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Is Ban on Military Equipment to Police About to Come to End?


Is Ban on Military Equipment to Police About to Come to End?

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

When President Barack Obama last year banned the federal government from selling certain military equipment to police departments, civil liberties advocates cautiously welcomed the move as a positive development in curtailing militarized police forces.


"We've seen how militarized gear can sometimes give people the feeling...". Is it a feeling when we are a police state? Is it a feeling when a child is killed on a playground? Is it a feeling when police murder people with there hands out baring no weapons? A feeling comes from actions created. It is a fact that children, men and women are murdered by police. This bull sht statement is a pass, but thats ok, peoples feelings will lead to a race war, a civil war, or a world war. But which hasnt happened? How many police does it take to make a police state? How many countries are invaded before it is a World War? There are more countries involved in the fake war on terrorism than there was in the first or second world war, or are those just feelings. Another lame duck President making a lame duck statement. Lame.


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