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Is Mike Pompeo Preparing an October Surprise?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/16/mike-pompeo-preparing-october-surprise


If the United States Military succumbs to this political ploy, they deserve to get their asses kicked.

Pompous’s ass too.


Suddenly, less than six weeks before the crucial November elections, the United States will be in a new war. The timing could not be more convenient.

Most Progressives, including me, have predicted this coming war with Iran when it was convenient for Trump Now the time is becoming right. Let’s hope my prediction was wrong.


Trump, Pompeo, & Barr, a.k.a. Moe, Larry, & Curly.


The three stooges of the apocalypse?


New sheriff in town: China. China can support Iran through buying Iranian oil and other products, as well as offering weapons and intelligence aid to Iran. Best if Iran does nothing–nothing militarily. If the US responds to China inappropriately, China can stop sending all those manufactured goods required for US industry. Don’t think Trump’s war would last long in the face of factory shutdowns.


or apoopcalypse, 'cause they’re full of it


The “conditioning the American public to believe that Iran is an aggressor” did not start during the Trump regime, it started when, during his first week in office in January 1953, Eisenhower authorized the CIA to overthrow Iran’s democratically elected Prime Minister Mosaddegh and install the puppet dictator who ruled until the 1979 revolution. Predecessor Truman had recently twice refused the CIA’s request for coup authorization.

“The American public” has been the world’s biggest consumer of snake oil for so many years that Pompeo and the GOP know that “the American public” will swallow (hook, line and sinker) the upcoming war with Iran and whatever other October surprises the GOP springs on us.


Biden is a piece of excrement. Trump is the poison inside the excrement. If anyone can’t see that voting third party in this particular election is a clear and present danger they are arrogant and smug. I have voted third party except for first term Obama when I bought his hope and change shit sandwich but in voting for Stein In PA In 2006 I helped that warmongering corrupt Clinton lose. I thought that would be good thing and serve the Dems right. I WAS WRONG in 2016( not in the others I think). WRONG.
In my wildest imagination I could not imagine just how criminal, how corrupted, how venial, how sociopathic and onward ad infinitum , and above even all this - how pathetically willfully ignorant Trump was about anything at al. This doesn’t even cover his xenophobia and racism.

Worse I, cynical as I am, could not imagine how many rotten, corrupt psychos he could find to staff his government. Like Pompeo. Hillbot would have gotten us into war and we would be mired for decades in and eventually lose ( Libya et al) but at least she had some kind of belief in why…Trump wakes up and says its Tuesday , I think I’ll kill somebody today- who’s on the list Mikey? How about that nice Iranian top general? This is why we are trying to Keep NK boxed in - because the guy is a mental case and we cannot fathom what total crap he will do next.
Anyone who can’t see a out of control two year old with serious behavior issues and a band of the same Is far far more dangerous than a semi- rational crooked yada yada but jerkwad adult. Once Corporate Whore Joe gets in we can raise holy hell… except nobody wants to really do that do they? They just want to sit there all smug and self satisfied and vote for someone who has ZERO chance of being elected. No one wants to take any responsibility for holding a presidents feet to the fire once elected.
Howie is not going to get elected you know that unless you are a slobbering dolt. We are going to have four more years of this vortex of vileness or we are going to have someone else. THATS THE CHOICE.

And Btw… what the hell is going on at CD lately? - some truly bizarre number of people New and old spouting utter crap on many topics…


What is not mentioned in the article is perhaps the biggest motive for an October surprise: Netanyahu. Bib tried to suck Obama into attacking Iran repeatedly. Now that he has the ear of The Don- and more importantly- his joke emissary Jared K.- he will do whatever he can to provoke a US-led war prior to the November election. Do not be surprised if the MSM broadcasts a ‘gulf of Tonkin’ type of false flag. The MSM has been in the pocket of the war hawks for decades.


Ah, but the question is: Would China (or Russia) step up to the plate. From what I’ve read, I think it’s a toss-up. :frowning:


I predicted that Trump would start a war to get American warmongers cheering him on just before the election. He’s prepared to hold power by any means he feels are necessary. Killing millions of people in a nuclear war to stay in power is certainly not beyond this monster. Does he know that Pakistan has nuclear weapons too?


Another question: If such a blatant violation of international law were to occur, what would be the response of the UN? If the violation were by a 3rd rate country the UN will t the very least impose major economic sanctions. Unfortunately, the UN lost any semblance of a spine when the US attacked Iraq in 2003. It will likely wash its hands- just as Pilate did. And then? Well, if things get bad enough the EU will be inundated by Iranians fleeing the carnage. And won’t members of the EU just welcome them with open arms. Doing nothing does not mean that one is not complicit in the crime. In fact, it can be readily viewed as aiding and abetting it. If the UN had ANY semblance of a spine, it would issue a warning to the US: Should you engage in major violations of international law and/or crimes against humanity, the UN will take appropriate actions- including but not limited to economic sanctions and even the use of NATO troops to aid in the defense of Iran from an illegal agression.

I know, I now. Wishful- no delusional- thinking. :frowning:



Call us out when you read something you disagree with.



Will The Killer Clown again be presented as “presidential” by a corpress that never met an imperial provocation it didn’t like?


Ha! I have a bum hip killing me at the moment (bursitis from the damn gardening) and spouse and I, besides workIng , are caring for our now year old grandson( as his parents are having fits teaching from home and my spouse is a softie touch for babies), and then with the Trump show nonsense I am, maybe, possibly, just a ghost of a tad more easily irascible than usual…
Frankly PonyBoy, I rarely disagree with you on most things and even on those I do , I, from reading you regularly, tend to have a good picture of where you are coming from and it doesn’t raise my blood pressure so much! Can’t say that with a small minority of the other folks around here posting what I see as just total crap…
… I should probably keep my mouth shut more often right now as I am sick in general of trying to explain things to people who seem irrational to me and I just really wanna smack ‘em at this point!


Shantiananda, I had the same feelings re a faux event right before the election. These criminals are transparent if nothing else.


Daniel 8 speaks of a pathological lying narcissist who goes to war with Persia/Iran, which is set to occur during the end times.

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Hi drosera;
LOL and Amazon might not be the world’s richest after that. : )

Perhaps this is worth a look. Prophet Daniel recorded this vision of an impudent, liar, treacherous leader, and it made him “weak and ill for days.” He was “appalled at this vision.”
Actually I can relate to Daniel, as this describes the orange leader and my understanding of him.