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Is Leaked Cable Greasing Skids for Clinton's Next Regime Change Disaster?


Is Leaked Cable Greasing Skids for Clinton's Next Regime Change Disaster?

Jon Queally, staff writer

An internal cable signed by more than 50 State Department officials objecting to the Obama administration's policy on Syria is particularly worrisome, according to experts, given Hillary Clinton's hawkish foreign policy positions and her stated plan to escalate President Barack Obama's war in Syria if elected.


When Martin Luther King made the observation that the United States Government was the greatest purveyor of violence in the world some 40 plus years ago, this a time when the Vietnam war at its height.

Since that time it has gotten even worse. They have their dirty hands in on virtually every conflict on this globe and try and start yet more.


A "no fly zone" in Syria is, like any political policy, fraught with complications and the devil is in the details. Hillary will do or say anything to enhance her power, "prestige", or the supposed advantage of Israel in ME policy.

Any "no fly zone" that includes Russia is a disaster waiting to happen - the potential that a catastrophe might be sooner than later seems likely if Hillary, the war queen is s/elected.

The world is increasingly short of leaders of wisdom, integrity and commitment to peace rather than war it seems to me........Hillary perhaps most of all.


Much, in the mainstream media, shows the familiar pattern of building acceptance for military action. On the other hand, very little can be found, in the mainstream media, regarding the CIA release of statements of victims of US torture.


What fresh hell is this? The American people are tragically asleep.


One of the most important speeches of his lifetime, delivered April 4,1967---a year to the day prior to his April 4, 1968 assassination.
It remains absolutely applicable today:


Q: All these Sanders supporters are saying the first thing Clinton will do is amp up our involvement in Syria, potentially bringing us into direct conflict with Russia. How can we hamstring this argument?

A. Apply pressure to amp it up now. Even if Obama doesn't act, it will still make Clinton's position look more reasonable and necessary.


These wack jobs know the game,, the US is currently working hard to put pressure on Russia in the black sea, Bulgaria and Poland so as to force Putin to distance Russia from Syria, Iran Russia alliance and Russia is contemplating such move. I am not sure how this will play out but Russia may not have the stomach to confront the US over Assad regime, they might force Assad to resign since Killery has in the past repeatedly said "Assad must go" and since the pentagon and state department want endless wars she is their dog in this race. And IFF Assad does agree to step down Syria will quickly turn into another Libya, a no man's land rife with internal struggles, Iranians, Iraqis and Syrian nationalists aided with Russian arms on the one side the US and it's Arab sadistic assassins on the other side with no one winning any grounds. Russia might bode well with the Russian calculus of entangling the US further into yet another Vietnam like conflict and a prolonged proxy war. Too bad for the poor innocent Syrians who will be suffering even greater deaths and mayhem.


Hillary and friends:

Russia has a historic relationship with Syria, and Russia has a naval base in Syria and is not about to give it up. Dangers lurk in this new Clinton Administration, is she "president elect" yet, everything is so presumptive you know.


There will be no-no fly zones as long as Russia is in Syria, but the US is putting pressure on Russia proper via Poland, Bulgaria and most recently, the Black Sea. The US hopes to force Russia out of Syria.


The full spectrum dominance pipe nightmare hasn't died yet, the US banking and financial behemoths will never share prosperity with the rest of the world, they want to remain top dog forever which is increasingly unacceptable to more nations of the world. Russia and China are busy creating their own banking systems independent of visa, master card and Amex which has made the Rothschild of wall street furious. Well shit, too fucking bad, let the US/Russia fire those nukes to vaporize the ass holes out of this earth.


The Red Queen knows that all too well but her Zionist handlers have assured her through their Soviet Jew spy connections that Russia is not strong enough to retaliate. Off course Israel will use the US, France and England via NATO to go to war with Russia only to emerge as a sole nuclear armed terrorist state in the middle east, perhaps the globe?


This cable was deliberately provided to the Washington Post and the New York Times; they fully support its urgings. These newspapers have never seen a war that they did not like. They call it a leak; more like an open spigot.

These so-called diplomats should all be fired immediately. (Not a chance, I know.)


Of course there will be more wars and human disasters unless common people in this country start standing against it. The war is a very profitable business to the elites but a large burden to the taxpayers especially the common people. The belegerant elites of this nation and our presumptive warrior goddess are a greedy and arrogant bunch. Peace is unprofitable to all. More wars more chaos and more weapon to be made which will bring more and more profits at the expense of taxpayers. Obviously, more taxcuts, budget cuts, more jobless, more homeless would be added to the lengthy equation and needless to say, the elites living in the ivory towers do not want to solve it. By the way, they are trying to brew new turmoils at the China sea. In few decades this nation would face the situation of Greece.


Bernie- What say you now? As you have now endorsed Hillary by remaining within the Dem-party. If your primary goal is to defeat Trump, then how will you respond to Hillary's actions and consequences?..Don't her actions and words run counter to what you preached? If you are a Bernie supporter, you must be wondering?.....Jill Stein and the Greens actually match their words with deeds.... Obama is a great wordsmith, Bernie has also been a great wordsmith, what we need now is deeds more than good words.....And Eliz Warren will pick up where Bernie left off.... Keep the progressives within the Dem party via stating the words that they want to hear.


Well, this is certainly no surprise. In fact CD bloggers have been saying this since the beginning. She will escalate alright. Escalate us right into a war with Russia. This is what motivates Hillary's lust for power. Her time at SOS put her in touch with all the Generals and surly the one's that sent this cable. She has pushed Obama to go deeper and harder, now she's close to just doing it herself. I'm horrified at the thought.
I am conflicted about the domestic problems of Trump's presidency to be sure but I know what this woman will do all over the world and it's worse. Thousands more will die while she shows the world how tough she is and how exceptional America is, with no thought of the terrorists it will create.
I can't, just can't put my name behind this person. She is one of the most evil people I have seen since Cheney. In fact she's been speaking very kindly about Bush. Her views are neocon like Bush and Cheney. This is why this country moaned when they started talking about a Bush or Clinton in the White House. These two dynasties need to die out and never have power again.
Go Bernie, Never Hillary


Can we consider the possibility that Clinton, like Trump, is very canny, very good at self-preservation, but really not that smart? We have a history of assuming that centrist Democrats are somehow brighter and more perceptive than their truly right wing counterparts. The Best and the Brightest in the 60s gave us Vietnam. Bill Clinton gave us commodities deregulation and the crime bill. Obama gave us the turd that is the ACA, and an escalation of the drone war. They speak well, but they think badly.


What laws hasn't she broken?
I don't recall reading anything about her getting a parking ticket.


Vote for the lesser evil, not Clinton.

And see Paul Ryan's statement on the legislature as an independent, co-equal branch. I doubt that the Democrats would be the brake on Clinton that Republicans would be on Trump.


Hillary is laying the groundwork among her cohort of fellow hawks in the State Department for when she becomes president. She has demonstrated how much she relies on military force as a blunt instrument for setting the foreign policy agenda.She has apologized voting for GWB's Iraq War resolution as a senator, but she lobbied President Obama very hard as his secretary of state for his intervention in the Libyan civil war. Even though that intervention turned an oil-rich nation in the Maghreb into Somalia on the Mediterranean, she still justifies that intervention as bring democracy to the Libyans. And she criticized President Obama in her interview with Jeffrey Goldberg in The Atlantic for his red-line gaffe about Syria and opposing a no-fly zone there. So she has demonstrated her views on the use of military force repeatedly through her actions and her statements.She even had a publicized meeting with Henry Kissinger, who she said she admired greatly, and Kissinger pronounced her the best secretary of state in recent history, which she obviously is not by any stretch of the imagination.But she got his blessings. One should be disturbed by this PR stunt given his record in the Nixon administration: prolonging the Vietnam War, expanding the war to Cambodia with the incursion and even before these actions, the secret bombing of Cambodia.These middle-level bureaucrats in State leaked this cable to prepare the elites and bolster the sagging spirits of the war hawks such as Robert Kagan whose wife in State, Victory Nuland, was behind agitating with her friends in the CIA for the coup d-etat in Ukraine. Hillary wants to prepare.this country for war. But I hope it backfires on her on the campaign trail. Here a few choice words from Bernie Sanders would be greatly appreciated. But beggars can't be choosers.So if Donald Trump attacks her as a war hawk, well, let's chalk it up to divine intervention since He works in mysterious ways. There may be another land war in the Middle East in her first term. My advice to you is what Betty Davis said to the party goers in "All About Eve:"Fasten your seat belts, we're in for a bumpy ride."