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Is Paul Ryan's Dream of Gutting Medicare About to Come True?


Is Paul Ryan's Dream of Gutting Medicare About to Come True?

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Is Paul Ryan's years-long dream of gutting Medicare about to come true?


There is nothing that comes from a republican's mouth that is not a lie. Euphemism indeed. When a republican finally comes out and says that all I want to do is take more of your money, then I'll start to believe that perhaps there is one honest republican.


I expect this is only the first of many over-reaches the Republicans are about to embark upon. As someone who is about to start receiving Medicare I am, of course, somewhat concerned about this. At the same time, on a few previous occasions, politicians have talked about f*cking with Medicare or Social Security and they have quickly felt the wrath of the senior population. I expect the same will happen here, but I'm not so naive as to not be concerned about it.

The irony is, of course, that the Republicans rely heavily on the senior population for their support. Perhaps their mission is to finally offend every constituency they could have ever hoped to have. If seniors turn on Ryan for this move, it could do serious harm to the Rs for a long time to come -- maybe forever (one can only hope!). As my peers, Boomers, enter the "senior" population, I'm not so sure they are going to reliably right-leaning as the Rs have become accustom so assuming. Let's hope not.


I'm with you on the first two sentences; I'm not sure I can ever get there on the last.


Paul Ryan with plenty of 'help' from the Koch boyz is a continuing horror show.
His lies about Medicare will be met with millions of boomers calling his stinky shite out.
Wonk my azz!


Well, yes, this has been the agenda of both parties for years. You need to know a little about the "safety net" programs to understand.

The Great Society agenda of the 1960s merely built onto the New Deal. What came to be called AFDC was actually first included in FDR's Social Security Act. Now, the Reagan Dems of the 1980s moved to the right, merging with the Clinton wing in the 1990s, and the Clinton wing ended actual welfare. (Only Bill Clinton could have done this without inciting a backlash from liberals.) Note that Social Security provides retirement, disability, and survivors' benefits. Along with ending welfare, Clinton took the first steps to "reform" Social Security out of existence, targeting the disabled for deep cuts. The public response?

As our attention began turning to the elections, Dems in Congress made a clear statement of their priorities and goals, voting to virtually end food stamps to the elderly poor and the disabled -- cut from $115 to $10. Yet again, the overall public showed that they are fine with dismantling the safety net.


Things have changed. Most voting choices come down to economic policies, and older people are split by class. Many of us who are over 60 have been alarmed by how far to the right liberals have drifted since the 1990s, especially on critically important economic issues.

"Back in the day," people would have said you were crazy if you said that liberals of the 21st Century would call on us to Stand in Solidarity -- to maintain the status quo of the bourgeoisie! That's what young, middle class liberals have been doing since the 1990s.

A good chunk of my (older) generation opposed both Trump and Clinton, for many of the same reasons.


What is getting lost - what was a blip on the radar screen was Obama's "catfood commission" and his "Grand Bargain" to gut SS/Medicare - a Rep wet dream that the Rep themselves deep sixed because they had decided to nix ANYTHING O proposed - they could have had a lot of what they wanted, what they are proposing now, some years ago - but it would have been "O's proposal" and not their own,. So the Reps "saved" SS/Med some years ago. What is also forgotten is that B Clinton wanted to sock it to SS/Medicare as well - then along came Monica and he had to back off because he couldn't afford to alienate his "base" at that time. So SS/Med was "saved" in the 90's by a Blue Dress ... And this time it has been revealed that H Clinton likewise had SS/Med "reform" on her agenda -

This is so whacko - you can't make this stuff up (smile)

It will up to the Dems in Congress to "deep-six" it this time - are they up to it?


"Baker similarly argues it should be used as a 'pressure point' and that '[w]e have to do our best to make everyone know that this is the Republican agenda.' "

Yoo-hoo, Dean - "reforming" SS/Med has been on the agenda of BOTH parties for some time now ...


Ryan is playing with fire.

You see those anti-trump protests? You ain't seen nothing yet, if you fool around with Medicare and Social Security.

Hillary was making the same kind of noise and we got rid of her.


► If Ryan is smart he'll set it up so current recipients stay with Medicare and upcoming age groups get vouchers

It could be an easy sell.


Absolutely. This would be in perfect keeping with the "I got mine," philosophy that the libertarian/Rand faction so loves.


If the GOP succeeds in all its policies we are guaranteed to have another depression. They are talking about going on another deregulation spree and eliminating Dodd-Frank. Medicare is just fine, it will go broke if we allow it to go broke. The military would also go broke if we starved it of funds. These GOP pigs should rot in hell for several eternities, if that were possible. They really want to kill off Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and the ACA. They may succeed since they control everything. I wonder when the Trumpsvilles will start popping up. Geezus, will it take another frikking depression and massive suffering before we get a true FDR progressive in the White House?


The Democrats are out of power and shattered. They are in the minority and have very little clout.


Medicare is GREAT! I love when I get letters from medicare that show how much was billed (ie: $ 1200 for a PET scan, which is NOT for pets) then how much medicare paid (PET scan $450.00) and how much I owe ($98.00). Same with drugs. Medicare for all is the only way to reign in out of control health care costs!


They really need to combat the fraud that is in the medicare system. I have experience fraud twice not once. I had a urinalysis done. That cost medicare $7115.00. Yep this really happened.It was no mistake. When I called medicare they had no clue. I asked where were the red flags for this charge. I filed complaint. Cannot afford the prescription coverage. I think if they would just clean up the fraud it would be better.


Yes, you can make this stuff up. Whacko.


People do go to prison for Medicare fraud. Insurance company execs don't.


63,000,000. I'm with them.