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Is No Place Safe? Climate Change Denialists Seek to Sway Science Teachers


Is No Place Safe? Climate Change Denialists Seek to Sway Science Teachers

Ann Reid, Glenn Branch

A few weeks ago, science teachers across the country began to find strange packets in their school mailboxes, containing a booklet entitled “Why Scientists Disagree About Global Warming” (sic), a DVD, and a cover letter urging them to “read this remarkable book and view the video, and then use them in your classroom.”


What is so strange is that these denialists can see the scientific evidence themselves, yet they persist in refusing to deal with it. Do you think that the Heartland Institute people still think tobacco is harmless to this day? It is that or they are just so cynical as to be malevolent! Hard to see which?


Unfortunatly the Heartland Institute is a front-group with big pocketed benefactors. When you follow the money you will understand their purpose: which is to deny what is happening to the planet because of human activity so they can exploit, and continue their poisonous business-as -usual activities. To do that they must de-educate the masses. Be very afraid if Betsy DeVos makes it mandatory for the public schools to use. It is time to call out the Heartland Institute as irrelevant and deny them. (perhaps something like #who is heartland institute?)


These books will make excellent reading and discussion material for the lessons on recognizing propaganda and the various logical-rhetorical fallacies...


These scum will not rest until Miami Beach is permanently under water.

And most of them don't even know that they're doing it for corporate profit.


They are paid very well to tell their lies. I call the ones with degrees, usually not in climate studies, academic whores, bought and paid for by the fossil fuel energy industry.


The first thing teachers should do is toss these worthless publications in the nearest recycling bin. It's evil propaganda bought and paid for the fossil fuel energy industry to confuse and allow them to destroy Earth on which we all depend for life. These climate resistance specialists are the most despicable form of life destroying capitalists hell bent on human extinction with profit the only consideration. Their grandchildren will wonder why their rich relatives did nothing to allow them to live on a living Earth as they watch it go down in flames, only to have pictures of what they destroyed in their hubris and greed.


Watch Miami Vice, CSI Miami, or Burn Notice, to remember how Miami was before the great melting that's occurring now.


Prophetic words. Like those travelogue films on TV in the 50's showing south seas coral reefs teeming with life and brilliant with color. Many of those same reefs now bleached and endangered. We will have all these nature shows that are endlessly popular showing everything from elephants and rhinos to rare birds and little known species living in areas now clear cut and subject to palm oil plantation type farming.

In the future we will see what we have lost ...until we change technology like from analog to digital and everybody got rid of their LPs in favor of tapes... in favor of CDs...in favor of DVDs...in favor of downloading into the cloud ...until...

In the future who will even remember that we have forgotten? Seen any silent movies lately?


Get this: The climate deniers somehow associate that with being anti abortion. They are NUTS!


I guess they "forgot" they also live on Earth. Unless, they have a spaceship fueled up and ready to go --where???? And they call themselves pro life!!!!


You know how SPLC's Morris Dees traveled with a "reformed" skinhead who spoke to audiences about his regret for having been a skinhead, about how he and others got drafted and swallowed the party line, and about what morphed in him to make him realize that he was wrong and needed to correct the record or make amends? That strategy would help, maybe, in communicating to the ignorant masses or sheeple about the truth behind the the deniers and organizations like the Heartland snakes. Reneging scientists can bolster the science teachers, school board members, state commissioners of education, et al. to resist the lying whores.


True! Critical thinking required. :O)


i know. it's beautiful (even if CSI Miami uses a lot of filters). And you can see how close to the land the sea was even back then.


They're pro-life, until you're born. I don't let them take that from me. I call myself pro-life and explain why.


The problem is that CSI Miami is shot in Los Angeles. My wife lived in Miami and points out that the scenery is not Miami scenery. The other two shows though are shot in Miami. So they will be great before and after shots.


I think they expect their money to be able to protect themselves from the worst of it. As resources grow scarce, they will have the money to be able to buy. Plus as their homes are flooded by a rising sea, they will have the government pay for the loss.
Out of all of us, they will have the least to lose.
There are an estimated 40 TRILLION $ of oil to be extracted yet. Maybe about the same of natural gas. And coal has perhaps double that amount of both. That is why they fight so hard to be able to keep on mining and drilling, that's a lot of money to give up on for what will amount to mere inconveniences to them.


Our challenge, Olhippy, is to get these messages and opinions to the Trumpers who really need them.

Got any ideas how?


Bingo! We have a winner!


All the money in the world does not protect someone from possibly dying in a natural disaster.