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Is MSNBC Now the Most Dangerous Warmonger Network?

Grow up. Can you argue that what Russia has done is a fraction as much as China? We just heard in the last few days that China spent millions getting Republicans elected in recent years. You want to claim that Israel doesn’t interfere in our democracy more than Russia? Please, do so, and embarrass yourself. Saudi Arabia? Turkey? Wall street, war profiteers, big oil? I could go on. People like you are either paid to spread propaganda or you just don’t know what you’re talking about. If you compare Russia to other countries and interests, it is peanuts. If you can’t see this it is because you don’t want to, and don’t you dare claim to be a person of the left with this nonsense.


I haven’t really watched MSNBC since the election but I think the focus is on Russia to get viewer ratings. Viewers are probably most interested in finding some information that will lead to Trump being thrown out of office this. Trump tends to distract from all other issues. What makes Trump so important is the white nationalist movement behind him which is a large movement and could be growing. This movement has raised questions about what is America as a nation. They believe that Americans must have three things in common. White race, Christianity, and English as the primary language. They do not believe in the conventional view of America of a nation which is based on Americans being people who have nothing in common but a belief in the Constitution and American ideals set forth in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. What is particularly threatening about the white nationalist movement is that is it authoritarian rather than democratic. I am sure MSNBC would not be focusing so much on Russia if there was not this extreme threat of fascism in the US. Most Democrats are probably worried that this is like Germany in the 1930s and find it hard to concentrate on important matters like the war in Yemen with this threat going on. We now no it can happen here and that has changed everything.

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Not an issue. Sorry. The US government creates its own currency. It is in fact the only institution that can. A government that can create its own currency doesn’t need to borrow a currency it alone can create. Even in regards to foreign debt, we pay our foreign debt now in dollars, not gold. Public debt and taxes are a means of taking money out of the economy, and people as left wing as Greenspan and Bernanke have said as much. A few years ago, Paul Ryan was trying to get Greenspan to say that Social Security was insolvent and he tried to get him to say that the US government couldn’t afford its Social Security payments. Greenspan, to his credit, told Ryan that it was a non-issue, since the government could create money whenever it wanted to. Bernanke has said the same thing in interviews. As progressives (I assume), we have to keep this in mind.

Also, Germany’s economy collapsed because of external debt, which Keynes warned about. It’s post-WWII economy only recovered thanks to a massive debt forgiveness. Ironic, given what they’ve done to Greece.


When was the last time Rachel even spoke the words “Climate Change” ?


MSNBC is owned by GE, & GE makes missiles. MSNBC beats the war drums, & GE reaps the profits. Democratic Business As Usual. Say hi to everybody at Langely for me, bro!


Rachel can’t do anything about what you cite at the top. Neither can you or I. So what?

Saudi Arabia pounding on Yemen is a story for Democracy Now, Free Speech TV or Link. MSNBC watchers would soon turn the channel if they spent hardly anytime on that story. Full disclosure, I would likely turn the channel also. That said, all the endless Trump drivel is so maddingly depressing that I increasingly choose movies or music. But, to tackle the Russia angle, the whole Russia/Trump tango is obviously a major story that has yet to truly unfold.


Close but no cigar…
The USA, Inc currency (dollars) as the default on the world stage is being challenged; by the BRICKs.
That is the Bank$ter driven background music for all the rest of the global sh!t show.
Yeah, its getting pretty darn loud.


Name one MSM station we can trust.

Direct Democracy

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Doesn’t it depend on how paranoid one is?


Default currency does not mean crap.

This is very cute ! Huffpost main page talks about Syria bombed by Assaf and Russia . Putin goes all into Korean dictator impersonation with cartoons of new rockets . But MSNBC is the most dangerous


Read the title: most dangerous network.

Much vaunted “holocaust”…not in any anti-sem way, of course. And ain’t it curious about these one quarter jews. eh?

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You are oh so right. Cable networks are driving force of chaos in a presidency so corrupt, dangerous, and a threat to our democracy. Trump is the ultimate billionaire blowhard who SPEAKs for the billionaires. The Con Man conned the people of this country into believing HE was their hero. They bouht the Reality show and we are stuck with a man proven to allow his anger to STRIKE out…when he went public on the trade war NO one in the government knew about it. HE is creating a Trade war, which will escalate into a hot war. Wake up people stop being sucker for either party. We need many parties represents us…like in other developed nations. the Two Party billionaire party members do not represent we the people…vote em out.

The most dangerous networks are: Fox, One America, and Newsmax. All talk radio, Breitbart, Rush, et al…add your favorites.


Remember Russia gave $30 Million to the NRA to work for Trump. Where is all that "inaugural money? How has Trump helped the VETS…remember them? Its time to move on the 25th.

Who is talking about Yemen? It’s very hard to get such news, and it does just kind of go on. TV requires a developing story.

“And continually piling up the dry tinder of hostility toward Russia boosts the odds of a cataclysmic blowup between the world’s two nuclear superpowers.”

We are already in a war with Russia, and so far, they are kicking our asses. The Russians have conducted and continue to conduct a very successful cyberwar against the United States and we continue to do absolutely nothing about it as our president would rather not admit what is going on since it would cast further doubt about the legitimacy of his presidency. There is a reason why Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes have become so popular, and it is because they are providing a valuable service in exposing the rot that has taken over our government. While I feel for the people of Yemen, at the moment our government is in a severe crisis that it may not survive, so that is what has my focus and I am very grateful to these two warriors for exposing the truth. And, unlike Fox News, they deal in facts which the American people need to know in order to be informed. War mongers, indeed! These two are national heroes. Can’t say I know anything about this author, but based on this article, it sounds like he is a Republican with an agenda to change the subject to heat off of what is passing for our government these days.


You know what? FAIR doesn’t have an entry in its own topic index for Yemen. That means I can’t compare whether they’ve counted any other media outlet’s coverage. And anyway, isn’t one of MSNBC’s slogans “The place for politics”? They’re not general news unless there’s something breaking, like a school shooting. And in those times, I’m beyond tired of their speculating “experts.” But then I have the power to look away.