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Is Bush’s Legacy So Different From Trump’s?



You leave out the murderous Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama. You think Clinton’s changing welfare as we know it wasn’t a prelude to Bush jr? And Obama’s record deportation of browns plus drone bombings did not lead to Trump?

Have you forgotten that Hillary Clinton was pushing for war with Russia and opposed to medicare for all just like any other republican austerity pusher?


Rakool, this strikes me as sort of typical. You go on with “Trump said,” and said and said and said. It’s rotten, but words are penny ante in this league.

The elder Bush hurt people, and he usually did not say so, at least in public. But I should think that when elder Bush arranged for the American hostages in Iran to be held for a few extra months extra, until after the Reagan-Carter election, he promised Iran a lot more than legal fees. What do you suppose elder Bush promised Carlos the Jackal to carry out bombings of Cuban airlines? He did free him from prosecution. What do you suppose elder Bush arranged as payoff for Ollie North’s associates who were running cocaine through Hull’s ranch in Honduras to pay off mercenaries to bomb schools and churches in Nicaragua? What do you think of the kids he and Bill Clinton starved in Iraq after he got George Schulz to gull Hussein into invading Kuwait–which caused more than a bit of damage as it was. Shulz could have just said, “No, we’d rather you did not do that,” but no, the administration had another agenda in the air.

I don’t much like Trump’s rhetoric, but I find the actions of presidents more interesting and more revealing. Trump probably hadn’t enough of his soul left to sell the Devil to wreak the sort of havoc that the Bushes did.

Both records are similar in that they stink. Trump just has not messed up as much–though, you know, he does have another two to six years to run. With all this “anti-Russia” baloney and his natural savoire faire, he might manage to scoot right on by the old Bush and Clinton and Obama records in a single go.


Well, Jimmy Stewart was a reactionary

So I guess life has no obligation to imitate art.


very well said. thanks


There has been ‘chatter’ on the web off and on for a number of years that shrub 1 as head of the CIA during Kennedy’s presidency might have had more than just a little to do with that assassination …


Allen Dulles 61 to 65 \\\\ GHW Bush 77 to 81 C.I.A. service


GHWB was not directing the CIA back then, though there are indications that he might have been involved in the assassination in Dallas.

His father, W’s grandfather, was also apparently involved in the attempted coup d’etat over FD Roosevelt in '34.

Small world.


I’ve said many times that I’m grateful to trump because he took the mask of deniability off of the GOP and exposed the dog whistles for what they are…nothing but casting calls to all of the racist bigots among us to come out and vote for them. We no longer have Willie Horton ads implying things while maintaining some–however minor–plausible deniability that it was racism they were working with, we now have trump yelling racist rants out from the roof of the White House. Thank you, trump, for showing us who the rank-and-file racists are among us. And for laying bare the rotten soul of the GOP.