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Is Canada on the path to totalitarianism?


Is Canada on the path to totalitarianism?

Antonia Zerbisias

Last Tuesday, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), announced that they had made a series of arrests over the previous weekend at Montreal's Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport.

The operation was carried out "in order to disrupt the plans of 10 young Montreal residents suspected of wanting to leave the country to join jihadist groups".


I listened to an evocative presentation on You Tube that views The Vatican, Washington D.C. and London as the world’s triangle of power. The individuals who put this presentation together make an interesting case that due to the MONEY power anchored in London, some of it connected to the British royal family, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the U.S. remain signatories to that same throne.

This would explain why protocols related to 911–the great Reichstag “terrorist” attack–have created a pretext for rolling back Civil Liberties in the nations already mentioned.

I think open-minded readers would agree that when someone does something blatantly wrong, they typically project that blame onto others. For instance, a person who steals expects to be stolen from.

This “paranoia” that looks for terrorists everywhere is its own projection.

But there is something far more chilling to this whole thing and it runs parallel with the creeping rise of fascism that impacted Germany throughout the l930s… culminating with overt forms of barbarity in the late l930s and early l940s.

First a specific scapegoat population was targeted. Once the policing apparatus was in place to “take care of this Jewish problem” that same muscle could be used to go after trade unionists, gypsies, and any who dissented openly about Hitler’s tactics.

Essentially, the terrorism item has created a MASSIVE policing & surveillance infrastructure, and it CAN and WILL be used to prosecute/punish/silence/anesthetize persons who oppose the TIPP and TPP which “conveniently” are being forced on 40% of the world’s population at this time.

It’s rather too convenient that such Draconian citizen controls just so happen to be in place “just in time” for trade agreements that ultimately are corporate deals that shut out citizens while compromising THEIR food, water, job options, livelihoods, safety and general health and well-being.

Feudalism has returned… the modern costumes make for a dangerous camouflage of the Truth.


I was a relative political neophyte when Brian Mulroney our Prime Minister in the 1980s and the first NAFTA being negotiated.

While I loathed Mulroney and Reagan this was due more to a gut reaction than it was being especially informed as to their respective agendas.

That gut feel however caused me to listen to people on the far left whom I might have ignored before and while my reaction to their claims as how these deals were fundamentally about changing our country into a fascist corporate state was initially one of incredulity , I did start reading more and more about what was on fact going on.

What especially struck me at the time was how Mulroney , Thatcher and Reagan all appeared at the same time in three seperate countries all preaching from the same book.

It all struck me as very orchestrated. It FELT so very wrong

The awakening of the masses in the 60s and 70s on the other hand felt so very right.

One was from the top down premised on a dictate and the other from the bottom up premised on a widespread feeling that something wrong and we could make things better The end of that “awakening” had the feel of “Ok we gave them a little too much leash. It time we reigned the servants back in” followed by those three thrown at us.


Agreed. “Interesting” the resistance to a re-examination of 911 on even progressive sites. The very use of the pejorative appellation “truther” indicates a suspicion or fear of truth.