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Is It Time for Universal Basic Income?


Is It Time for Universal Basic Income?

Laura Williams

Universal basic income is not a new idea. It was way back in 1795 that Thomas Paine, an American revolutionary, first talked about the citizen's dividend. The idea was to pay all US citizens a regular payment as compensation for "loss of his or her natural inheritance, by the introduction of the system of landed property".

This ground breaking idea lay fairly dormant for a hundred years until the beginning of the 20th Century. Since then the idea has come in and out of fashion in three times, each time getting closer to becoming a political reality.


Comment: In case it needs to be stated, UBI pre-suposes that all citizens receive free full medical care AS WELL AS the monetary payment the article refers to. Public education must also be preserved (and much improved in places like the US, such as extending it to include college, as the Green Party proposes).


"In a survey last year 37% of people in the UK stated that they worked in a “bull-shit job”"

Love the term "bull-shit job". I guess it means the job you have to do instead of the one you'd like to do but can't cuz you're not good enough at it.

That being said, bring on UBI, get the whiners out of the work force. My guess is, there are people out there who can actually do the "bull-shit jobs" better and spare their colleagues the constant whining


An exciting idea that would easily pass a referendum, if not for oligarchy obstruction.


Of course no country can provide a Universal basic income, or even a Global basic income, and if a global system is not created, the problems of disenfranchisement will still very much exist.

A structure to provide a global basic income can be created simply by requiring sovereign debt to be backed with Commons shares, that may be claimed by adult humans worldwide, for deposit in trust with their bank, as part of an actual social contract.