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Is Impeachment Really Optional? Sometimes a strong offense is the only defense

Is Impeachment Really Optional? Sometimes a strong offense is the only defense

Jeffrey C. Isaac

On Thursday, the White House announced that Donald Trump has authorized Attorney General William Barr to unilaterally declassify any documents necessary to perform an investigation of the Mueller investigation. The New York Times headline accurately summarized the move: “ Trump Gives Attorney General Sweeping Power in Review of 2016 Campaign Inquiry .”

And Mr. boy scout–Mueller–is refusing to testify in public??? I wonder if anyone will ask Mueller about Paul Manafort being Trumps campaign manager??? No Trump doesn’t really know the guy??? Paul Manafort who was being paid millions by a Ukrainian-Russian to influence American policy. Paul Manafort who gave Russians Trump campaign inside poling data??? Or Trump making a 60 million profit on a Florida house sold to a Russian???

I think the Russians did get into the voting machines-----and they probably learned it from the republicans.

The elite don’t want the common people to know how corrupt the system has become.


Mister Isaac, you can plainly see, the “leadership” of the Democratic Party is helpless and hopeless, weak and feckless in deed and in fact.

Your pleas to them are as potent as yelling at the Moon.


THe Dem “leadership” is and has been part of the problem They have been taking bribes and covering for the same corporations as the Reich. After all, Most of the old timers in Party leadership positions have been in Washington continuously for decades and are in part responsible for digging the RAT HOLE we are now in. They sure as hell didn’t prevent it, did they. They were calling the shots. They were making one stupid cowardly complicit decision after another for years. Here we are.

Why would you expect the people that helped bring us to this point, would want to change, or fix anything?

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Impeaching Trump is fine if you can do it. But it’s probably not really sound policy for the Democratic Party to be indefensible otherwise.

"But the Republicans . . . " does not constitute a plank in a platform, nor a qualification for a candidate.

Mr. Isaac, impeachment leaves the current administration intact excepting only Trump.

  1. Anti-abortion leadership under Pence would probably speed up.
  2. Racist policies, same old.
  3. Court appointments have already been made.
  4. Foreign policies would be WORSE after impeachment. Among Pompeo, Bolton, and the Pentagon, Trump is comparatively speaking a dove.
  5. This term is coming to an end. Hardly enough time to do it.
  6. Some democrats actually are producing some good legislation. Please don’t use up what time is left for Congress in this term by a long drawn out impeachment procedure.

It’s that time! What time is it???

Time to I-M-P-E-A-C-H Pelosi!!!

Her usefulness as a GOP shill and doormat has finally worn out. She’s blocking/ obstructing Congress’ oversight responsibility from her own party going forward. History will be the final judge, but she has already failed as Speaker of the House with no moral fiber/ backbone, principals/ integrity or a sense that she’s setting a bad precedent for future criminality.

As former Speaker of the House, Pelosi presided over the 2010 massacre of the Dem House of Representatives in a GOP gigantic wave and did nothing to slow Paul Ryan and his misfit band of renegades. She didn’t counter the misinformation around Death Panels or even obstruct the GOP. The corporate conservative status quo all the way, Baby!!!

Pelosi’s a horrible legislator, but she can raise a boatload of money from special interests and the wealthy elites – all at our expense. Just like HRC and Joe Biden, her time has passed. She’s a Timex watch in a digital age, a 20th century candidate living in a 21st time period. She’s irrelevant and frankly, all moderate GOPs/ DINOs became obsolete 2+ decades ago.

If you look at a GOP cross-eyed, they will come at you 110% with guns-a-blazing. The Dems only look at their adversaries through binoculars and then run in the opposite direction at 100 mph. And the Dems call themselves a party. Maybe a “party” joke… They “Stand for Nothing and Fight for less.”

If any Dem POTUS were being impeached by the GOP today as a result of an impartial investigation that basically called them out for Obstruction-of-Justice, Emoluments, campaign finance and/or the war in Yemen, Pelosi and all her tribal members would be first in line to throw this Dem scum overboard just like they did to Al Franken and Donna Brazile. Unlike the GOP, there is no loyalty or honor unless you are a “top” Dem. Pelosi and her cronies will bend over backwards for the GOP/ corporate conservative status quo, so that’s what it shall be. The feeble and the meek always follow their leaders – even if they are immoral and corrupt.

So where’s the opposition? You know our laws, Constitution, the Dems, norms/values, traditions or the bleeping lazy, bias corporate conservative media?? Well, they all have been neutered and/or pounded in oblivion by the slimy, mischievous, crooked, lying and brazen GOP without a shot being fired. Unconditional surrender-all the time which is why our country has moved so far to the Right since Reagan. The American people are in denial if they think we have two opposing parties. In reality, both conservative parties suck-up to their wealthy donors and don’t give a damn about 99% of voters unless there’s an election in which case they only give them lip service.

Pelosi will not buck the GOP/ conservatives no matter what crimes they commit. She hates confrontation which is why she is always outfoxed by the other side. Her party has no weapons (smarts/ intelligence/ backbone/ wherewithal, no media (can’t control the narrative nor the debate 24/7), no money, nary any shills/lackeys/base and no real power), plus she refuses to build any of these weapons so she and her clueless stooges hide in their foxholes 24/7 waiting until issues blow over. That’s why she and her leadership always capitulate and compromise 99.9 % of the time. Simply pathetic… Same logic for “Chucky” Schumer. He’s just another aging conservative plant enjoying the ride while hiding in the Democratic Party.

Today, everything has been usurped by King Trumpo and his maniacal minions. He gets more brazen in his temper-tantrums, jabs and attacks everyone every day because there has been no bleeping concerted opposition for 2+ years. He’s a reality show star on steroids. “Never Trump” is a bust! In reality, there has been no opposition to the GOP/ conservatives since Nixon. The spineless, rubber-stamping, wimpy, hapless, foxhole, leaderless conservative Dems have been AWOL since LBJ!!

So, until Pelosi is “impeached”, King Trumpo and his gestapo reign-of-terror will govern supreme. If a Dem acted like King Trumpo, they would have been impeached within hours – 2+ year ago. No waffling and no mercy by either party. But because of King Trumpo and his degenerating, revolving swamp of pathetic losers, America is now the laughing stock around the world. Foreigners see what an infantile, petulant, lazy, racist, incompetent, narcissistic, egomaniac, dimwitted, aloof, thin-skinned, corrupt, arrogant, lying bully we have as POTUS and wonder what the hell were those Americans thinking? Are they really that stupid or were they duped by the corporate conservative media, who loves King Trumpo, even though he calls the media “the enemy of the people”! American “Exceptionalism” is now a dirty word.

As America’s values and traditions crumbles through decades of neglect and malfeasance, our citizens grow restless and impatience. Something is going to give sooner rather than later.

Thomas Jefferson said it best, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” Even that may be too late?? Have we passed a point of no return??

Helen, I agree with some of your conclusions, but we still should impeach King Trumpo knowing it will fail in the Senate. We are a nation of laws and justice and no one, I mean no one is above the law.

King Trumpo (and the radical GOP) has to know he is not a King nor a despot and there are consequences for his/ their actions. If the Dems just brush this under the bridge that will embolden the next GOP POTUS with an automatic get-out-of-jail free card. Precedent will dictate they are untouchable and invincible and the Right-wing Supreme Court will confirm any challenge. We can’t set this precedent.

If we go down this path of acquiescence and moral decay, there can be no turning the clock. Our nation is forfeiting the game, set and match to the slimy, maniacal GOP forever more. They will abuse the hell out of their advantage to exploit whatever agenda they have with no legal pushback or challenge.

Yes, I realize the rubber-stamping Dems are spineless, clueless and hide in their foxholes 99.9% of the time, but hopefully the old pathetic, conservative guard of Pelosi, Schumer and their cronies will eventually die off to be replaced by “real” Dems, who will fight and stand up for the laws and freedoms we take for granted. The Dems have been rolling over for the GOP/ conservatives since Nixon. It ends right here. No more excuses by the Dems…

As you say, if impeachment passes in the House, it will fail in the Senate.
So as I say, a waste of time.

So you have no respect for rule of law or our Constitution?? It’s nothing but a piece of paper we read about in history class.

Just roll over let set a precedent we can never undo? By surrendering unconditionally, the Dems show what weak, pathetic losers they really are. History will show they just unleased Pandora’s Box and will live to regret it forever more.

You know, if the shoe were on the other foot, the GOP would have impeach a Dem POTUS in a heartbeat and then beat them over the head with it even though they couldn’t get it through the Senate. Look at what they did to Clinton over a BJ. Look at what they did to HRC over Benghazi. It’s called getting the upper hand and never letting up like the GOP did against Obama by obstructing him for 8 bleeping years. It riles up your base and allows your party to control the debate and the narrative 24/7.