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Is BP Finally Committing to Ambitious Climate Action—or About to Fool Us Twice? Five Things to Look For in Its Climate Strategy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/13/bp-finally-committing-ambitious-climate-action-or-about-fool-us-twice-five-things

Here the thing with entities like BP. They are Corporations first and foremost and people do not buy their Stock so as to address Climate change. They buy stock to generate more wealth. BP exists to make profits for their shareholders.

We had a Company here in BC called McMillan Bloedel. At the height of the protests against clear cutting forests ,something they had defended for years as having little negative effect on the environment , they recognized that profits would be impacted as foreign countries shut off the import of lumber from Canada due to those protests.

They came out with a strategy they claimed ecologically friendly. They were going green and were going to implement all sorts of measures to protect Old Growth forests and rivers and streams. Another Corporation eventually bought them out. New CEOS and executives were assigned and they went back to the same old practices as they were deemed more profitable.

With BP the motivation is not to protect the environment. It is to protect their profits and profit margins. This means of course if it becomes more profitable to do so they will reverse course again.

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Exactly right, and somehow the old capitalists never seem to die. Below is a story about Milton Friedman’s renewed response to global calamity and the relationship and responsibilities of corporations in these dark times…nothing has changed according to him. Corporations only responsibility is to make shareholders wealthy. A true sociopath.


The organization hires new CEOs and board members purchase in, so succession is a relatively small event for all but the succeeded.

The lie remains the same, occupied by new liars.

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