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Is John Kelly 'Unfit' (or Sadly Suited) to Lead Homeland Security Under Trump?


Is John Kelly 'Unfit' (or Sadly Suited) to Lead Homeland Security Under Trump?

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

President-elect Donald Trump's selection to lead the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), former Marine General John Kelly, should be "disqualified" from the post due to his "brutal" treatment of detainees at the Guantánamo Bay Detention Center, attorneys warned Tuesday ahead of Kelly's Senate confirmation hearing.


The psychopath will sail through the hearing.

We are totally clucked. Strongman Trump has his dreams.

Yes, yes, I know things were already bad.


So basically this turd is saying he doesn't believe in pretending NOT to be a bigot, a brutal abuser and someone who will easily slide into the worst kind of sociopathic behavior. At least political correctness is putting a social face on bad behaviors, now we just let all of our ugliness hang out?


The minute it was announced, after 9/11, that there would, all of a sudden, be a Department of Homeland Security", I wondered, when did America the Beautiful become the "Homeland"?

"Homeland" sounded too much like The WWII German Nazi term "Fatherland."

Turns out...


"Is John Kelly 'Unfit' (or Sadly Suited) to Lead Homeland Security Under Trump?"

Better question: Is Homeland Security decidedly Unamerican?


DHS is one of several alphabet boondoggles that should be abolished


As a boy of age nine in grade three of public school I was suspected by our post middle age teacher of nibbling on my eraser; an act punishable with a strapping as she had warned when handing them out at the first of the school year. Being careful not to chew on it however, did not prevent some other kid from swapping their chewed up one with mine while I was sharpening my pencil at the front of the room. Coming back to my desk I was horrified to see this remnant of an eraser in the place of my own. Feeling totally abandoned after asking my classmates who had done this and all denying it, I set to work rubbing off the nibble marks. Out of my peripheral now I noticed the teacher standing over me. "Did you chew your eraser?" she asked. "No." I replied. "Well who did?" "I don't know, ma'am." "Well from now on you will be standing outside at the water pump every recess and noon hour until you own up to it." And so began the torture. Only another nine year old can know how long a noon hour can be, having to stand stalk still beside a pump. I might have kept it up for two weeks, maybe three, hoping her conscience might tell her I was innocent. But it was not to be. It had become a battle of wills in which I was at a great disadvantage. Finally I decided to admit guilt, come what may. The resulting strapping was memorable by the vigor of triumph she showed as it was meted out. But as that boy is now a 68 year old man he will never forget the unfairness of torture.