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Is Bernie Sanders Too Radical for America?


Is Bernie Sanders Too Radical for America?

Peter Dreier

Now that Bernie Sanders is rapidly climbing in the polls and attracting huge audiences to his campaign events, his opponents are starting to attack him for being too radical. After all, Sanders describes himself as a democratic socialist.

Of course, few Americans know what “socialist” means. Some mistakenly associate it with Communism. In fact, Sanders has often said that he favors the kinds of policies favored by the Scandinavian democracies.


Too radical for America? No.

Too radical for the chattering class/MSM? Definitely.


Bernie is a chance to lead a new TR style trust busting era. Breaking up the big investment banks, energy, pharma, agra, comm, etc. monopolies. Restoring true progressive taxation and banishing loopholes. We need house candidates that will go with Bernie.


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Very simply and correctly said. By the way, over the last several weeks you have made more sense than just about everyone else posting here. Thanks for your sober and concise assessments.


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As if the problem is American voters–the Talking Point preferred by you and your friends in these threads. The trends that impact nations are now global. And treaties like the TPP and TIPP should make that clear. You act like Americans, in particular, are a flawed people and I noticed your emphasis on the analogy to the Germans under Nazi thralldom/armed occupation, and the WE pronoun, in particular. If you dislike people and have a personal need to condemn fellow citizens, universally, how dare you speak of solidarity? You’re an agent of the State feigning Left so that from that posture, you can throw poison barbs at all the people who are working for change.


Agreed. Let’s keep pushing him on that. I call and/or write him on this war (including Israel) s*** every week.


Sorry to observe that it is.


► I’m glad you brought that up.

I think I’ll vote for somebody way right of Bernie, and hope they can pump some sense into him


Thank you. One of the things I’ve always liked about CD is the number of people here who consistently post insightful comments - some that I envy for their ability to make excellent cases for their point of view.


…and he continues to be silent on these issues, and does not answer questions about the F-35 or his support of Israeli policies.


Or just dumb enough to buy his rhetoric and socialist image? His silence on one of the greatest boondoggles in weapons history, his wonderful F-35 bomber that barely flies is disgusting, as is his continued support of Israeli treatment of Palestinians.


Woe is us, woe is us; the country is run by spooky all-powerful cabals and all resistance is futile…woe is us…woe is us…nothing to do but spread gloom and doom from our keyboards…


You must be rich and comfortable and self-absorbed enough so that you have the luxury of only focusing on these issues (or red herring pseudo issues like a few F-35’s in a hanger in Burlington) to the exclusion of all the other issues, right?


And there are other, even remotely electable, candidates who support the social policies that Sanders does, plus they are defenders of a free Palestine and have a plan to dismantle the MIC, right?


A little surprised to get insults from you for expressing my views. I live on an annual income of four figures. My annual increases in SS are far from enough to match inflation…because money that could go for social services is spent on weapons and waging war.

The F-35 is a little more than “a few in a hanger”. The low estimate is $400 billion spent already on a plane that does not even function at this point…and according to the rather conservative CBS, it’s the most expensive single weapons project in Pentagon history. Half a trillion dollars would go a long way toward accomplishing the social goals that Sanders claim are his priority.


Sanders is not radical at all; he’s operating under the aegis of the Dem Party who wouldn’t have accepted him under their umbrella (circus tent, whatever) as a true radical. It is possible, as some say, that he serves Party purposes by running. Openly stating that he would support Hillary if she wins the primary is significant. Or perhaps he hopes to create such a groundswell of popular support for himself and his message that he can prevail - a pretty big gamble (and leaving the unresolved issues of Israel/MIC support). At any rate I find the headline framed in the bent propagandistic commentary-not-journalism mode we are all too familiar with.

I agree with the commenter who says it’s a Good Thing to publish polling results that show what the US populace really wants. I’m less impressed by the absence of any mention of the public’s receptivity to an openly atheist candidate which I assume has not increased like it has for various religions.

The issue of ‘electability’ will continue to be hotly debated. The principle of ‘voting one’s conscience’ is still derided, and the prevailing voter view is apparently still a preference for being ‘on the winning side’ as if elections were a sports spectacle. To me, saying Sanders is the only electable candidate subscribing to the most pressing issues of the people is a version of less-evilism.


Wake up folks,

George McGovern, 1972 . . .

the ruling elite of the Democratic Party
will never let that happen again.

Besides, Bernie backs Hillary on the foreign policy of the evil empire,
which eliminates him for many humanitarians.


The statistics in this article I think point out exactly the reasons that Bernie Sanders is a real threat to Hillary.I believe she cannot win a debate with Sanders…
At the moment it appears her and people are choosing to avoid the issues rather then taking on Sanders on them. This strategy is eventually going to run out of rope. A rope that Sanders can use to win the nomination…
The people it seems are being awakened, like a sleeping giant! And Bernie, is at the moment the alarm, saying to the American people, “time to wake up”, and impose through the vote a real democracy on those that have used their power and wealth to “steal it away”.
It is going to be pretty hard for the powers that be to deny democracy to the people when “they” have proclaimed that it is over and over, with out revealing the lie that it as been,
Lets see what rabbit they pull out of their deep, deep, hat.
Some have suggested a grassy knoll solution could happen,if Bernie gets to far.
Bernie must be very careful, coming out in support of the peoples interests is a very dangerous position to take.