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Is Donald Trump an Asteroid?


Is Donald Trump an Asteroid?

Tom Engelhardt

Sixty-six million years ago, so the scientists tell us, an asteroid slammed into this planet.


He is too impotent when it comes to reality to be an asteroid. He does however promulgate hot steaming manure at rates suggesting a genetically modified anus with a creature, as opposed to the inverse.

One’s options seems to be to LIVE democracy akin to the admonition ‘think globally and act locally’. This applies to the insane sanctions bill NOT against Israel but AGAINST AMERICAN CITIZENS. Again the Issue is global, but make sure all local neighbors understand the reality of BDS. Governance by ‘soft’ terrorism will backfire with an unprecedented surge in informed social coherence.

No more bilious scorched earth death wishes. The Good Fight is on!


Tom, since you brought up Viet Nam, I am going to recommend that people read Eugene Burdick and William J. Lederer’s The Ugly American (1958) to gain perspective on how the out of touch American approach to situations really operates. Note by the publication date that it was quite prescient, much like our tense apprehension for how the climate is going to kick our ass due to the decision makers’ ineptitude. Our approach to climate change is not that different from our clumsy entanglement in southeast Asia. There are truly numerous analogies. Sad!


Trump is the National Emergency he’s claiming exists.


And the methodology of projection needs to be called out until it is shredded into the compost to grow something healthy!!


Fallujah suffers more cancer and birth defects than the atom bombs dropped on innocent civilians trying to quit ww2 in Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

Pentagon perversion is growing too grotesque to hide with Hollywood propaganda and rich paid-off movie stars who support liberal causes.


Trump isn’t analogous to an asteroid; he’s analogous to Diablos because everything he touches goes to Hell.


Headline sez:
“Is Donald Trump an Asteroid?”

A close reading of Engelhardt’s commentary suggests Trump more closely resembles a single cancer cell in a disease that has metastasized throughout the planet.




Tom enough already with 19 hijacker canard(7 of which have somehow reappeared-alive)until we see the hands behind the destabilization of mid-east countries and the wanton slaughter of civilian populations, then any discussion of puppets like trumps, obama, clintons or bushes is really not getting to the heart of the darkness.




There is sufficient evidence to suggest powerful business interests and heads of state worldwide, especially mr DJT, intend to commit unprecedented genocide to control population growth. The ruling elite have no intention of supporting a world population of 10 billion in 2050. Denial of global warming is an act of war. Ever more destructive storms, floods, mudslides, wildfires, drought, crop failure, starvation and disease are WMDs. Mercenaries, vigilantes and state militia will execute refugees and suffering local populations and take pleasure in doing so or as if they have no choice.

If this nightmare scenario scares the shit out of anyone enough to so something, there is no remedy to change the course set by world business leaders who view the rest of us as disposable consumers, wage-slaves and canon fodder. Their empire is based on long-distance travel, noxious daily commutes, luxury air travel escapes to exclusive resorts, hotel suites, rental cars and RVs. Their vision of the global economy enriches the largest manufacturing companies but disables local production of essential goods. Simply disrupting fuel supply will lead to starvation like the siege of Yemen anywhere and everywhere. As I’ve written many times, “We drive too much, too far, for too many purposes. We fly too much. We ship and truck goods around the world too much.” That’s the problem.

Whoever figures out how to significantly reduce travel and transport with potential to reduce costs of living and preserve most essential services will make Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates nervous enough to stop pretending they care about the fate of humanity.


Asteroid? Maybe. Asshole? Irrefutable.


The whole trump administration is a national emergency.


The As[s] part is correct!


I was claiming 15 years ago in my local paper that Bin Laden won. Listing things like money and freedoms lost. It isn’t so much about who won, it’s about who lost.


Did we consider other reasons Trump rather quickly decided it was time to quit some actions and bring some troops home?
If Trump was planning something beyond just a government shut down he wouldn’t want too many out of country entanglements. Bring home some of the war money being spent and divert it to somewhere else. A so called national emergency would close access to your money, and possibly shut down commerce including gasoline sales and grocery store deliveries.
Isn’t life great in America? What, not yet?


True, unless you are a defense industry, war profiteer, they love wars because they never lose!


Yes he almost never misses an opportunity to repeat the ridiculous official 9/11 narrative. I’ve gotten tired of pointing it out.


Articles like this are worse than useless unless they include some kind of call to arms. What we need is the kind of fierce and joyous sprit of fighters like Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and so many others of her generation.