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Is Mike Pence an Honorable Man? Without Any Hesitation, Elizabeth Warren Answers: 'No'


I think not being a race-fraudster is a pretty low bar.

Most of the Democratic candidates manage to clear it. Liz doesn’t.


He was also all on board with what happened at WACO and defended the atrocious government actions.


For some reason you have failed to convince me that she isn’t one of the best candidates for President out there.



I don’t care whether you’re convinced. She can’t even break double digits in the Democratic primaries. I don’t think she’ll even make it to the convention.


Since when did character flaws omit someone from winning the presidency. I’m not so sure it isn’t a requirement. (a little sarcasm).


no one who supports the racist, misogynistic bully president is decent, period.
shame on biden ; that remark alone should disqualify him from any elected office


You’re attacking, and acting like you are perfect. She at least is sticking up for the working people of the US. while you are just attacking her. Did you care about Glass Steagall or the Consumer Protection Agency? No? I didn’t think so.


You the perfect one have never lied? Come now- you’re doing so now- since you support Dump


Sorry about your great grandfather.


I don’t really care what you think. Sorry I ever responded to your post.


It’s never stopped people, but I don’t have to support it. I try to avoid supporting blatant dishonesty when I can, but we’re usually stuck picking the LOTE


Meal, I never claimed perfection, but I can say I have never voted for Trump, and I’ve never maintained a lie for decades to get jobs I wouldn’t have gotten without minority preference like Liz.


Well, let’s see now… That leaves exactly… no one!


I am against impeachment of Trhmp. There is not time in this term to impeach Trump and then impeach Pence. Besides, the major damage is coming from the people who have already been appointed.
Further, I believe Trump puts some brakes on Bolton.


Ed, unfortunately, all too true. 99.99% of politicians are con artists (I don’t say 100% because I’m an optimist)


That’s just not true. This has been exhaustively studied and she never gained any benefit from any of the times she listed her perceived Native American heritage on any form. See


When it comes to the Democratic establishment in MA, the Boston Globe is as trustworthy as Pravda was in the Soviet Union.


Curious then that there isn’t one bit of evidence that has come forward in contradiction of their reporting. Interesting that not one of those hundred people they interviewed came forward to say their reporting was wrong - including very conservative republicans who would not be on her side on political issues. Funny that all of those primary documents seemed to point to the opposite of your assertion. Weird that she would have done that DNA test if she knew in advance that she had very little Native American blood as you assert. Odd that she would explicitly ask that she not be considered a minority applicant for law school admission or that the place where she checked Native American under race/ethnicity at U Penn happened long after she already was hired (i.e. after you imagine that designation would have helped her in some nefarious plot).

I don’t understand how this issue has any traction based on the evidence (though I obviously understand how it has traction as propaganda against her).


She was listing herself as “Native American” on her Texas bar application, so it would have been seen by Penn when she applied to teach there. As to why, you tell me why someone who, even under her original story has about 6.25% Native American in her (as opposed to the 1/1024th) would claim to be Native American other than to claim racial preferences.