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Is Bernie Sanders Planning a "Victory Rally" on Eve of DNC Convention?


Is Bernie Sanders Planning a "Victory Rally" on Eve of DNC Convention?

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Bernie Sanders' next signature rally may take place in Philadelphia—the night before the Democratic National Convention.

The Vermont senator's campaign has applied for a permit to hold an event that will reportedly host between 15,000 to 40,000 people on July 24 at Franklin Delano Roosevelt Park. It is one of 10 such pro-Sanders events requesting permission from the Philadelphia mayor's office, the Burlington Free Press reports.


Just thinking about it and wondering if Bernie had:
* Conflicts of interest
* Suffered from an ongoing FBI investigation
* Took money from foreign countries with human rights violation
* Supported fracking
* Lied to the American people on a regular basis
* Claimed he was dead broke but really had $200 million
* Was owned and controlled by Wall Street, big banks and multi-national corporations

Gee- he might have been the Democratic nominee.

Can't wait to see the new polling numbers later this week.


Sanders has certainly had a big effect. Clinton is now calling for tuition-free public college for children of families making under $125,000. No announcement on how it would be funded. She keeps moving left.


To "be the most progressive in the history of the Democratic Party" this convention will need to go beyond even the issues in Bernie's primary campaign platform and include restoration of ALL New Deal financial industry regulation...tantamount to promising to knock Wall Street back to the 1970s when investment bankers' annual incomes were about the same as engineers, accountants, nurses, and other professionals, compared to the 21st century when their annual income exceeds the LIFETIME income of those other professionals.


At the risk of wasting my breath - Clinton is not "moving left" and never has in truth, she is only adjusting her verbal stance to fool the easily brainwashed/manipulated - she is making weasel statements that are so non-specific, diversionary, openly pandering to demographic groups or telling outright lies she will never have to live up to - IMO. Only a shill or fool would see her deception as anything but political charade and theatre.........


The only action and enthusiasm in Philly will be at FDR Park, with Bernie standing tall and straight like a middle finger rising up against the establishment. At the convention anyone with anything real to say will be crowded into "free speech zones" or pepper sprayed and sent off in vans for a few nights in jail. Hillrod will use her media connections to keep coverage of Bernie events out of the news -- nothing new in that! To keep tensions down she won't talk about her hard turn to the right until after the convention. Then she'll announce the big Sheldon Adelson contribs she's earning by kissing up to Bibi Netanyahu.


Sanders has certainly had a big effect. Clinton is now calling for tuition-free public college for children of families making under $125,000. No announcement on how it would be funded. She keeps moving left.

Maybe she plans to fund it with sales of the organs of dead Palestinian children. Keeps moving left? You mean she keeps reluctantly faking left as the country recoils at her vomitous entitlement and corruption and the left abandon her in the millions for Jill Stein.


So great to see Bernie still out there pushing, it's been a particularly disappointing week. I wish he would run as an Independent or a Green but we'll see. In any case we didn't sign on just to see Bernie as president (would be great though) but to push the political revolution as far as possible. That we will do.
Go Bernie
Never Hillary


John Pilger discusses the "specter haunting Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America"- Hillary Clinton, a "mortal danger to the world":



I agree Emphyrio. I was stunned when seemingly intelligent environmentalists thought they could hold "Obama's feet to the fire" regarding banning drilling, fracking and environmentally devastating trade agreements. During the 8 years of trying to hold "Obama's feet to the fire" ----the phrase "feet to the fire" became literal although Obama's feet were nowhere to be found near the real fires while he continued his "all of the above" energy policy.

Now, many are saying the same thing about Clinton----"push her left, hold her feet to the fire". They even go so far as to shame those of us who believe that HRC is NOT the person who should be at the helm of this country ever----especially with 400 PPM CO2 locked in and global temperatures skyrocketing (I'm looking at you Robert Scribbler who simply chooses to blame the republicans and shames anyone who doesn't get behind "her").

For those that understand where the biosphere is re: human induced climate change and habitat destruction ( as in complete meltdown/collapse) it is inexcusable to get behind this woman who supports fracking and will not instate a carbon tax (among other things)

For those that don't understand or refuse to acknowledge the dire straits the biosphere is in: just open your eyes and look around! You will see dying trees, acidified oceans, dead coral reefs, algae infested waterbodies . . . you'd have to be a very skilled denier to not see, feel, smell the death of life on the planet that surrounds us.

EVERY environmental group should be at this rally---- protesting the coronation of this war hawk who takes money from the fossil fuel industry.

As Bernie Sanders stated repeatedly: Human induced climate change is the #1 threat we are facing.

To those who claim to be fighting for all life on this planet (i.e. environmental groups: LOCV, NRDC, Sierra Club) and are choosing to believe that HRC can be moved on this issue I say to you:

By endorsing HRC and the DNC you are allowing them to deepen their cancerous roots of power and strengthening their stranglehold over most of the populace (including nonhuman life). You are aiding and abetting the death of life on this planet. Same can be said for those that support Trump or anyone who is entrenched in this destructive oligarchic system or denies human induced climate change.

We've run out of time. The earth will become uninhabitable for most life as it exists today if drastic measures are not taken.

With that, I'll post the gallows humor bumper sticker again:


RT reported that all the campgrounds near Philadelphia are already booked for the week of the convention .. by Bernie supporters!


By 'unite' we of course mean 'get in line' not 'oh we all agree on Single Payer so that should be the focus"


Please Bernie.....Tell the damn democrats to go to hell.
Start a new party, you'll have a million members within a week.


Hell, it's only 96 miles to New York. I pray this "Victory" speech is not about the "victories" he is winning on Platform issues. He is going to have to be careful with the language he uses, this could be a disaster. I hope I am 200% wrong!!!!!!!!!!


How about including an end to all wars, including the War on Drugs, bringing our troops home to fix our crumbling infrastructure, big cuts to the Pentagon Budget, end to spying on citizens, taxing the rich at 1950 levels, a Monthly Income just for being human http://commons.commondreams.org/t/a-monthly-income-just-for-being-human-and-other-sensible-ideas/23388, Medicare for all, money and revolving doors out of politics punishable by mandatory prison time, election of and term limits for SCOTUS justices, guaranteed net neutrality and fastest online speeds for everyone and removing all barriers to voter initiatives and binding referendums including secure encrypted online ones for democracy by citizen participation?


Occupy Philly?? No, No, NO!
This is OUR country, so badly abused and twisted that we have come to take it back!
And, we're going to have fun doing it!


Clinton has moved positions several times for political reasons, since she has no firm political philosophy other than pleasing those who fund her.


Bernie's Victory Rally could be yuuuge. The guvmint, media and the HRC campaign could ignore it or downplay it at the risk of alienating the Bernie supporters they must have to win.

We are in the game, holding a winning hand and want everything with guarantees in return for our support. If they balk, we stay home or vote third party and both parties get scary President Trump who could end their million dollar campaign bribes.




I'll tell you how (expletive deleted). You adopt Bernie's entire platform, that's how, or else you lose the election. You will lose your bribes in any case so get used to it.