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Is MSNBC Now the Most Dangerous Warmonger Network?

Is MSNBC Now the Most Dangerous Warmonger Network?

Norman Solomon

The evidence is damning. And the silence underscores the arrogance.

More than seven weeks after a devastating report from the media watch group FAIR, top executives and prime-time anchors at MSNBC still refuse to discuss how the network’s obsession with Russia has thrown minimal journalistic standards out the window.

FAIR’s study, “MSNBC Ignores Catastrophic U.S.-Backed War in Yemen,” documented a picture of extreme journalistic malfeasance at MSNBC:


As I said in another post, I have always wondered about Maddow’s weird militaristic views. Then you have “tweety”, Andrea Mitchell (wife of Ayn Rand adoring Allen Greenspan) and all liberals are swooning over MSNBC. We should be screaming at our cable/satellite providers for stations like LINK & FSTV.


MSNBC and Maddow are just establishment Democrat cheerleaders - essentially the propaganda arm of the DNC. I avoid them like I avoid Fox.


Many of my friends who consider themselves liberal have bought the entire MSNBC line on Trump/Russia and this suggests to me how effective this propaganda has become. Few seem even to be aware of the US- sponsored massacres in Yemen and Syria. Climate change is ever-worsening but that too is ignored by the supposedly most enlightened voices on cable news, Hayes and Maddow. The odd thing is that intelligent people of my acquaintance can follow this line so closely without ever stopping to consider that even if somehow Trump goes, the result would be an even worse President Pence - but then again, MSNBC never raises this point either.

However, there are very few reasonable voices in media or internet offering an alternative to MSNBC. CD Is a good forum but shaky financially, as we should all recognize. Daily Kos is an echo chamber for MSNBC dupes. Firedoglake which offered something similar to D Kos but more genuine went bust. Counterpunch and Consortium News hew a little too closely to a pro-Putin line and thus lose credibility for me. Democracy Now with the great Amy Goodman remains reliable but also needs support. Am I missing any?


Not by a long shot. My, my how the Blow Dog Dims want to crush progressives.

Follow the money. The establishment resents the fact that Russia has energy stocks that it can provide to Europe for less money than it can. Does this get discussed in M$M? I doubt it, but I don’t watch, so what do I know about the “official” messaging complex. So much of geopolitics is based upon the control of energy stocks (including pipelines, of course) that it should be–but will never be–headline news. On to the next 24/7 distraction…


MSDNC is a waste of time. If you bother watching, I question your commitment to progress.


Where has your INTELLIGENCE gone, Soloman? This is just personal resentment of a “news reader” who’s actually gotten access to lots of good stuff from trusted sources, and she’s sharing it.

Putin’s Russia has one principal objective: Replace the U.S.A. as a world leader, but without an ethos that even HINTS at benefits for the governed. Their arch-enemy is the U.S.A., and anything they can do to weaken it (e.g., electing their eager supplicant, Trump) is a win in their book. If you can’t understand that, you’ve simply got your head in the sand.

This is how democracies fail: When the people simply “believe” “authority” figures seeking publicity, they are so easily swayed toward their own destruction. Maddow presents facts, with sources for confirmation. That you would try to foster a contrary attitude by making unsubstantiated claims (e.g., “The evidence is damning.”), and cite one irrelevant study from FAIR–arguing for US entry into another war–to alarm readers is not compelling. It serves to demoralize, not inform.


I suggest MSNBC serves a higher master and it not the DNC. This entiy does have three letters as an acronym as well. See operation Mockingbird.


Norman…a voice of sanity in a world that has lost its moorings…or is just voraciously corporate down to its bones. . If people are getting “news” from any corporate run sources…odds are they are viewing propaganda and very slanted info. And for the record: MSNBC is not liberal…it is corporate to its soul. People who dare question the corporate story are dismissed. Ed Schultz, Phil Donahue etc


The United States is not a Democracy, does not support Human rights and as “world leader” has lead the world into conflict and environmental destruction. As “world leader” it has sponsored dictators and thugs the world over, sponsored coups and mass murder and overthrew Democracies in foreign Countries in order to replace their elected rulers with puppets. MSNBC is merely a propaganda arm of that Empire and those that swallow the swill spewed by MSNBC and other media outlets in the USA are about as “informed” a Public as were the people cheering the invasion of Iraq for its WMDS where these same media outlets used to same language to dismiss the concerns of people critical of the “Facts” being presented by the Media. Flag waving Jingosim is not “facts” and it certainly not journalism.


Russia has also never invaded the USA to kill Americans, something the USA did in Russia in 1920 but then There not too many places the USA has not landed its troops or launched its bombers or used its proxies to kill people in.


The Smirking Chimp.

I was going along with you till this line.

How’s THAT Kool-Aid taste bro?


How’s the weather at Langely today, bro?


Devilishly clever of Putin to allow the USA to hack the 1996 Russian election, to encircle Russia with nuclear missiles, and to orchestrate a coup in Ukraine, Russia’s doorstep…all so as to provide a brilliant pretext for Russia to spend a couple million on Facebook ads! Pure diabolical genius!


Excellent piece; thank you.


A confused Russian bot!

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Are you kidding?

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By repeating this meme over and over again, I believe true or not, what we have is a red herring that covers up the real attack on Amerika’s so called democracy which is… corporate, propaganda news like MSNBC.