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Is Mike Pompeo Preparing an October Surprise?

US has veto power. Nothing can be done.


I’ve found it best not to hold onto to any ill feelings towards anyone. Creates too much anxiety and stress.

Although, being stuck living in the time of “The Curse of Trump” this sometimes is easier said than done.

Us seniors must reduce our stress to avoid exacerbating any harmful medical conditions.

Being a softie sounds nice.


If their plan is a ground war, they will (get their asses kicked).

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I actually don’t expect an “October surprise”. Instead I see Trump being preoccupied with his own coup of the U.S. government when he loses the election. The election after all is a bigger deal than attacking yet another career bogeyman like the Ayatollah of Iran or Mr. Kim of NK. Besides, Trump knows that another war is exactly what the Democrats are preparing for even though Wall Street won’t give anyone the green light yet.

I hope and pray you are wrong, although it’s both scary and depressing at
the number of people who "drink the Kool Aide " of Trump and his henchmen.

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Good advice PonyBoy. I am 64 and you are right about stress - it shows up in our bodies worse with each passing year with a round robin of aches and pains. And worse.
I’m actually not much of a grudge holder either. I tend to cool off and wipe the slate pretty quick but maybe not quite as quick these days.
I have been on CD less lately which is probably smart. We are taking the grandson to the animal shelter with us for our vol shift this afternoon which is always perspective inducing …


It appears that the actions of one arrogant and impudent person are a violation of basic law.

The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) of 2015 was negotiated and resolved with US, Iran, China, France, Russia, UK, Germany, and the European Union. The agreement was working. That one person can arbitrarily decide to break this deal makes no sense.

Trump treats the Constitution almost as badly as he treats JCPOA.

$750 Billion Military Spend: US-Taxpayer funded & Approved… well what else are you going to use these weapons for America! You make, You use em, right?.. Time to shut down this spend…

From:… “The Upheaval New Message”…searchable.
Nations are investing heavily in their military establishments. But U cannot use these weapons in the future, for they will destroy the essential resources & ppl, genocide. U cannot destroy cities, for U will not have the resources to rebuild them. A fool’s pursuit. It has no wisdom for the future. Another world war would really be the end; even regional wars are not w/o great cost…human suffering, deprivation, death.”-

Your grandson will love that, and I bet you will too.

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I agree. There is anecdotal evidence that Trump wanted to use nukes, but was stopped by General Mattis, true or not, Trump’s fingers on the nuclear trigger…SCARES THE HELL OUR OF ME! " What good are nukes if we do not use them" . der Fuehrer.

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Lindaann: Yes.

HRC was calling for a no-fly zone over Syria. Enforced, I presume by US and/or NATO air power. Since Assad might still be laboring under the delusion that Syria’s air space was Syria’s domain and not that of the US, and since Russia was assisting Syria’s Air Force at his request, what would happen when Assad called Putin and asked for a joint mission against a major ISIL enclave? Would Putin’s response be, “Jeez, Bashar, I’d really like to help you, but gosharootie and gee whillikers, HILLARY WON’T LET ME”? Resulting in Putin being impeached and instantly becoming a global laughingstock? Or would his response be something like, “Listen Hillary, you have no standing in Syria and the Russian air force will stand by our ally whether you like it or not. And if you try to enforce a no-fly zone against us ---- well, don’t, that’s all. Just don’t.”? And what would Hillary do then?

You say she would have gotten us into a war. That just might have been the war to end all wars. So all the things you curse Trump for being true, we still might be better off with him. At least until October if this article is right.

“Iran has a history of assassinations on foreign soil…”

Forgive me for being behind the curve on this one, but I’m not familiar. Who have they assassinated…?


The fascist criminality of the Amurkan regime is beyond belief. Orange Rump sewing chaos on every side, Billy the Frog Barr ready with “sedition” charges for protesters, and a Bible-and-Zion-humping apocal-ape for S of State Pompeus Maximus—yes, it seems that the nazis who really run Amurka have all their ducks in a row for a November declaration of imperial martial law. Like Hitler, Rump will make Iran serve as his Reichstag moment and preside over a “national emergency” for how long? 12 years like Hitler—or 1,000 years of plaguey darkness like the Christians who took over Rome? Better get yo ass ready for it, friends.

Well, actually, the USA has a very dirty very ugly and completely verified history of assassinations on foreign soil, and coups, and false flag attacks, and the best thing is that the US rulers can label them something else…collateral damage is always good as is whining loudly that it can do anything it wants because it is the shining city on the hill that can do no wrong because we are exceptional and besides all that WE have the power and you don’t being the last military superpower in the world (that is going freaking bankrupt on military spending) so nya nya nya!

The only people that become leaders are Sociopaths in this country it seems.



And, the American voter to the tune of 95% of those that register their votes each and every election choose one or the other Corporate Warmongering Political Parties.

American voters choose to support the sociopaths that are presented.

Pretty sad, huh Seal?

Beyond SAD, PonyBoy. I actually don’t have the word for how it makes me feel.

You might ‘enjoy’ reading this one:

No One is “Mentally Fit” to be President


But this one is definitely in the SAD zone:

2020 is a Warning That Our Civilization is Beginning to Fall Apart

Some Ages Have World Wars. Others Have Moonshots. Our Great Challenge is Preventing the Collapse of Civilization.


I read the 2nd this morning and…it sure hit a lot of targets in my heart…


Trump wipes his political ass with the Constitution.

Here you go, it’s not pretty.Though not totally up to date you’ll get the trend. ~https://williamblum.org/essays/read/overthrowing-other-peoples-governments-the-master-list

Attacking Iran may serve the interests of Israel (Iran supports the Palestinians) and Saudi Arabia (Saudis are Sunni: Iranians, Shea), and taking control of their oil could be useful and profitable, but otherwise how does it serve the interests of the US?

Haven’t we done enough damage to the Middle East and created enough terrorists for no fuck’n good reason?

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