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Is Las Vegas a Harbinger of America's Future?


Is Las Vegas a Harbinger of America's Future?

Lisa Fuller

"No one thinks that their neighborhood will become a war zone until they hear the first gunshots."

Denial: even if we intellectually acknowledge the possibility of war, we rarely conceptualize the ground reality. Our imaginations are clouded by the sanitized portrayals we see on TV. To put it bluntly: the nightly news doesn’t show images of the dead, dismembered children that litter the street in conflict zones.


The harbinger was in 1966, when James Whitman killed 18 people from the bell tower in Texas.


With all due respect, the future is here, now and corroding the press capacity for coherence. Each time it has to be pointed out that the term TERRORIST is virtually NEVER applied to white males. Institutionalized white privilege is MOST evident (read: why is the EVIDENCE of this ignored??) in police hierarchies and their interface with the “guarantees” of human civil rights in the “justice” system. These and other observable phenomena continue to be in need of coherent narrative and organization of civil society to halt any and all acceptability of abuses. THIS is important because “trickle down” in a society held hostage by a distorted economic theory being put into practice is NOT confined to economic theory but is applied in all areas where value can be extracted/externalized for the pofit of those who are buying “representation” to assert skewed and destructive policies.

Trump is a sick maestro (NEVER a ‘master’ of chaos - creating it CONSTANTLY - just under the explosion line. What better way to issue the call to any and all who will pay for ADVANTAGES.

Just an aside: Where exactly is melania trump’s right hand in the attached photo?


Melania’s hand is picking his pocket of the nuclear codes.


In my state drive by shootings are fairly routine. People with children are sometimes relocated to a different area for their safety leaving behind the bullet holes in the windows. Homes are painted to remove the gang tags over and over again. Teenagers are killed over these markings. When police are called at least two cars come sometimes up to eight. Have you had to put your hands in the air recently? There is more but I just don’t have the stomach for this today.


This was terrorism but by keeping the political objective out of the “press”, it was labeled “latest nut job”. The message is that you must adopt more fear, so that you are more easily controlled. I won’t believe the official storyline of this massacre any more than the magical bullet of 1963.


That is the whole problem! Even if true, we have been lied to so much that we have to assume that we have been lied to by the Goebbel’s, fascist press until proven otherwise.


I have to note that most of the weapons were purchased starting in Oct 2016. If Hillary were elected, would the shooter have continued building up his arsenal? Perhaps this is a stretch, but I have to suspect the shooter wanted Americans to suffer for electing the monstrous asshole Trump. As for resolving our cultural morass, atop the list of what to do first should be pointing blame at President ‘rabble rouser’ and fascist GOP leaders seeking to enrich themselves while impoverishing the rest of us.


He,(James Whitman) actually had a real problem with his brain. An autopsy revealed he had a brain tumor that deranged his mental function and hence his murderous rampage with a hunting rifle. He knew something was wrong with himself. Also the US Marines trained him which for sure increased his lethality as did his choice of tower for maximum effect. Also this was during the 'Nam and again the US is waging a war that lasted at least 10 years. This country breeds and promotes violence. It’s just when it hits home that people become alarmed, they normally don’t see the carnage carried out due to US forces either by direct combat of air strikes by airplanes or drones.


As far as I’m concerned America’s future looks bleak. The current crop of leaders won’t even discuss global poisoning/warming and they rattle the sabres of war on a daily basis. Trump even wants to break the deal with Iran that keeps them from developing a nuclear weapon. Most of the diplomats have quit, the generals are in charge of the greatest military machine ever and people are starving here at home in the richest country. People here at home go berserk and kill schoolchildren or concert fans and the civilian death count overseas continues on a daily basis that includes schoolchildren, mothers and older men. What else can we expect in a dystopic environment entirely of our own making? It’s time for a direct inquiry if the US is to continue down this dark path or find new bearings and peacefully solve the real problems that threaten our existential existence. Until these fundamental issues are addressed we will continue to have violence, both here at home or export it elsewhere.


thg - Melania’s hand is holding her barf bag just out of site of the camera while her revolting husband rambles on.


Even though it is not mentioned in the list of mass murders in the US, the town that fits your comment, Roseburg, Oregon, with some 20,000 people and in the middle of no where experienced a mass murder of nineteen students and teachers at Umpqua College a few years ago. This is a tiny American, rural town with no presumption of exceptionalism or other requisites of Americanism except plain ordinariness. Yet it was visited by gun related horror, seemingly out of nowhere. This is the meaning and result of NRA control of Congress. The young, extremely disturbed man with access to guns, should never have had such access. Until the great majority of the American public realizes that, they will have to accept the fact that their own lives and those of the people they live will be on the sacrificial alter of the NRA for decades to come .


Problem is whoever replaces Trump would move forth with the same objectives. That I am sure of. The NWO fake “war on terror” is full steam ahead. The plan presses on above any and all distractions or concerns. The people have shown to be powerless to alter the course. The two controlled fake opposing sides ensure the split that powers the American peoples takedown.


what has happened to the value system of the USA? perhaps it is percolating while we shop and pretend that our leader actually knows something. the calm before the storm is meant to frighten us into no criticism of the ones who seem to live above it all.


Archie 1954:

To this mass murder of nineteen students in “a tiny American, rural town with no presumption of exceptionalism or other requisites of Americanism except plain ordinariness,” I would add that twenty-two veterans a day commit suicide all across the country. That adds up to 8,030 suicides per year, yet another consequence of our militarism and gun culture.


Go to yahoo.com. search “Russia identifies Las Vegas shooter”. Many sites. I liked wethepeople.com.


Correction, wetheonepeople.com