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Is France Showing Us What America’s Next Civil War Will Look Like?

Is France Showing Us What America’s Next Civil War Will Look Like?

Will Bunch

It’s October 2021. America is in a state of turmoil – so much so that the ongoing felony trial of disgraced former president Donald Trump seems only a footnote. The chaos of the 2020 election has meant no honeymoon for Beto O’Rourke, the 47th president, whose narrow win over the GOP’s Nikki Haley (the Republican convention in Charlotte having rejected President Pence) had only enraged both the right and an increasingly angry left, which was still insisting that Democrats had cheated Bernie Sanders out of the nomination at their divided, brokered convention.

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"Is France Showing Us What America’s Next Civil War Will Look Like? YES

The Natives are getting restless and sick and tired of income inequality and not being able to make ends meet.

The pitchforks are going to Washington to demand our country become a Democracy and drift away from corporate greed and slave wages.

Representative government is not working, our representatives are representing the highest bidder for their vote. Time to have the type of government that Lincoln envisioned, Of, By and For the People.


A rational thought comrade FF. No fun fighting howitzers with BB-guns.


Bunch has a fun fantasy, I guess. And I suppose it is a good thing that he advises the overlord types that they ought to behave.

Is it not yet time to start analyzing seriously how to manage this and let our rulers worry about how to avoid it?

I am not advising violence, but of course the government response to any mass movement will again involve violence, infiltration, agents provocateurs, targeted assassinations, and so forth. The strong suit of government and business is all towards mercenary violence, so surely that is the way a lot of this is going to play, whenever it does. I cannot say that I much see how a lot of this goes down, but we should immediately rule out the idea that it shall be terribly clean.

Still -----------

two years ago we had an extraordinarily clear and unsubtle demonstration that American citizens no longer have anything like an electoral option. The recent elections give us nothing to contradict this. Between the two –

  • Voters are purged from rolls selectively.
  • Laws are enacted to keep selected classes of people from the polls.
  • Digital vote counts are subject to back doors and manipulation by unknown parties
  • Party members cannot choose a candidate.
  • Media colludes to bar parties and candidates with popular platforms from public debate
  • Media colludes with election-related fraud
  • 3rd Parties cannot assure that their votes are counted
  • Major parties almost completely refuse to call out fraud on the part of their own people
  • Members of major parties often refuse to call out fraud even on opposing parties
  • Small donors cannot determine for which candidate or even which party donations will be used.
  • Candidates can be purchased anonymously (leaks aside), including by foreign governments
  • Policies popular with the population are almost never enacted by politicians, and are regularly described by the in-house commercial press as lacking political support

That begs a question: assuming that we at some point will have to speak to this government, how do we get it’s mulish attention?

We can attempt local organization–after the advice of Ralph Nader, unless anyone has better. A difficulty here is that the government appears to pay little attention to its own laws.

We can attempt mass nonviolent action, after the patterns of Gandhi and King. That has had considerable success, but government has sharpened its weapons–not only crowd dispersal techniques, but universal surveillance and targeted assassination.

We can attempt violent revolution. But frankly, the presence of high-tech weaponry that can be used anonymously from a distance and the regular use of foreign mercenaries in American wars make this even more than usually unpromising. American rulers will not have to pay Americans to kill Americans, though it is not as though that might not happen. They can pay foreigners to do it, just as they do elsewhere.

We can engage in direct action–monkeywrenching or simply taking positive and helpful actions as though the laws against these were not valid. This has some advantages in terms of being cgeao ti do, costly to combat, decentered, and relatively difficult to trace. Of course, it has difficulties, too, particularly in that it is difficult to use this as a form of communication or a flash-point for organizing, just because it is easy to hide such action, and difficult to know whether any individual action is a political or just a practical act.

Or perhaps there can be some combination of the above.


nowhere does the timid writer address the real cause of inequality,the military budget. I’m sure he believes the govt fairytale, 911.


Populism is a threat to civil society and must be marginalized otherwise mob will put on forks each outher without any significant achievement to any logical and feasible goal or policy .

Overturned green initiative of taxing dirty fuels is the prime example of it. How can it be good? It is not, the very people will have more asthma and cancer cases from diesel fumes.

The French riots are over a $.40/gallon gas tax to combat global warming. This is the future. The poor, working class and lower-middle class are in for a world of pain.

When Trump is right, he’s right.

  1. Medicare For All, Trump questioned his advisors: “Why can’t everyone simply be on Medicare?”
  2. Military budget, Trump: “We need to cut military spending.” (paraphrased)
    Then, realizing he had to dance w/the ones that brung 'im to this ball, he recanted on both. Supporting Repeal Obamacare and increased military spending.

No, Trump (Donald Trump has once again confused the weather with climate change after suggesting chilly weather headed towards the US means global warming is not real.) is not right on global warming and if he wins a second term will be forced to do something about it. It will, however, be no skin off the backs of the 1%.

NASA: “The difference between weather and climate is a measure of time,” it says. “Weather is what conditions of the atmosphere are over a short period of time, and climate is how the atmosphere ‘behaves’ over relatively long periods of time.”

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Yeah, that form of government by the people;for the people; and of the (99%) of the people perished a long time ago.

Print this article, and put it in the memory file (not memory hole…). Take it out again in Oct. 2021, reread and compare with what actually happened.

This sure doesn’t fit what I’ve read elsewhere, which is that the fuel tax was the last straw all right, but because it went with a big cut on taxes for the rich, and was supposed to spur tax breaks for buying electric cars–but much of it would actually go to the general budget to make up for the lost revenue from taxes on the rich. What I’ve read suggests that all kinds of people are involved, including the hard right and the hard left, and many in between, fed up with a government that does the bidding of the rich, the bankers, the international elite–not its own people. And that police are showing some sympathy for the movement. That it has the support of 80% of the people. No, this is not the equivalent of the Tea Party or the Trumpettes, though it includes those elements.


General strikes and stop paying taxes maybe? That would get their attention…

Is France Showing Us What America’s Next Civil War Will Look Like?

I Doubt it. The French aren’t glued to the boob tube.

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Yes, I believe so. Those things will take people knowing that we are not working alone, though. I suspect that we will need items of lesser and then greater risk, and more local strikes or similar before general ones.

But yes.

I think patterns from wildcat strikes may be useful as well.

I think you give the American public too much credit. Where I sit, I don’t think they have a clue what’s going on and who is screwing them. Years of propaganda, indoctrination, distraction by the elites have rendered Americans totally passive and very much ill informed. They just don’t care. No way we will ever see the likes of the yellow vests here.


American’s were raised on having the news - the real news - delivered to them by Walter Cronkite and other news honchos who staked their reputation on journalistic integrity.

Now most Americans do not know how to get unvarnished news despite a plethora of sources. We here on CD may be news junkies and fact checkers but most Americans are on a fast news diet like fast food meals. Looks good smells good but has way too much salt and fat with too little flavor or real nutrition in its high calories.

Fast news are usually snippets and headlines that are a bit skewed if not overtly slanted towards the corporate right and conservative issues. No objective background to allow the viewer to form their own opinions etc.

I think there is an underlying tone of hostility among the right that could turn uglier than in France. Let’s hope not.


What Trump has in common with Obama is that he breaks his promises. The promises they keep is that they’ll break their promises.

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We are presently experiencing cringy Halliburton through companies like OA,etc,etc. In my opinion way too much of our tax dollars go to the troops. A lot of the troops have good intentions, however many of their “superiors” are psychopaths that consistently put money over humanity.

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They will penalize you and make you pay interest on the taxes that you didn’t pay. They also could seize your assets, etc. How would you not pay taxes and still thrive?

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America’s next civil war will be a few hundred peaceful protesters killed by drones, followed by millions more meekly lining up to go to their assigned fema shelter for processing.
After that, with help from the local “community”, they will go door to door for anyone who would dare speak out against the status quo.

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