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Is It Time to End Profiteering on Public Health and Nationalize Big Pharma?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/02/it-time-end-profiteering-public-health-and-nationalize-big-pharma


… to answer your question:
— YES !!


Clearly a better practice could be set up by nationalizing pharmacy. It is fairly certain that a better system could be had just by legalizing all pharmaceuticals as well, across the board.

The current and upcoming government–the executive, the potential executive, the legislative, and with the death of Ruth Ginsberg the judicial–will not participate in any part of doing either. US policy has come to bear almost no statistical correlation to the will of the population: we are not represented. We have to replace pretty nearly everyone in government and–harder, surely–find some way to disable the so-called “intelligence community.”

It is either that or solve the problem outside of their purview. But maybe that, the latter, is easier. There will be restrictions, of course, but one wants to control every little thing that people do because the overhead is prohibitive. At some point, the business fails to make a dollar and the crown fails to rest easy.

Or perhaps it makes sense to gather power. But at this point, the bodies of power are against healthcare and against affordable medicine.

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Nationalize banks, too.
And agriculture.