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Is Debbie Wasserman Schultz 'Dodging Debates' With Progressive Challenger?


Is Debbie Wasserman Schultz 'Dodging Debates' With Progressive Challenger?

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

On the same day he filed a Federal Election Commission (FEC) complaint against former Democratic National Committee (DNC) chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, congressional candidate Tim Canova questioned whether the incumbent congresswoman indeed plans to debate him as promised before the August 30 Democratic primary.


Why should DWS appease the riffraff. She knows that voters are no longer an issue as elections are complete and total farces controlled by oligarchy. There's no need for lip service and no need of much cover either as HRC proved when she rehired DWS after she was forced to resign for what would have sent others to prison.

Voters News Service, now called Edison Research, conducts polls, tallies, and announces election "winners" nation wide.

Members : ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox, The Associated Press

The Voter News Service (currently called Edison Research) was/is an exit polling consortium formed in
1990 by six major U.S. news media organizations.[1] Its mission was to provide results for United States
presidential elections, so that individual organizations and networks would not have to do exit polling and vote tallying in parallel. (Very nice of them wasn't it)


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Tim Canova was hand-picked by Bernie to run against Wasserman-Schultz.
Bernie has given him money and access to his donors list.
Florida is known for its voter fraud.
This primary happening on August 30, should be carefully watched.


Wasserman- Schultz working for effing loan sharks, and Clinton knowing all of this, plus knowing Wasserman-Schultz getting canned by the DNC for playing dirty. First thing Clinton does is hire Wasserman- Schultz. Prime example of the republican, democrat ethics. Don't let their spin-doctors fool you no more.


The cartoon-ganda is really revving up to beyond absurd. Now Dr. Stein is a secret agent for Vladimir Putin-did-it.




If there was any justice in this country she wouldn't be running for office, she would be sitting in jail for rigging a national election. And how is it when the rigging is mentioned HRC is not included? Her collusion with AP to announce she had won the nomination is very clear. She released a text/twitter the night before saying she had won and the next day AP announced it. All, as you recall, was done before California finished voting. Emails prove she was being groomed before the election began and all through it. She is every bit as involved in the rigging as Shultz.


This is good news.
The Clintonites must be bothered by Stein otherwise they'd ignore her.


There is justice in this country.
One sort of justice for our kind.
And another sort of justice for the plutocrats.
The rich are different from us, don't ch'know?


Why should DWS sweat this election when she is assured a plum assignment in the Clinton administration. Even if Clinton loses there is a K Street lobbying job that pays $1 to $2 million per year (compared to the $174K she now gets paid) with DWS' name on it,


They coined a term back in the 50’s the term was McCarthyism and this making false accusations against Stein and Trump is just that, McCarthyism..
What these US exceptionalists are completely blind too, is that most of the world trusts Putin more then they trust Obama/US government.


Waterboard her, of course.


You got that right. Political royalty.


We're back in the Roman Empire.


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Thank you Cookies for keeping this in front of us. This is probably the most important "story" of the whole election season. Someone fighting for Justice should not be allowed to "disappear." Not in America. Never.


HRC has come down to back DWS (she already did that when she hired her after she was fired for corruption at the DNC). She's in trouble down here in FL and HRC has come to her rescue. I've realized a long time ago HRC is just not that smart, is wooden-headed and never learns from her mistakes. She wants progressives to trust her but she keeps doing the same sh** over and over. She should have distanced herself from DWS. She should stop paling around with Kissenger, wanting C. Rice to endorse her, etc. Trustworthy, my ass. Go Jill. Go Canova.


DWS is the queen of the loan sharking industry in Florida and has the full backing of her girlfriend, the dark queen, whose owners will have her installed as POTUS.

DWS is pretty much bullet proof, at least in her own mind.


My husband's nickname is John Henry, but no direct relation--or musical talent! Glad you like my joke.