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Is Coup Against Corbyn a Plot to Spare Blair from War Crimes Probe?



Jeremy Corbyn, as a private citizen, could be sued for criticising Blair. Jeremy Corbyn, as head of the Labour Party, is protected by Parliament privilege.


According to this article prosecuters have indicated that while British soldiers might be charged with war crimes in light of the Chilcot report, Mr Bliar would not face the same .

The law by design is set up to protect this that hold power, unless you the leader of a third world country and you sit on resources one of the "democratic" nations wants.


Well, that's the way corrupt politicians and parties look-out for each other, isn't it? If they allow one to be prosecuted for war crimes, the whole rotten bunch of purveyors of destruction and death will be exposed to the "main stream".

Jeremy Corbyn has proven a person of integrity and honesty - a true representative of the people, and that "they" TPTB cannot allow - any excuse or fabrication to dislodge a true representative of the people like Corbyn, rather than shills for international oligarchy and war-machine crimes against humanity, must be destroyed! The cowardice and collusion of Tony Blair with International State-Terrorism in Iraq and elsewhere must be exposed! Bush and Blair already tried and found guilty as war criminals!

"The former US President and seven key members of his administration were yesterday (Fri) found guilty of war crimes.

Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and their legal advisers Alberto Gonzales, David Addington, William Haynes, Jay Bybee and John Yoo were tried in absentia in Malaysia - the five-panel tribunal unanimously delivered guilty verdicts against Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and their key legal advisors who were all convicted as war criminals for torture and cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment."



The propaganda ravings of a pro-Israel war-crimes apologist shill, and neo-fascist. One comment more obtuse and delusional than another with special emphasis on how Israel shares "our values" - "one of the freest most representative countries in the history of mankind" typical of delusional commentary - "shares our values" only accurate in how our democracy has been subverted by Israel and AIPAC exceptionalism and "religious" mythology and racism - the overt subversion of US politics and foreign policy by Israel and their fifth-column agents along with American traitors must be ended!
Israeli terrorists have murdered Americans and international citizens and craven US lap-dog politicians say nothing - the same as the Israeli sneak attack on the USS Liberty was covered-up and OUR sailors silenced to serve the Zionist state and their terrorism. Your propaganda is transparent BS rubbish "deck".........


The importance of charging and trying Tony Blair for war crimes cannot be underestimated. His fate may determine if the original instigators and planners of the illegal wars meet their just rewards as well. All of the Bush League should be standing in the dock. That will never happen because the US is not dedicated to the rule of law. The American, Washington elites enforce only those laws that they want to enforce and most of those do not affect the elites in any way. However if Blair bites the dust then it may be possible to get both Bush and Cheney in court as well.


Oh go back to the rock you crawled out under, and take every war mongering jerk like Tony Fucking Blair with you already.

At this late date, after wanton slaughter has wrecked the ME, and you have the audacity to pretend that Tony Blair was simply standing up for what was right in Iraq. And you expect anyone on this forum to take you seriously?

Go ahead, spout some clucking slogans, or better yet, QUACK QUACK QUACK.

Lets serve them up shall we? How about the "mushroom cloud" one? Did you enjoy that one over a clucking cocktail? You don't seem like the type that hangs out at the local bar in the daytime, although your ilk certainly worked overtime to, as in the words of General Schwarzkopf, "snooker" daytime drunks into supporting yet another ME slaughter on behalf of the MIC, the Security Industrial Complex, Big Oil, Corporate Mercenaries, Blow Up Rebuild Construction Companies, Military Servicing Contractors like KBR (uh, pardon me Dick, Halliburton), and the rest.

Being completely aware that "the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy" wasn't enough for Tony Fucking War Criminal Blair, no. Tony had to fly over the pond and ejaculate his Bush servicing spiel in a joint session of Congress no less.

I mean talk about enthusiastic bullshitting for the ends of wanton slaughter Tony. Time for some tea Tony, you insufferable prick!

Oh but to your think tanker addled brain it was all about honor, democracy, deposing a dictator, that the CIA installed in the first place of course, good ole WMD that the US supplied and helped Saddam use against Iran after Iraq invaded Iran, yadda yadda yadda.

I mean, are you really that detached from the actual truth of the horrors of US foreign policy?

Do you have a shrine dedicated to horrific acts of war adorned with portraits of Kissinger (oh isn't Realpolitik just so much fun over expensive dinners?) Dick Fucking Cheny, Donald Fucking Rumsfeld, with maybe a printed verse from John Torture Boy Fucking Yoo?

You pretend to stand on principle but in actuality you are standing in a big pool of blood, as you intentionally apologize for brutal, wanton, acts of murder for power and profit.

It is time for those of your ilk to fade away, and fast.

Your list of "the only war criminals" (which is funny, because embedded in that phrase is your conscience actually acknowledging a particular favoritism among war criminals) includes "the Iranian Mullahs". How quaint.

It's as if you don't know anything about the CIA first covert operation overthrow of Mohammad Mosaddegh, and the subsequent installation of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi.

What about his brutal rein over the good Persian people? What was wrong with Mohammad Mosaddegh Deck? Did I spell your first name right?

Kermit Roosevelt one of your heroes?

Weird, you would think that if the real interest of US foreign policy was to "spread Democracy" and oppose "brutal dictators" they wouldn't pick on a guy that came to power democratically and had actually sidelined the power of those evil "Mullahs".

But, of course the real corn-cern of those who you apologize for, was the fact that Mosaddegh set about to nationalize the oil industry in Iran. It wasn't about the communist scare, or anything like that. No, but good old money grubbing power and greed, and whatever blood must spill, so be it.

That's the club you are a part of. Congratu-fucking-lations! True, a lot of Persians assisted Kermit operating covertly out of the US Embassy. I mean, there was so much to take care of!!!!! Busy days!!!!! I mean, there were the payments to the Iranian journalists who were slandering and libeling Mosaddegh. There were terrorist thugs to supply Kalashnikov machine guns to, and the direction of those thugs by the CIA to go shoot up Mosques. Then of course to pay more compromised Iranian journalists off to blame those acts on "supporters" of Mosaddegh.

And in comes the Shah. Ah, the brutal dictator that was the CIA deliverable!!!!!!

Wallow in your demented blood soaked apologetics somewhere else, because there aren't many buyers around these parts.

But just for fun? Like a litmus test of sorts.

What US foreign policy have you opposed on principle? The same principle you supposedly base your opposition to terror on. Come on now, dig deep.



Extreme? Hardly. These are mainstream views in most of the world.


Your comment seems right on-target, as the connection between two events is tenuous at best. >It would help, however, if you would proofread your work -- consider it quality control -- here is one example, copied directly from what you appear to have written:
The law by design is set up to protect this that hold power, unless you the leader of a third world country and you sit on resources one of the "democratic" nations wants. Repeared errors in just one sentence are too much to bear. We have had this discussion before.


You have to be a member of Parliament to criticize Blair?


I have nothing to learn from you. Go back to your classroom. I am not obligated to listen to "The Royal we" in any way shape or form. I am not posting here to garner your approval nor would I want it.

By the way what is a REPEARED error professor?

Repeared errors in just one sentence are too much to bear. We have had this discussion before.

I have empathy for your students.


Emphyrio --

Thank you -- Been trying to catch up with articles --
but it does seem to me that this is an attack on Corbyn simply because he succeeded in winning and they want
him out again. Things get a bit more complicated when we see attacks coming from within Corbyn's own party,
but is this simply co-option of the party, something like we've seen here with the corporate overtaking of the
Dem Party by Koch Bros. and other large corporations decades ago? Was reading that the unions wanted to
"remain"? Our union leadership was of course corrupted to ensure that the unions would only dwindle down
and disappear.

Does seem that there is always a concentrated effort by TPTB to ensure that Labour Party never rises again
and that means keeping any successful leader like Corbyn under attack.

Also think that TPTB would be constantly working against any attempt to prosecute Blair which would also
bring Iraq War into question again. They don't want public thinking about these things, especially about war
as a game for profit/empire. And what it seems is ever more the dehumanizing of our troops in their training,
such as we've seen in the video where the "shooting of a van, even children in it and others nearby was pretty
much enacted as a video game.

This may be an effort to CHILL Corbyn on pressing for charges against Blair over Iraq.
Certainly from the Downingstreet memos we see where filthy things were happening, pushed
by US and joined in by Blair.

In the end, my sentiments are with BREXIT -- mainly because it puts more power in corporate hands rather in
the hands of those who are elected and can be un-elected. Certainly nations can decide on Tariff free trade
themselves if they wish through their governments and if it isn't working they can change those governments.
And I think it's a good reminder for Americans that our Trade agreements can be overturned.

Allegedly governments are to have the public in mind -- not simply profits. That should be the difference
between these trade agreements and government. No one expects "morality" from corporations, but some
still do expect it from human beings they elect.


Methinks, the gentleman doth protest too much, to paraphrase Shakespeare. Yes, it is easy to make a typo, such as REPEARAD for REPEATED -- but multiple typos in one sentence show a sloppy mind-set, and thus diminish the quality of your post. I do feel sorry for your readers, but you need not feel sorry for my students -- over fifty years of excellent evaluations are quite sufficient. Nice try at sarcasm, though.


All very interesting. For those USAians who see Corbyn as a rabid socialist, all he wants to do is to bring back to the UK the social democracy of the type that was supported by the Eden and MacMillan Tory governments of the 1950s and early 1960s and also to get rid of nuclear weapons, which is not unreasonable and certainly not "anti-American".

Blair was a "greed is good" small T thatcherite despite his Labour Party membership; he was not alone in that approach. Blair should have been sacked for lying to Parliament; in 1964 Ernest Profumo, then Minister for Defence, had a liaison with a very atractive young lady who was making her living out of such liaisons, and who had liaised also with some Russian official then in the UK. As Minister for Defence Ernest Profumo could have been said to have had a conflict of interest in regards to the Russian and the young lady. Prufumo lied to Parliament (what else could he have done when respectably married?) about his liaisonship with the young lady in question, and when this lie was found out, he did the decent thing and resigned as Minister forDefence. The least Bliar should have done when no WMDs were found in Iraq was to have resigned as PM for misleading Parliament deliberately and then returned to the back benches.

If the Bliarites split the Labour Party, it is good riddance to them and I am sure that Corbyn will receive considerable support in his own right as a man of integrity.


I do think you have a bit of an obsession problem.

50 years of excellent evaluations? Puff out your chest a little more. I am not impressed but it certainly seems to help you along.

One more time. I do not care what YOU think of what I post. This just to save you the aggravation of following me around checking my grammar. I already know your mindset. I am not impressed. Now go polish up that picture of Hilary. I am sure she at least approves of your message.


Dear Nika Knight Labour Party has turned on Corbyn because he was largerly silent on 'stay' not because he campaigned for it.

Never mind , just hilarious, conspiracy theory on Blair.


If Corbyn survives as head of the Labour Party, who knows, he may even tell the truth about 911 someday.


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Paid pro-Israel Zionist apologists and propagandists are on many electronic pages these days - gov paid Hasbara trolls. Their pathetic delusional and pathological blather so off-the-wall, shows why Israel is reviled for its racist exceptionalism and mind-set - cloaked by "religion" as it suits their purposes.

The near total disconnect from political sanity and norms of common decency, replaced with an extremist racist superiority and rationale for any depraved action, killing men, women and children by state terrorism, destroying the lives, homes, and nations of others via ethnic cleansing, ie terrorism, to expand the "religious" mythology of Eretz Israel clear for all to see.

The charge of "anti-Semite" is thrown around to quell any criticism of Israeli state terrorism, illegal colonization of the Occupied Territories, and attacks on civilians in Gaza, Lebanon and others using banned and indiscriminate weapons. BDS is attacked as "anti-Semitic" and craven politician lap-dogs rush to do Israel's bidding.
Many Jews of good conscience who see the truth and speak-out are also attacked and labeled "self-hating Jews" by the extremist right wing racist Zionist fanatics - one of the most dangerous (nuclear armed) pathologies on Earth alongside Daesh and other such depravities that hold their twisted beliefs, regardless how deranged and ugly, above all other peoples........

BDS! Zionism IS Racism!


"Ahhh, the dripping raw hatred of an extreme leftist"

Don't flatter yourself "Deck", the utter contempt of an extreme realist is more accurate, IMO......a probable paid Hasbara troll pushing pro-Israeli garbage propaganda, defense of racist ethnic cleansing, and related blather.........goal? further subversion of the US by the Zionist state.....