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Is DNC Blaming Russia for Email Hacks to Escape Real Scandal?


Is DNC Blaming Russia for Email Hacks to Escape Real Scandal?

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

As the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) launches an investigation into the massive email leak that has rocked the Democratic party and forced the ouster of Democratic National Committee (DNC) chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, many are cautioning that early speculation about Russian involvement distracts from the real issue—what's in the emails.


As Hillary morphs into Nixon –
we’ll be seeing more of this kind of crap.


The real boost is to conspiracy theorists everywhere. Here is just the DNC, and it was engaging in non-stop conspiracy, night and day, for months and months.

If this was a one-off – if it was only the DNC doing it – then, it is a story that should be at the top of every news outlet. But, of course, it’s not. The whole political scene is a web of conspiracies – and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

If you don’t believe in conspiracies, then you have to be a “coincidence theorist” and that’s a lot harder to sustain. Believing that everything will line up time and time again by chance to benefit the same person or persons is like believing that if you dump a bucket of golf balls down a marble staircase, they will all line up on the fourth step.




Yes, it’s called casting. Casting blame on the Russians to deflect attention away from the evidence of a tampered and stolen election.
I just switched over to the Fox report and Whoa, there it is, talking about why so many are so angry. Because the DNC defrauded 13 million voters by fixing the election.
You would think the Dems would be saying it, but no, Fox is correct. This election is a fraud and no one is stopping it. Shocking you have to go to Fox to hear the truth. And they will be so surprised when Hillary loses. Oh, my.


Classic cold war nonsense. Humans are, in the main, a pathetic lot.


It contains overtones of McCarthyism to try to blame “the commies” or their modern day heirs in Russia, and that’s dangerous to both peace, and internal US justice.

Frankly, since we know Hillary is likely to push at Putin and Russia as hard as she can if she’s elected, and since that could trigger WW-III, I think Putin would be irresponsible to Russia and the whole world NOT to release any material he has that could defeat Hillary. Saving the world from her warmongering is a valid and justifiable reason to act.

However, none of that is meant to say that Putin actually did organize and release these hacks. I don’t know who did, and the fact that the culprits are being reported to have left a digital signature behind pointing at Russia, is itself suspicious. Why would Russian intelligence deliberately leave a pointer to themselves? I doubt if they would, which raises the question, who would do these hacks, and then try to deflect blame onto Russia?


In the minds of the Clinton campaign and the DNC, they are entitled to power, and any impediment means that they are being victimized. Therefore, it is important to shift the narrative away from their actual unethical deeds and to them scary Russians. Ooooh! (shiver)


Love the new banner being run around the skies over Philly: HILLARY FOR PRISON 2016 – !!


Obama is leaving HillBill well set up by having pushed new weaponry, continuing arms build up
and especially search for new “mini-nukes” — “more readily usable.”

They’ve also increased Netanyahu’s fortunes by about $1 billion a year – (think we get it back
in weapons sales?) –
They now get $3 Billion a year – increased to $40 billion over ten years.

Also see Hillary’s embrace and adoration of Netanyahu in text of her speech to AIPAC this Spring!


Who hacked the DNC’s emails is not important… What is in them is significant.

They reveal what a lot of Bernie supporters felt throughout his campaign. The DNC, the NY Times and the rest of the media had already “elected” Hillary. We are a democracy???

Here is one of the most damaging emails IMO. In one email, the DNC acknowledges, “Super PAC paying young voters to push back online on Sanders supporters.”

I visited many sites explaining and supporting Bernie’s agenda. I was often thwarted by nasty comments from what i now understand was a one million dollar fund to pay Hillary-supporting commenters to do just this. One Hillary commenter in particular managed to divert conversation by making outrageous statements. The commenters then spent their time making comments to refute him. His mission accomplished. What a massive deceitful web Hillary put out to win the primaries.

When will Wikileaks dumps their next batch of emails. Can we convince them that waiting until October is counterproductive to justice and democracy?


Hillary already sent Netanyahu a political love letter in November 2015 promising him total devotion when she is in the White House—notice when, not if.


Typical Hillary response, blame someone else (the Russians)in order to deflect her true issue/problem; in this case it is the crooked, cheating, untruthfulness, and lack of integrity of the Party supporting Hillary.
As a reward to Debbie Wasserman Schwartz for rigging the primaries, Hillary has promoted her to honorary chairman of all 50 states in the general campaign.

“There’s simply no one better at taking the fight to the Republicans than Debbie–which is why I am glad that she has agreed to serve as honorary chair of my campaign’s 50-state program to gain ground and elect Democrats in every part of the country, and will continue to serve as a surrogate for my campaign nationally, in Florida, and in other key states.” Hillary

Hillary reveals clearly that, in her hubris, she feels no need to consider Bernie’s supporters or any other progressives


Is DNC Blaming Russia for Email Hacks to Escape Real Scandal?

Does 1 and 1 equal 2?
Is the Pope Catholic on Sundays?
Is Obama a DINO?
Is Ronald Reagan up in Heaven?
Is Debbie a Tricky Dickie?
Is Shillary


One of the emails did acknowledge PACs hired people to go onto digital media. I saw them on one popular and large pro-Dem site. Brand new members would post fairly virulent “diaries” against Bernie. The whole BernieBros was pretty much a manufactured attack against Bernie supporters, and then eventually Bernie directly. The Hillary campaign scorched earth social media. I have catch up on reading, but looks like other emails show the DNC trying to get federal appointments to big donors.


Just like the Tapper clip that Assange mentions . . . why stop the clip before the relevant and provocative question about citing those so-called “experts”?

We must never forget how powerful a role the MSM is playing here . . .


First, Hillary Dems and their lackeys in the media are now using many of the same themes against the Russians as Trump uses against Mexicans and Muslims.

Party hacks are really pushing the Russian-Trump theme to the point of hysteria. The louder they get, the more I suspect remaining leaks of the emails will be very bad.

With straight faces and outrage Hillary Dems are raging about interference by Satan in American elections forgetting perhaps how both Bush and Obama interfered with the internal politics of nations to the point of bombing them. Putin should go to the Dem convention and give out cookies to anti-Hillary groups just for yucks.

The worst part of the hysteria reminiscent of the McCarthy era is the war mongering that is emerging from many Democrats. Obama opened the doors to a new Cold War, and Clinton Democrats are jumping through it Rambo style.


FBI investigation . . . our tax dollars at work to get her elected.


OH, good let’s get back on the subject - they cheated the rightful winner. Wait; there’s more; they cheated our justice system.


As somebody else noted, the FBI couldn’t even break into an iPhone. And they will figure out who did the hacking?