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Is Hillary Clinton Running Away From Political Reality?


Is Hillary Clinton Running Away From Political Reality?

Les Leopold

Team Hillary should be extremely worried.

It’s not just that she has suffered landslide losses in the past five caucus states. It’s that she’s overwhelmingly lost the youth vote of all colors, everywhere, and she’ll never get it back.


Want to counter the "tied to Wall Street" charge Hillary? Release the Goldman Sachs Transcripts! Failure to release is yet more evidence that you ARE deceitful - tied to big-money, as well as the war-machine, and banker usury!
Hillary's complicity - "Hillary's War" - to pre-meditated destruction of Libyan society (to serve bankers/Wall Street!) and depraved murder of Gaddafi is forever tied to Hillary Clinton's dangerously bad judgment and depraved indifference!



"A (Sanders) political revolution is the prerequisite for everything else - reversing climate change, overcoming structural racism, rebuilding the middle class, achieving equal opportunity and upward mobility for the poor, and avoiding cataclysmic war." - Robert Reich

Hillary is not a trustworthy leader, but a shill for big-money, endless war, and business as usual! FEEL THE BERN!

http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/oct/22/how-west-broke-libya-gaddafi-national-unity "Hillary's War"


Although the problems Leopold identifies are spot on, Clinton is not the source. but a symptom of the Democratic Party's addiction to corporate money. I can't open a newspaper, listen to the radio or TV without hearing about the heroin addiction epidemic. As sympathetic as I am to the addicts and I am indirectly a victim of this epidemic as much as most Murkins, the Democratic Party's addiction to corporate money, ever since the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) was formed in 1985, deserves equal or more attention.

Superdelegates are another symptom of the Party's addiction. Bernie threatens to cut off corporate money flow...cold turkey.

The Party is so addicted to corporate cash that they don't care if young voters don't fall for the "lesser of two evils" ploy the Democrats have depended upon since the 1964 election. Beating the GOP is secondary to sustaining corporate cash flow.


I'm not going to vote for her. I just don't want another shell of a democrat being tied to the same old thing. I'm a little tired of Reaganomics by this point in my life. The Democratic party has become Reagan in all ways imaginable and Hillary is just the latest example of how deeply the Democratic establishment has swallowed that scam. Trickle down is her and Bill's adopted formula and it should be tied to her often and repeatedly. These two are the true Reagan Democrats, and there is absolutely no enthusiasm for continuing the Failed policies of the early eighties.
Our sons and our daughters are beyond her command.
Time for them to get out of the way. The kids know what they want as do I. No more and that's final. If she wins the primary, we all lose. let the chips fall where they may, but I won't be part of propping up more of the same.


Stay focused youth! Come November! Revolution 2016!


And the final death knell is: Hillary is so ...uncool.


I am 100% against closing Guantanamo. As Trump has pointed out its currently only at 15% to 20% of capacity, so lets fill it up with Wall Street moguls and the politicians they own.


She's even dressing like Darth.

And yes, I'd say the same thing if a man wore a black leather suit to campaign in. Ugh.

And bravo, Mr. Leopold!


I disagree with you on this point, Ray.

Clinton is not the source. but a symptom of the Democratic Party's addiction to corporate money.

The Clintons were charter members of the Democratic Leadership Committee (DLC) which basically moved the party right into the arms of the corporations under their leadership. What's wrong with the Democratic Party, in many ways, has the Clinton's fingerprints all over it, including the chairmanship of the DNC. So yes, Hillary Clinton can be held responsible for what's going on with the Democratic Party.


Without trying to be snarky, why has no mention been made of the inappropriate appearance of Chelsea Clinton who lives in a 10,000,000 apartment in Manhattan to campaign for her mother in Flint, Michigan?


It will be interesting to see how the Wall Street issue plays out in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. The economies in these three states to a fairly large extent are dependent on the the success of Wall Street. Jobs in these three states often mean Wall Street jobs. The NYC metropolitan area suburbs in these states have overall have the best public schools in the county and property taxes paid by people who work on Wall Street play a significant role in that. These states have half of the Ivy League colleges and the professors at these schools now complain that most students seemed focused on getting jobs at companies like Goldman Sachs. So instead of the campaigns being in industrial and agricultural sections of the US they will be headed into Wall Street country.


Preventing another crash is just playing to her base. I could care less. There haven't been any jobs since the last one so I couldn't do any worse.


They will be in for a big surprise if they can't see which way the wind is blowing. Hillary will lose because there is no enthusiasm for her. Not one more time against the evil R. I think the Democratic party is in for a big smackdown if they don't catch on soon. Voter turnout for Hillary will be minuscule compared to what could be achieved with someone who actually can take most independent voters. This has been witnessed already in this campaign as Sanders wins most open primaries. Independents are far more numerous than party people.


The list of fleecing should be expanded to also include Obama "care"--extortion to Big Insurance companies, and credit card interest rates. It was one thing to pay 14% when banks also paid 4-5% on our savings accounts; and quite another for these same sickening usurious sums to be maintained when interest on savings went to ZERO.

"We are being financially strip-mined every day — from student loans, to pension rip-offs, to outrageous Wall Street fees for financing state and local government, to hollowed out corporations that ship jobs abroad and slash wages and benefits."

At & T phone taxes, sale taxes, car registration, car insurance, home owner's insurance, property tax, income tax (accountant), and FEES on everything.


What is Public Relations but the art of lying to people to win for the paymasters what the hired hands/consumers have got?

So there are the sages who study neuro-linguistic programming (how the human brain responds to particular words and symbols) and those who literally "audience test" their various Talking Points and related memes.

Between Frank Luntz, Karl Rove and the other experts in 21st century versions of propaganda, much is understood when it comes to inverting language to serve the purposes of the high paying masters.

This is ONE excellent example:

"But, she can’t ignore Wall Street entirely, try as she may. So she transforms the most powerful economic and political force in the world into a mere “single issue.” And then she implicitly places that single issue on a lower moral plain than racism and sexism. Voila! In her mind, she now captures the high ground by lecturing Bernie about his single-issue focus."

Tricks of this nature are also found in these threads. Often.

Oddly, Mr. Leopold doesn't seem to recognize the possibility of an actual Sanders' win:

"Well young folks just might do all the stuff that older folks say is totally irresponsible — stay home, write in Bernie, vote for minor third-party candidates. What really drives elections, especially now, is enthusiasm."


I would find more to support in a comment like this if it ALSO mentioned that the Republican Machine is where the BIG MONEY has been parked up until relatively recently.

The Koch Brothers. Pete Peterson. Sheldon Adelson. The Walton family. ALEC. etc.

Let's not give the illusion that only one party has fallen under the "spell" of Big Money.

Often I've explained that the system itself required this sell-out. Between the deregulation of media that forced candidates to accrue large enough sums to warrant major Air/Face Time, and the massive surge of Lobbyists relocated to Washington, D.C.... reinforced by the ridiculous "Citizens United" Supreme Court permission (extended to the very rich) to purchase candidates... Big Money tainted the entire system.

Arguments that chide the Democrats (and it's primarily the RIGHT-leaning pro-business Democratic Leadership Council Dems. who deserve the castigation) without equal mention to the Republicans presents an asymmetric argument that is quite prejudicial.

Amazingly, given this site is defined as Progressive, it makes NO sense that so many who post here follow in YOUR footsteps.

It's ONE thing to blame Hillary and quite another to make it seem that Democrats are the world's worst monsters while REAL monsters like Cruz breathe eerily close to the American throne.


Thanks for the laugh on this one. Your comment was patently ridiculous.

I live 6 blocks from Wall Street and I don't think you know what you are talking about. Wall Street is a big industry for NY, but it is one of MANY (like fashion, media, tech, etc) in the city itself and very few people actually work in that sector.

And, wall street has practically zero influence on upstate NY, little influence on NJ (outside of a few suburbs) and less in Connecticut. Even in the city, the vast majority of people are resentful on the way that vast wall street bonsues are pricing them out of their neighborhoods.

Frankly, even people who work on Wall Street know that the game is rigged and think sensible rules will make sense. E.g. No one I know in the industry thinks high frequency trading should not be taxed because it is a pure scam (which is why Bernie wants to tax it). etc.

I know you have to push your Clinton Talking Points in order to meet your quota, but please try to including some things that are not quite so laughable as "NY'ers love wall street!"


The political reality is that Bernie has treated her with kid gloves. Whoever the GOP candidate is won't pull any punches. Look up Clinton Foundation oil donors. Look up Clinton Foundation arms sales. Look up Clinton Foundation undisclosed foreign donors.... Sheesh, look up Hillary Clinton Baby Harp Seals, there's probably dirt there too.

Does anyone think the GOP won't go deep on her? Bernie just wants to see the Goldman speech transcripts, and she can't handle it.

Thanks heavens for young people who can still think for themselves rather than just swallowing whatever they see on television.


Here is what is going to happen. Hillary is of course going to be nominated. That fix has been in 2012. The GOP is of course going to have a brokered convention. In that convention, they are going to nominate another "compassionate conservative", dress him up in moderate clothing, and turn him loose on the campaign trail. The youth vote and old progressives will feel absolutely marginalized by the Democratic Party. They will stay home in droves. Consequently, the anti-Hillary, anti woman crowd, a sizable coalition on the right, will flock to the polls. As will the angry Trump crowd as he, or one of his surrogates, will be on the back end of the ticket. The GOP will win every southern state, including Florida. And a couple of blue states in the mid west and Great Lakes region, most likely Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, and perhaps Pa.
Long story short, if Hillary is the democratic nominee, the Republican Party will win in November.


Hillary wouldn't smash the skull of a baby seal. She would hire someone else to do it for her.