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Is Another Cheney Headed to Washington?


Is Another Cheney Headed to Washington?

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Following surely in the footprints of her father, former Vice President Dick Cheney, Liz Cheney won a solid victory in the Wyoming Republican primary on Tuesday and will now be in contention for the U.S. House seat that he once held.

"I look forward very much to moving forward in the general election, unified and focused on making sure we send the strongest conservative voice to Washington," declared Cheney, a fierce neoconservative and war hawk, after defeating her 8 primary opponents.


Clinton, Bush, Cheney - this is how dynasties form.


This woman is as bat-sh** crazy as her father is.
If they elect her in the general then the people of Wyoming deserve whatever fate befalls them.


Well, if you want "the strongest conservative voice [in] Washington", Liz, you really should be on the Hillary team of New Republicans. You and your dad are kindred spirits with the Clintons.

That thing called her father raked in a ****load of money from his secret fossil fuel dealings, fake war and its billions in damages, his Haliburton scam to save the day.

But it's never enough for these people: They really think the country loves them...either that, or they know they can easily slide into powerful government jobs by living and spawning in population powerhouses like Wyoming. Once they get those jobs, they can contaminate the whole country.


Just a shit off of the old block...


One day, everyone of them child killers mentioned will be thrown to face the Iraqi and Afghani families.


Senators are very powerful. Unfortunately we all get her.


She is running for thinly-populated Wyoming's lone house seat - not Senator.


So, let's do all the RIGHT things: destroy the environment, make sure that sick people die rather than obtain medical care, ensure that women die from back-alley abortions, increase deaths worldwide by enhancing old wars and starting new ones, make daddy proud. Sounds like a good plan Liz.


Ol' Snarly's devil spawn...her loss in the election would be Wyoming's (and the House's) gain. May she fail to bring her evil out of the state of Wyoming. WAKE UP, Wyoming...cast out this miscreant!!


She's running for the House.


Wyoming is a scary place. Its citizens fought like hell to try to keep Yellowstone National Park from being established. Its politics have not improved since that era.


This has to be the worst news I've seen all day. The neocon/neoliberal take over has become the sickening legacy of this country. They are the reason we can't have nice things in the US.like other countries.
I'm sure they think we are just dying for another Cheney in the government. They, like the Clinton's, are so out of touch they still think they are somebody and they definitely think they are the only one's that can run things correctly.
Yep, we can hardly wait for more war and penny pinching austerity here in the richest country in the world.
I thought someone would have hacked Dick Cheney's replacement heart by now. Heartlessness runs in the family you know.


Fear mongering sucks, ya know?...and who would be perfect in your mind.....in your world? Until money in politics goes away, even average is unlikely. Phk these asswipes then, let's kick the money out and quit wasting time on personality.


I sure hope the general population of Wyoming voters are intelligent enough to send her back to the Cheney sewer from which she slithered in the first place. Obviously the creepy GOP haven't a moral or decent bone in their bodies to pick this piece of subhuman waste to be the Republican candidate. They say the bent branch doesn't fall far from the rotten tree and she is proof of that!


"There is just a level of slime and sleaze associated with the Clinton family. ..." - Dick Cheney

I hear a voice coming from the sewer. I wont disagree, but this is rich coming from the smelly one.


Well, it's a predominantly Republican state, so, most likely she will be "headed to Washington." Whereupon, I'm sure she'll get along famously with Hillary Clinton, should she win (most likely, yes, since I doubt those funding here would allow such lavish investments to go for naught!).

Too bad the Berniecrat didn't overtake Ryan what's-his-face for the Democratic candidacy. He is truly a remarkable man -- I'd vote for him for President, if he were running.

The other one - what kind of money is he taking? Or - will he take?

Personally, I'm finished with corporate Democrats. They're working for the same people.


I'd say "evil spawn" is an incredibly apt description. Overturning clean energy in favor of filthy coal, outlawing reproductive rights, and promoting the slaughter of already born children in other lands. Dick must be so proud of that evil spawn. Zero mental evolution in that family, eh?


Well, I dunno. The USA could have had a relatively sane and harmless Constitutional Monarchy, as has Canada and a few other countries, but no, you want to grow your own inbred royalties, the Clinton's, the Bushes and now the Cheneys all of whom lack good manners and are bloody stupid. At least ours are well-mannered, well-educated and have a permanent job with good pay so that there is no need for them to be corrupt.


Will Wyoming voters want her?