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Is Mexico The Most Dangerous Country On Earth?


Is Mexico The Most Dangerous Country On Earth?

Belén Fernández

In 2006, Mexico launched a war on drugs with the fervent backing of its ever-helpful neighbour to the north, the United States of America.

Now a bit more than a decade later, some 200,000 people are estimated to have been killed thus far as a result, with an additional 30,000 or more disappeared and a continuous discovery of unmarked mass graves.


Unfortunately, there is no profit in sanity.


“Poor Mexico, so far from God, so close to the United States.”

Truer words have never been written.


In 2006, as Ginger Thompson ably narrates in a New Yorker piece titled “Trafficking in Terror”, the DEA hoisted itself onto the ever-profitable war on terror bandwagon with the help of the scary new crime of “narco-terrorism”.

This reminds me of an incident in San Francisco back during the Iran-Contra days. A freighter from South America docked at a wharf in San Francisco and it was immediately surrounded by police on the dock, boats in the water, divers in the water, etc.
*The police officer in charge started up the gangway and was met by a man in a suit coming off the ship. He showed CIA credentials and said this was a government operation and to remove the police from the area.
*After a lot of argument, phoning, etc., the officer ordered the police to stand down and return to quarters. I imagine kids in the Mission district were getting high on crack before the cops got home.
*Just another of the many examples of the CIA’s financing.
*The only way this got into the press was that Herb Cane got a tip, and put the story in his column. Frankly, the CIA has been one of the biggest, if not the biggest, drug families on the planet. You can trace it from the Golden Triangle and Air America during Vietnam through the Afghan poppy fields, and elsewhere around the world.
*Kennedy was so angered at the CIA’s manipulation during the Cuban Crisis that he said he was going to shut down the CIA and scatter it into a thousand pieces. He didn’t get a chance to carry it out. Someone shot him.
*The coup heard 'round the world, and the CIA is still going strong, and going wrong.


I have lived and worked in Mexico and I would rate our current president as the most dangerous leader of the most dangerous country in the world!


Numbers are powerful, Belen. Thank you.

The deaths rank this situation at a level of killing not too far from the Iraqi War and at about the same time. But with much less press.


Build the wall! Build the wall! Only to keep Americans from attempting to flee south when the Crumpus/Clown/Dick-inChief makes his immigration move to amend our immigration policy.
Shame on my Fuck-in-Chief who is talking down to my southern neighbors! I stand with Mexico! And shame on my countrymen…(that includes my relatives who voted for this orange dumbass). DICK!