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Is Donald Trump an Ebola-Level Global Health Threat?


Is Donald Trump an Ebola-Level Global Health Threat?

Crawford Kilian

On rare occasions the World Health Organization declares a “public health emergency of international concern” (abbreviated to PHEIC and pronounced “fake”).

The Ebola outbreak, which killed some 12,000 people, was one. So was Zika, which has resulted in thousands of babies being born with microcephaly or less obvious neurological damage.


Trump and his band of brigands are MRSA on a speeding train...destination: the end of the line into the gates of hell...where they will be welcomed and made most comfortable (like going back to "Home Sweet Home").


Nasty though Ebola may be, it does not have a bloated military and nuclear weapons and no ambition to make Ebola Great Again.


"GLOBAL HEALTH THREAT? Global nuclear war and environmental catsastrophe threat! You Betcha! "Donald Trump will be (IS) a genuine threat not only to the health and wellbeing of Americans, but of people all over the world — especially women."

If there's good reason - and there is - for a crazy person to not have easy access to guns, there certainly is a far-greater reason for a sociopath super malignant-narcissist to not continue as prez with fingers on a nuclear and/or "conventional" war button!

The fact trump is easily manipulated by rabid warmongers, zionist extremists, and neofascist "adviser" bannon, as well on civil-rights, financial policy, immigration, and our destroying our common environment should shine a strong spotlight on his mental illness - his fitness to hold office!