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Is Mitch McConnell Blocking State Aid to Enrich Vulture Funds and Bolster Corporate Control of the Economy?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/26/mitch-mcconnell-blocking-state-aid-enrich-vulture-funds-and-bolster-corporate


Moscow Mitch “waiting to see the effects of the first CARES package” means doing nothing for the 99% for at least another month when you consider that 40 million Americans are just now getting their $1200 stimulus after having to wait for tens of thousands of dead American to get theirs back in April.

Just like the $300 2009 stimulus, warrants and checks to the dead note “deceased”, so its more of a slap in the face to the living poor than a mistake.


I grew up watching the Sunday morning news “analysis” shows and very slowly learned that the right side of the aisle had no fucking clue about real economics. They trusted myths and followed their guts and denied the realities of suffering of the people on the streets. I grew to trust my gut and every time I have seen rapid development and too many new cars on the street because of easy monetary policy I know to expect a crash. My opinion holds no weight beyond keeping my own house in order, that for which I am at least thankful. The Republicans and the corporate Democrats who mimic them sin against the People at damn near every turn and need to be keel-hauled in the Potomac. "This land is your land…



Moscow Mitch continues buying time that he uses to channel more funds to Moscow Martha and his cronies.

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Face it Americans - unless you are one of McTraitor’s pimps - he could care less about you! Hopefully by now even Kentuckians realize that “their boy Mitch” doesn’t give a dang about them and will vote him out come November! This is the whole plan - to force Americans into working for low wages, to force states to further dessimate their workforces along with any social safety nets.

Don’t let bigotry keep you voting against your own economic interest.


I’d welcome McConnell to a 6x9 jail cell close to where he lives in Kentucky.

So perhaps his wife could come to visit him once in a while.


All the while reading this article I thought of Naomi Klein’s book “Disaster Capitalism: Shock Doctrine” that I read 15 years ago pertuated by the Milton Friedman and boys from Chicago. First they started in South America and then on to Eastern Europe and now have reached the shores of America. Create a crisis or never let a natural crisis go without letting vulture capitalists more on the weakened.

These oligarchs want it all and the last article that I shared earlier where a el trumpo cabinent member referred to workers as “stock”. In our face Americans, they don’t care anymore as long as they can drive home their dysfunction and it is not just republicans, Clinton, Larry Summers, Biden, Obama and corporate dems are with them all the way but they hide it,.


that’s kinda what austerity does, isn’t it?

transfer from the public to the private.

there’s a fierce competition between the two approved parties as to who gets to hold on to Wall St’s garter belt.

Everything else is incidental to that one overriding political imperative.

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