesn’t provide two of the suckiest choices imaginable. that would be a far better use of your time, because even an "honest’ election right now is a de facto crisis.


We are in an emergency right now and we need to get rid of Donald Trump! But because of corruption across the field of both parties politicians we were not able to impeach the President. What needs to happen is impeach this whole administration and the courts he backed and the supremes he appointed. McConnel should go to jail for the rest of his life for not doing is job.

Oh man, I sound like a dictator. But this swamp has gotten so bad and complicity all around Washington DC.

The subhead:

If we are smart, we will take appropriate measures before the next crisis.

Ouch. Unintentional unfunny satire in the teeth of the coronavirus, and federal public-health sabotage.

I’m working around to the general impression – perhaps “if we are smart” is not a fortuitous conditional to apply, here in USAmerica.


Not quite a ‘nation’.
More a concoction of 50 sovereign entities. As a result the ‘national government’ of the ‘United States’ could be seen to have more power in countries other than the U.S. (through its diplomatic and military dominance) that it does at home. Which is why for instance, it has been unable to implement a national health-care system.

Time to stop proposing ‘tinkering’ with the ramshackle mess and to start over.


“Your lack of faith is disturbing.”

We aren’t smart.


This “impartial board” sounds horrid to me.

I prefer the Constitutional means. If the Electoral College doesn’t deliver a majority, the House, an elected body, the one closest to the people, decides. If what happens in 1824 happens, that’s good. It’s like a Parliamentary coalition. Adams and Clay worked together as President and SoS so their supporters in the House gave them a majority- exactly what the Constitution allowed them to do.

I’d rather whoever gets the majority of votes gets the win. But I prefer the slip-shodiness of alliances by an elected body than this proposal, which sounds like a formula for the permanent elements of the government to take more power.

But one thing we can do is pass Tulsi’s Election Integrity Bill and have every election be done with a verifiable paper trail.

Also, I don’t get his problem with mail in ballots, as they DO have a verifiable paper trail and is EXACTLY what we need if we’re supposed to be social distancing.

How many folk caught COVID because they had to stand in line in mass for hours and hours to vote?

Michael Tracey, whom I usually find to be quite correct, is criticizing mail in ballots because in my state of WA around 31% of votes went to candidates who’d already dropped out because the voters mailed them in before they dropped out. The simple solution to this is two-fold:

  1. Ranked Choice Voting
  2. Make the mail in period shorter, three to five days before the polling date instead of weeks.

With Primaries I’d think the ranking directions are best as “If your candidate doesn’t meet the 15% viability threshold or drops out, who is your 2nd choice to switch your vote to, if that candidate also doesn’t meet the 15% viability threshold or drops out, who is your 3rd choice?”

Why do you think that the Senate and the House will agree on what the new statute should say?

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An existential crisis known as climate chaos is ramping up and we’re making it worse instead of better.

So, fuck no, we’re not prepared for shit. People were literally clogging local stores to buy toilet paper.


Some of us may be smart. But maybe not smart enough to educate the rest when the rest don’t want to learn.

“You can lead a horse to water but he won’t drink if he is used to drinking the Koolaid.”
-updated old saying


" “Your lack of faith is disturbing.”

“Faith” is required, to believe in our current system.

Before we ‘fix’ everything by adding a new political power with powers that have not existed before in our constitution and which would require a constitutional amendment … how about we try the simplest solution first?

An odd circumstance of history is that when big problems are ‘fixed’ by big solutions they often end up getting bigger. With modern electronic communications whether by TV, radio, the internet etc. people everywhere know what is going on if they choose to. By this I mean the limitations of travel by horse in the days of the Revolution have been supplanted by instantaneous dissemination of news etc. we have the internet and cell phones along with TVs, so there really aren’t isolated unrepresented communities any longer.

In short, we no longer need the Electoral College. Our elections should be decided by democracy… the popular vote. The Electoral College is basically a committee that can and does supplant democracy. In the modern world only the popular vote is fundamentally democracy in action.

It is strange that so many Americans continue to believe that the popular vote determines elections because they think that the Electoral College must vote in accordance with the popular vote in each state. Americans believe in democracy but the Electoral College does not.