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Is Donald Trump Responsible for Violence? Yes.

Is Donald Trump Responsible for Violence? Yes.

Laura Flanders

Is Donald Trump responsible for unhinged violence against innocent people? Absolutely. You only have to look at Yemen to see that.

Since pipe bombs started targeting prominent critics of the president, people have been debating not the sending of bombs so much as the casting of aspersions. All Americans are against bombing and political violence, this argument assumes, but is it right to question the complicity of the Commander in Chief?


Yes, in a word.

What is wrong with this picture? “The American record on terror is bipartisan. Both parties have backed it.” … Flanders’s solution? “Vote.” … Vote – for one of these two terrorist parties.


people have forgotten or are not taught how this country went into shock mode during the assassinations of jfk, rfk and mlk. nothing good came out of it. it is trumps fault, his rheroric is dangerous and he knows it. everything has to be about him, him, him. he enjoys when these things happen.


Yuppers kiddies, gather round the campfire once it gets dark and we’ll tell you the tale of the junkyard dog that huffed and puffed on a tin dog whistle handed to him by an arcane twist of fatality called Citizens United.
This overfed, longhaired creepy gnome of a re-named mutt had so much hot air that he could summon entire rabid packs of likewise confused and aggressive dog whistler’s mothers to paint all not themselves red, sos they could then psychically flip into a single monsterous crowd tearing 'em alive.

Yuppers kiddies, come gather round the ole campfire…

Ah-yup.   Flanders points her finger at Tweetle-Dumb and his RePoopLickin’ cronies, but then three fingers point back at her and her (presumably) DamnocRatic fellow-travelers.

More than FOUR YEARS, you say?  So who was President when that atrocity started?   Right!!   And some folks wonder why the DamnocRats have trouble winning elections . . .

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Laura, you mean vote for Democrats?


Would I vote for a Republican that doesn’t take corporate money? Is there such a beast?

Should I stay home, not vote and complain about the results later?

Candidates who take no corporate donations:

He and his followers are sociopaths. He even said that it was the cogregation’s fault that people were killed in the synogue- they all should have been armed.

That is why we need to stick together and stop labeling people as the other. When people are divided- authoritarianism takes over.

Yes, using demagogic rhetoric, he is the inciter.



v.t. -cit•ed, -cit•ing.

to stimulate to action; urge on; stir up.

[1475–85; < Latin incitāre = in + citāre to start up, [excite]

in•cit′a•ble, adj.

in•cit′ant, adj., n.

in`ci•ta′tion (-saɪˈteɪ ʃən, -sɪ-) n.

in•cit′er, n.

in•cit′ing•ly, adv.

syn: [incite], [rouse], [provoke] mean to goad or inspire an individual or group to take some action or express some feeling. [incite] means to induce activity of any kind, although it often refers to violent or uncontrolled behavior: incited to greater effort; incited to rebellion . [rouse] is used in a similar way, but has an underlying sense of awakening from sleep or inactivity: to rouse an apathetic team . [provoke] means to stir to sudden, strong feeling or vigorous action: Kicking the animal provoked it to attack .

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