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Is It Not A Human Soul?


Is It Not A Human Soul?

In the wake of rising anti-Semitism - Swastika-bedecked hate crimes, another spate of bomb threats, the desecration of a historic Jewish cemetery in St. Louis - and a tepid White House response deemed "a pathetic asterisk of condescension," Muslims and many others have vociferously stepped up to denounce the hatred. Most heart-stirringly, two Muslim activists launched a fundraising campaign to rebuild the cemetery. Their goal: $20,000. Current donations: over $100,000.


One of the things that concerned me the most during the campaign was how emboldened Trump's racist supporters were getting. Feel free to go through my comments.

Just like being able to dismiss all non-economic matters as "identity politics," being able to ignore the rising hatred from the right is a very harmful consequence of privilege.


The emperor that is orange has fired up his base, especially the white supremacists/nationalists who are ardent anti-semites. They now feel emboldened to carry out their hatred of "the other" and will not be easily stopped. Pandora's box has been opened and all the captured evils therein will not be recaptured nor will any concerted effort on the part of the demented dimwit and his useless AG be made to do so.

Everyday brings more angst, evil, and destruction while the demonic demagogue sits in his room tweeting inanities, absurdities, and LIES during the pre-dawn hours when the creatures from the dark are returning home to roost.