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Is It Time to Boycott the United States?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/28/it-time-boycott-united-states

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Trump’s serial helter skelter tariffs has already resulted in many nations boycotting US exports, and set the stage for broader de facto boycotts.

A couple of years ago a reporter was interviewing a US farmer getting taxpayer funded corporate welfare after his export crops fell victim to Trump’s tariffs. His solution was to find other markets, which is a total hot air response when you consider that buyers from other nations prioritize reliability in the flow of commerce above price and other issues. Foreign buyers know that there is no nation on earth that is safe from Trump’s tariffs and until they are assured that tariff fever has ended for the forseeable future, there will be widespread de facto boycotts of American exports for a long time.


Other nations should have began sanctioning and boycotting the US years ago. Decades of ignoring international law, supporting terrorists, overthrowing democratically elected leaders and murdering millions in imperial wars.

PS. Russia did not invade Crimea. Feel certain the author is more than aware of this.


In a word-yes! So…tools down, general strike, let the rest of the world know we’re a resistance group to the Oligarchs in power. I would love to see the petrodollar dropped as the main currency, with something new, legal tender based not on petroleum, but on alternative energy sources. The altercoin. Global Solar. And I also would love to see Iran-level sanctions placed on the US. As a naughty aside, we could call the new legal tender a dong, as a reminder of how a small country, blasted by Scorched Earth war, still was able to whip the collective asses of the best US military minds.


Never gonna happen. There is still too much wealth (money, cash) in this country for other countries (China, India, the EU) to ignore that will keep their economies afloat. Although the wealth is leaving this country rapidly and also going to the wealthy in this country. I am starting to believe that in maybe as little as 10 yrs we will really look like Mexico, Brazil or India. USA, USA, USA!!!


The G-7 should have kicked the US out for insisting Russia “invaded” the Crimea.


I have been boycotting the US since Bush was hired to be its leader. I only buy US products if necessary and I don’t mind paying a higher price especially if its local. I hate shopping in general, especially for stuff I really don’t need/don’t miss. If I need clothing, most of it is made in sweatshop factories so I tend to buy at thrift stores and often find really nice clothing made in Europe or even Canadian based manufacturing that remains. I certainly feel no need to wear branded clothing since its made in the same sweated labour factories as non branded.

Do people look at me strangely when I tell them I boycott the US? They do, indeed and I don’t care. I have no desire to visit what I see as the world’s largest cuckoo’s nest where the insane inmates have taken over the institution leaving the sane to fend for themselves against the insane. Or even like in a zombie movie where the non-zombies have to battle against the flesh eating monsters. I have enough of that here, no need to visit elsewhere. That is why I feel okay posting here because at CD, we can have a relatively calm sane discussion or some really funny ‘bon mots’ that make me smile. Keep up the good fight down there, and we’ll do our part up here.


They were not included in the list of seven countries. Read the article.


Hi patricia_scully:
Well, there certainly is a lot of money in America----but “those that have,” aren’t spending it! Though our money may be gone, the military is still here, and they way they attack other nations—no one os safe.
I always thought ii was wrong for the other nations to diss Russia; Crimea was once part of Russia, but Khrushchev gave it away, but more importantly the people of Crimea VOTED to return to Russia. But sigh—America doesn’t seem to respect the right to vote much either. : (


When the dollar finally dies out as the world currency. Countries like China are already trying to make that a reality.


If that happens America could foment a third world war with China. American oligarch’s were successful in stopping the oil Bourse in Iraq and Libya, and that is why they have Venezuela on their radar screen now, but it could be a whole different story if China replaces the Petro-Dollar with the Yen Dollar.

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For sure. That is why as much as I feel the U.S. empire falling might need to happen. The idea of the U.S. lashing out in its death throes terrifies me. I really do feel they would rather bomb the world to oblivion with nukes than have the empire fall.

Trump: " what good are nuclear weapons unless we use them". The empire’s puppet would not hesitate to use them if he was told to!

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