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Is Pence as Unfit for Office as Trump?


Is Pence as Unfit for Office as Trump?

Mike Lofgren

In the last two years, the press has spilled a Niagara of ink to describe President Donald Trump’s lies, flipflops, personal weirdness, and sheer unsuitability for office. As for Vice President Michael Richard Pence, despite his hectoring insistence on being the chosen instrument of the Almighty, many observers have resignedly noted that at least he has had the relevant experience in state and federal government his boss lacks, and remains (if barely) within the spectrum of behaviors of the typical American officeholder.



As a dominionist, Pence is a Gawd-awful choice for the “world’s most powerful person”.

If I were the praying type I would pray that Mueller could start the process by which to simultaneously eject Trump and Pence from the White House and Number One Observatory Circle, respectively. The sooner the better.



Thank you for an outstanding essay. One thing I’d add is how Mr. Pence was “selected” to be Trump’s running mate by Paul Manafort, the oligarch’s friend.



Plus Pence wants women to go to jail for even using birth control, and he apparently was involved in a property scandal in Indiana. Isn’t that nice- a whole bunch of corrupt clowns.



I continue to wonder if the Trump/Pence election doesn’t have more to it, beneath what we know on the surface. There is something. My spidy sense tells me so, and it’s usually pretty accurate. History may be our only answer on this one.



Lets stop playing games, Pence is a parrot, he has no functioning cognitive ability on his own. Of coarse he’s unfit for office, he was unfit for the governor position he held before. But that’s the point, the reason he was picked, to give the people pause, before removing Trump, a move the powers that be, knew would come up in a Trump Presidency.
Leave it to a former congressional staff member to keep the “good” lie going, like ISSI isn’t the invention of the US and Israel, BS. It’s well past time for the people of the US to wake the hell up. Ever wonder why you only see pictures of ISSI driving Toyota trucks, and think if we could just get Toyota to stop selling them to them the ME would be better off? A couple of years ago a reporter did (I have no idea where the link is), so he called Toyota and asked why do you keep selling our enemies these vehicles, he was told they didn’t sell them to ISSI, they sold them to the US State Department. Since I don’t have a link for the above, I leave you this one…



Statements of fact based on faith don’t deserve respect whether Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, etc., (ISIS shit included). They are enemies of truth and its discovery. They are by nature unfounded trope, singed with fraud. How much horror such bullshit has wrought! It’s time to move beyond just tolerance and respect for the other’s bullshit and wake up to the maturity of critical thought, to reject the whole kit and caboodle of childish faith-based beliefs per se. It’s time to grow-up and face reality to the best that our critical faculties will allow us to see that reality. Pence is an anachronistic nut better suited to the Middle Ages or serving in a Mayan temple sacrificing others to the Gods.



Pence ISisis. I see little that separates him from the Muslim Fundamentalists outside the color of his skin and his being “Made in America”. Even his being “Made in America” as a differentiator in question given the evidence that ISIS was likely made there as well.



Don’s entire “administration” must be removed (as if that will ever happen). But even with the life-threatening and sadistic behavior of these people, Congress and the Courts just sit and watch. They are not much better than Don and his wrecking crew.



The story goes that when Pence was in Indiana, he and his brother owned a chain of gas stations/convenience stores called “Country Roads.” When they bailed out of that, they left quite a few locations in need of remediation, i.e., the soil beneath the gas stations was (or remains) toxic.
Did the hyper-religious “vp” do anything about that? Cue the right-wing motto: “Privatize the profits, socialize the losses.”



That’s why we need to educate and stay involved- write about this to others ( more than CD).



Pence was also selected in order to gain the white Religious Right fundamentalists. He wants the U.S> to be led & dominated by white fundamentalist “Christians” (w/a few right-wing Jews) and that ANYONE who does NOT adhere to their brand of “Christianity” --most obviously LGBT people, women, Muslims, people of other religions, and non-believers–will have FEWER rights than “God’s Elected” do. He’s as dangerous as Trump–maybe even slightly MORE dangerous, since he has a dangerous ideology he wants to fulfill.



Lydia, you took the words out of my mouth! Thx for posting that. Many of my friends and family want Dump impeached, as do so many of the organizations glutting my inbox. I absolutely don’t want Dump taken out unless Dense goes down with him. He terrifies me for the very reasons you state.

I don’t know a lot about the nexus between the fascists taking over our country and the Christian Dominionists, but it’s a good idea to start researching…like there’s not enough already.

And now our continually benighted SC… I wish Kristin Beck would confront Dump on the golf course…while lots of cameras are running… ok, with drunken Brett and robotic Neil there, too.



If not by chance, you have to give Trump credit for covering his ass. Who would rush to impeach him and get this bobblehead instead?



The very fact that Trump(Da-Shithead) picked him for VP makes Pence unfit for office, he, just like all of Trump’s picks are morons,imbeciles,criminals.opportunistic crooks,grifters,cons,religious zealots. All these assholes are keepers of the lies. They are all unfit to serve us in government. These moronic assholes think government is here to serve them.

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Beside freedom of religion, there is also the guarantee of freedom from religion! We have allowed the subversion of our nation/republic by “religious” bigots and proselytizers of one faith or another to satisfy political extremists and opportunists using “religion” as a bludgeon on all “unbelievers” and political/social activity, The subversion of our republic/nation by primarily one “religious” group, directly linked and funded/supported by a foreign power that has overtly infiltrated and manipulated our electoral processes to their own racist expansionist agenda! A treason by any definition!

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Answer: Yes, he is as unfit for Office as Trump! But, fear not, he has Jesus on his side.