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Is Kamala Harris a Hawk?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/14/kamala-harris-hawk

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Just like she cozied up to Willie Brown to advance her career she will cozy up to any old oligarch to get what she wants and advance herself. She may be just a Democratic form of Donald Trump.


Look at her husband and his ties to AIPAC. It will tell you all you need to know.


Does Sen. Harris align with other California Hawks such as Con. Adam Schiff? Is she all in on Raytheon like he is? Raytheon has lots of business in Congress regarding the MENA, right?
Follow the money and see who’s throwing it ($$$) at Biden/Harris. In California there’s certainly a bipartisan love affair with the MIC and AIPAC .


If we still have to ask whether Kamala Harris is a hawk, Medea Benjamin is overwhelmingly optimistic to state that a Biden administration would be criticized substantially.

Harris is a corrupt authoritarian hawk. The beliefs in opacity and coercion dovetail. She is an ideal VP candidate for Biden: healthy and energetic where he is failing, black and female where he is unfashionably old and white and male and showing signs of interest in underage women, and as fond of violent oppression and corruption–sure to work hard to cover the ratcheted up wars and poverty and inequality into which both parties have steered us.

There’s no joy in Mudville.


Of course she is as others have said. I’m beginning to think being a warmongering sociopath is a requirement for the president/vice-president job here. biden says he wants to end support for the saudi bombing campaign in Yemen, so IF that is so it would be reason enough to vote for him on its own because the people there have suffered terribly. Also, I suspect he will want to rejoin the Iran nuclear treaty since that was his former boss’s doing. Other than that I’m sure we can continue to expect the usual neoliberal policies of regime change and sanctions. They may even start up the regime change program in Syria again.

I also suspect that when Harris gains fame and fortune as the first black woman president after biden peters out we will see more of the same old same old US warmongering.

Very frustrating that every election here now is about choosing between horrible scumbags and slightly less than horrible scumbags.


Why is this framed as a question?


This is yet another article that shows we are wasting far too much time concentrating on the race between two hawkish presidents and two hawkish vice presidents. All of them are “weak on peace” and therefore all of our attention should be focused on electing progressives to Congress. While the presidency has already been determined to be handed over to one of these corporate lackeys, Congress is up for grabs. Could you imagine how ineffective the White House would be if we could elect 250 Progressives to the House and 33 progressive (this time around) to the Senate?
Find the progressives running in your district and avoid everyone else. There is too much at stake here to focus narrowly on only one branch of our government. If there isn’t a progressive running in your district, run yourself! No more Democrats or Republicans this year. We will already have two too many in the White House next year, so let’s not make the same mistake in Congress!


Have we forgotten that Harris during the nomination debate attacked TulsI Gabbard for the audacity of actually engaging in a dialogue with Assad


I have to quibble with your notion of electing 250 progressive House reps and 33 progressive senators.

Unless, that is, you’re dreaming out loud.

Because the best you could hope to get this cycle is 4 or 5 progressive House reps and I actually don’t see a single truly progressive candidate for Senate. This country is represented by mostly center right Dems and right wing Repubs for a reason. And it’s the same reason I advocate for The Squad and their ilk to form a third truly progressive party. Because within the d-party, they (and us) are an afterthought at the very least and openly scorned for the most part.


I prefer to recall Tulsi’s takedown of the supposedly “tough” debater, Kambama.

A double-digit drop in Kambama’s polling ensued and the former frontrunner never recovered.
Even better, she was forced from the nomination race before any primary votes had been cast.



She is a BAD CHOICE. the second worst choice possible.


I think Tuli Gabbard disqualified herself for all time by being so pally with the fascist Modi government of India which not only is trying to destroy our ability to limit the amount of modern slavery in our country, by getting rid of the limits on guest visas, a shift which will forever turn our futures over to the WTO which wants to lower wages to rck bottom globally, for the oligarchs.

Modi has been shown again and againto be totally the pawn of huge US corporations, and shadowy quasi-governmental “think tanks” like the scary"Better than Cash Foundation" which seeks to make surveillance of our every motion, hearbeat and movement the default, a change that when combined with GATS mandate to privatize everything will rapidly transform into a global dystopia worse than anything Orwell imagined, because micropayments will make it so the jobless are not even allowed on roads.

Also, as water is necessary to life, a negative balance - especially now in coronavirus will mean an impossible situation for families - who wont be able to afford water, or to adeequately ventilate homes or buildings (the WTO also supposedly demands we export our natural gas, which is expected to doube or triple its price, leading to huge losses in affordable housing as postwar buildings are redeveloped into new condos, way out of the price range of 90% of the people who live in major cities today. Having already lost jobs there will literally be nowhere for millions of Americns to go.)

Behind the scenes, according to a German researcher, Norbert Haring the US based Better than Cash Alliance claims claims credit for their Indian “pilot project” - yes, it was the horiffic demonetization of India, which had the effect (since the poor, lacking bank accounts, keeping their life earnings in cash in many cases, online ability, could not exchange it in time) Modi and this creepy think tank effectively stole the life savings of millions of poor people.

This kind of approach’s real aim is survaillance. With Global governance orgs stealing democracy behind our backs, our self described “disruptive” oligarchs expect and want chaos. Privatization of everything, particularly roads and health insurance, (i.e health status) and the elimination of cash will make a level of surveillance possible that none of us would ever want, under the excuse of properly pricing services like health insurance to reward the healthy, and in the case of toll roads and sidewalks, preventing fraud.

Shame on Gabbard for not rejecting these dictators, just like Trump and our former Secretary of State, she’s too pally with dictators for comfort.

Its time the US stood for democracy again, dumped global economic governance organizations like the WTO, World Bank, OECD, and many others.

and stopped associating with governments that do things like what these crypto fasists like Modi and Assad - have been doing. Let them find their own way, without our help or jobs.

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Good post and almost identical to what I was going to write.
I would only add the disgusting fact of her jailing pot smokers, then giggling about her own weed use in an interview.
Oh yeah, and that Susan Rice has an even worse resume than Harris.


It is a bad situation but an important lesson.

The saddest thing (besides VP Pepperball’s ascent to power) is the propaganda being waged in order to paint this LawnOrder tool as a principled progressive.

A quick look at the NTY, WashPo, and any faux-leftist site tells the tale. The spin is quite incredible, as these DNC megaphones attempt to differentiate this sellout from her Republican “opposition”.

Go Team uber alles, and damn the facts, as Harris’ ugly, ugly history goes right down the memoryhole.


Please. Let’s not eat our own. We have a strong movement with which to push for progressive actions, especially by black and many other women. We can harness that good energy by believing in ourselves and our abilities. Everyone has a past, ambitions set in the current needs of the time. Mr. Rogers and his ilk will never be running for President. Don’t forget Bernie’s influence and how he’s pushing through. Strengthen progressive possibilities. Don’t sabotage them.

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Well Harris has her good points, and Progressives are not a beacon of principled behavior either. Just different. (with a few exceptions)

Our own. We.

As if right-wing warmonger Harris is one with the worker, one with the poor, one with the victims of Amerikan Empire, at home and abroad.

To imagine that the Democratic Party’s appointment of a cruel prosecutor with a history of blithely imprisoning people of color in the year of BLM is in any way acceptable? There is simply no excuse for such willful blindness.


Is Kamala Harris a Hawk?

Kamala would never would have been selected a year ago by the DNC if she wasn’t!