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Is COP21 a Con?


Is COP21 a Con?

Gill Davies

If not us, then who? If not now, then when? If not here, then where?’

These were the questions put to a filled Warsaw conference hall by a man whose eyes were bright with anger. It was at the 19th conference of the parties (COP) to the UN Convention on Climate Change, the man’s name Yeb Sano, and he was speaking as the chief climate negotiator for the Philippines. As the negotiators had gathered and prevaricated in Poland, his family, friends and countrymen were searching for the thousands missing and dead amongst the devastation left by super typhoon Haiyan.


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The world pulled together to address the threat that chloro-fluoro-hydrocarbons posed to the ozone layer. The world wants to live. Big Energy wants to "take the money and run". To where, I ponder? Got kids? Got morals? Time to pony up Big Energy, there is a mess of us waiting for an explanation.


Looking to governments to act is a dangerous distraction. Their power is funded by those MOST opposed to tackling climate change. It is romantic idiocy to wait for them to do something appropriate. Their words might sound promising but the problem is not a lack of promising words! Talk is cheap... in fact it is actually sponsored in their case. Governments are so obviously institutions of subterfuge. Do turkeys vote for Christmas?


That is one big problem we face. The media and culture in general pampers us with ideas that we should think about our next spend rather than its consequences. We are so far away from any essentials-only life of clean and nourishing food and water, plus clothing and shelter. And yet it is the destruction of those essential resources that is at stake.


"It should be obvious to all", or, it's a known fact, of course and the truth is: always an arrogant beginning to an argument You might want to read Peoples History. All significant change starts from the bottom up. Governments are, for the most part, obese, lumbering reactionaries.


The fossil fuel industry is the second largest problem. Animal agriculture is the number one problem. So why is everyone focused on fossil fuels? I find it revolting for meat eaters to complain about governments and corporations. Meat eating is by far the number one source of greenhouse gases.


Well said. As Warren Buffett infamously stated - there IS a class war and his side is winning. Despite the glad handing and positive rhetoric about the "need to do something now" COP21 will likely end up like Copenhagen - backroom deals of the G20 and the rest of the world left out. There are just so many, many billions to be made in this exploitation and excess. Plus, the TPP (in its final secret negotiations) and the TTIP assure that global corporatism will get even stronger. Our extremist Rethug Congress is part of this as well.


You have entirely missed my point. The point is that animal agriculture is being ignored. It is killing the planet and every living thing. It is number one and it cannot be ignored under the theory that everything else must also be considered. That's just another way of saying we are going to continue to ignore the number one problem.