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Is Mike Pence an Honorable Man? Without Any Hesitation, Elizabeth Warren Answers: 'No'


Is Mike Pence an Honorable Man? Without Any Hesitation, Elizabeth Warren Answers: 'No'

Jon Queally, staff writer

Asked Wednesday on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" if she believes U.S. Vice President Mike Pence is "an honorable man," Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts shot back without hesitation her one-word answer: "No."

Asked by show host Mika Brzezinski if she wanted to expand, Warren said: "Sure. Anyone who engages in the kind of homophobia and attacks on people who are different from himself is not an honorable person. That's not what honorable people do."



That Joe Biden refers to Mike Pence as “a decent guy” tells me all I need to know about both.


This is an outright attack on Joe Biden who insisted that rabid-right-winger and bigot Mike Pence is “a decent guy”.

Thank you Liz! What goes unmentioned is that Biden has consistently worked to empower Wall Street and the MIC’s endless wars-for-profit.

Rather than calling for regime-change in Venezuela , politicians need to call for elections. Once again, Sen. Sanders takes the moral lead.


Only the world’s largest entertainment corporation’s
(Comcast) propaganda mouthpiece would ask such an
obviously demented question.


Is Elizabeth Warren an honorable woman? Someone who for years claims minority status to get ahead? No, I don’t think so.


Honorable conservative, don’t make me laugh. It does not matter if they are D, R or some derivative, if they are conservative they belong to an ideology of predation and exploitation.


“Years”, really?

I consider myself part Jewish as I had a Jewish great-grandfather who disappeared in Nazi Germany. Sen. Warren has the same rights.

You should claim to be related to tRump, so that you can dismiss all minorities!


great comeback ronbo! Sen. Warren should not be mentioned as a “what about her” in an article about pence the penis-less!


So, I guess what you are saying, in a round about way, is that you don’t think Mike Pence is an honorable or decent man either.

And I agree. Pence is right there with Trump every time he hurts and denegrates people. And Pence is taking the lead on the Venezuela coup attempt based on a pack of lies that he keeps repeating. No honor or decency in any of his actions.


Yes, years. From the time she joined the Texas bar until sometime after she was hired by Harvard. You’re far more Jewish than Elizabeth Warren is Native American - she’s less than 1/1000th you’re 6.25%, she’s less than 0.001%.

Fortunately, to the best of my knowledge, I share no relationship to Trump. Or Pence for that matter.

I disapprove of con artists on either side of the aisle.


Elizabeth Warren seems to have the guts many of the others don’t. She doesn’t back down to the patriarchal oligarchs who think they can do anything with impunity. She has good ideas. I think she might make a great president after such a horrible one.


Oh, get over that bullshit. She is a lady with guts and scares a lot of males because she will talk back to them in the face of all their patriarchy. You judge her on one small thing. Who are you really supporting?


Reader, she’s a liar who cheated on the affirmative action game, and got caught at it. I call that a “basic character flaw”, not “one small thing”. She’s just a higher achieving version of Rachel Dolezal, claiming to be something she isn’t.


In your book she may be a liar but I see her telling a lot of truth about the system and its inequities. You seem to have much in common with Mitch McConnell with regard to Elizabeth Warren. By the way, who do you recommend for president?


Joe Biden’s idea of “descent” is Pence and someone like the pervert Clarence Thomas
he helped the GOP put on the Supreme Court –

and he’s now waiting for the rest of his pay-off as President of the US by those he did
the dirty work for.

And… “Good” for Elizabeth Warren!

As for “Honorable” these are BS titles which are meaningless – and even more just
the reverse of what they suggest.

Consider, Honorable – Most Honorable – Reverend – Most Reverend and Very Reverend!

All of the BS titles should be disappeared – and/or ignored and not used.


Good on ya AGAIN Liz!

She really needs to be part of Bernie’s administration.


So far, you’ve equated me to Trump, Pence, and McConnell, none of whom I share a party with, and none of whom have ever gotten a vote from me.

All because I call out a liar for lying, rather than disputing the fact that she cheated her way into an Ivy League professorship. Regardless of her views, her character is fatally flawed, and she would be eaten alive in a national Presidential campaign. Only in as thoroughly blue a state as MA, where we forgive those who commit manslaughter or child molestation as long as they have a (D) after there name, could she be elected twice.


Since your integrity is so high, I guess no one -except yourself - will be acceptable.


They are both members of the Old White Man’s Club who are scared to death of slowly losing the power they have had since this country was founded.


Harper’s has a good article on Biden. What I find so disturbing about his and neoliberals’ of the D Party is their elevating bi-partisanship to extremes. With the full frontal destruction by Mc Connell and Trump they exhibit positive evil by tolerating it. Also Biden’s support of extreme racists is nauseating all in the name of bi-partisanship along with his record of cozying up with cops and of course his disgraceful treatment of Anita Hill