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Is Janus the Final Chapter of the Right’s War on Unions?


Is Janus the Final Chapter of the Right’s War on Unions?

Bill Blum

If the oral arguments heard by the Supreme Court on February 26 in Janus v. American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, Council 31 give any indication of the ultimate ruling, public employee unions across the country are destined for a crushing defeat.


What a excellent example of "cut you’re nose off to spite you’re face"
He’ll win his case, only to lose some of his income and benefits.


You can bet this guy was recruited by the Koch brothers or some of their ilk- It just doesn’t make sense otherwise- What A bunch of lowlife, scheming scumbags they truly are…


A few years ago, before Michigan workers got screwed with the new RTW law, a Detroit area newspaper reported on a UAW member in an auto plant arguing on a very similar reason for not wanting to pay dues yet expecting representation and all the bennies. I put my 2 cents in with the online comment section more than once where this story first appeared, in rebuttal of his lack of intelligence. Not long after RTW became law in Michigan, I came across another article about this guy becoming promoted as a Republican Party official in Macomb County, Michigan. Obviously this guy’s only interest was to get the big bucks working the line while he could, while his Union brothers were dog crap to him with his involvement with the Republicans in helping to pass Michigan RTW.