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Is Israel Pushing for a Palestinian Civil War?


Is Israel Pushing for a Palestinian Civil War?

Ramzy Baroud

Division within Palestinian society has reached unprecedented levels, becoming a major hurdle on the path of any unified strategy to end Israel’s violent occupation or to rally Palestinians behind a single objective.


Seeing how the military industrial complex is itching to restart the cold war between the US and Russia to bolster their revenue, is it any surprise they want to up the ante and enhance their profit centers in the middle east and around the globe ?


Ray, I think it's more than a "cold" war that they want. They've created a tinder box* out of much of the world, and it's just a matter of time before the greedy and short-sighted hawks get their "hot" slaughters throughout this beleaguered planet.

*political, environmental, and economic tinder box


The Palestinians hardly need outside help with their dysfunction. They are masters of the false narrative, poison politics, homophobic and misogynistic declarations. Hamas threw Fatah supporters off roofs at the direction of Israel? Fatah rounds up Hamas supporters because Abbas worries for his life. The division between those who want to murder all Israeli Jews and those who only want to deport or make them pay subservient taxes runs deep. As does the division between the populace that wants peace and a normal life and the entrenched politicians who only want to forever live off the largess of the world's donors.


Israel’s Defense Minister is planning to color-code Palestinian communities in
the Occupied West Bank, dividing them into green and red, where green
is ‘good’ and red is ‘bad’; accordingly, the former shall be rewarded
for their good behavior, while the latter collectively punished, even if just one member of that community dares to resist the Israeli Occupation Army.

Sounds like a great idea, as long as all Jews wear yellow stars on their clothes so that we know who they are.