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Is Apple's "Repatriation" Offer Just Another Form of Tax Dodging?


Is Apple's "Repatriation" Offer Just Another Form of Tax Dodging?

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer


Can you say SHELL GAME ?


It was reported by Mike Malloy that Ireland only required Apple to pay one five thousandths of 1 percent in income taxes. That means that, for every million Euros in profit, the company only had to pay 50 Euros in taxes. The Irish Government willfully screwed over its own people to attract companies like Apple with their race-to-the-bottom.

This is beyond sick.

If I have to pay taxes, then so should corporations! If they want to be treated as people, then let them be taxed like people. Let's not forget: Apple got rich off of the technological discoveries that WE ALL PAID FOR! The Research and Development of microelectronics, computers, and the internet all came from our tax dollars. If our corrupt politicians insist on running our country like a business, then that means we are all investors...so where the fuck is our dividend check?!

Tax all corporations. Tax the 1%. Tax 'em till their eyes bleed!


Wesley Snipes federal prison. Apple, don't worry about it.


Does anyone have any questions about our government's support for the wealthy?


Or maybe it's about time we demand that corporation that move off shore have all their assets seized and their charters revoked and never again be permitted to do business in their country of origin.


Every bit of this corruption is rooted in the Capitalist economic system that we Americans allow to exist.
We need to transition from the Capitalist model to the socialist economic model as rapidly as possible.
A graduated income tax sans all corporate deductions with a top rate of 90% (on both corporations and individuals) and high tariffs on imported goods would be a good start.


A top rate of 90% takes us back to a time where the 1% could only afford every good and service they could ever imagine, with little money left to purchase politicians and fund think tanks.

Doesn't that appear to be a REAL formula to make Murka great agin ?


Yes, of course Apple's money juggling is a tax evasion, just like all the rest of the corporate thieves. Top corporate CEO's now making 300 times what workers are paid - sure a little more is OK, but Jeeze-Louise, $15-25 million annually? NO, they are not worth that much, regardless any BS rationale!

And while we're at it, this news and opinion source, this forum - Common Dreams, and all its staff - works hard to inform and stimulate and prepare us for tomorrow. They do not make millions, far, far from it - but what they provide is worth millions - this forum is worth much to all of us who participate and those who read and chose to remain silent, or not.

I have read many will not contribute because CD didn't perform as some expected - didn't write or report the right things, and I find that very disturbing and self-destructive - demanding that others perform to our expectations or else, is not a progressive vision.

If all of us who make CD our political home contribute a few dollars each we can assure our future and CD to be there for us all - many hands make light work! I contributed today and I hope you will as well......it's said "you don't miss your water till your well runs dry"......


Okay - I'll send in a second contribution this month.


I would like to care about this and I feel very strongly they should pay their share of $$$$$$. Then again they should pay their share of Calif. Taxes. Their little Reno office doesn't make it. Apple and little timmy should move Apple to the south of Amerika. That means you timmy.


Concur! Monthly, auto-pay contributor here.


these elite bastards have no shame. after their employees ride their private buses that leave from public bus stops and travel on public roads in California, they dare to talk about tax breaks and our current administration is no better in even allowing such talk. the darkness that rules this country now has in my lifetime never been worse. damn them all.


I think it's time for a boycott of Apple products. That's right, millions of people not buying Macs. How about nobody gives a shit about Apple's next iPhone. We could make them bleed.


Not until they reinstate the accounts and standing of all the quality lefties they've booted over the years simply for being radicals.
Then and only then would I consider helping out. I like the editorial selection here. It's solid for a liberal operation.
But the management of this section has developed a draconian reputation over the years--at least by those of us on the left--that was hard-earned.
If you ever think the comments get lightweight sometimes, that's one of the reason. Some really fine contributors got disappeared.
Heck, I'll probably get it for posting this. Sigh.


Thanks for the reply drone, I appreciate it and the input. I was not aware of this history and I guess you have solid evidence for it, I have only been here a relatively short time so do not know the history. I'll have to do some research. Keep the faith!


one place to look for the graveyard of a few of them is some non-profit rating sites where you'll see a few of my old mates grousing years ago about getting the boot..:slight_smile:
but I also need to point out that things have improved a bit with DISQUS, although we still have a problem with a handful of serial flaggers.


In short: YES.

If they were Serious they would bring the money home Now and send the IRS a Check for every Penny in Back Taxes.

They are just playing for time while their Lawyers look for excuses why they shouldn't have to pay up and their "Agents" deliver larger bribes to more politicians so this whole thing can et swept under the Media Rug.


the scum, shrub, gave a 'Tax Holiday' to corporations in 2004. Bring home all your cash and pay a measly 5% tax. While corporate tax is 35%, no corporation pays that rate. It has been estimated that 12% is the real rate but Shrub let them get away with 5%. Effing criminals in the White House and congress. Individuals were hunted down and extorted for back taxes but lobbyists for the 1% backed the govt down. Kapernick is correct on so many levels.


Since when does anyone decide when and if to pay taxes, and how much? Simple solution, impound their products at the port until they pay the taxes they should owe, not what they decide.