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Is Pete Buttigieg Just a Shill for Corporations and the Donor Class?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/22/pete-buttigieg-just-shill-corporations-and-donor-class

Yep. That’s a pository. Ten-four on that one, mate.

Semi-racist mayor of South Bend, Indiana – but wait, he’s gay! That narrative cuts the mustard with some of the moneybags desperate for a Democratic Party outlet, now that Biden is damn near bumping into things all the time, poor soul.

But it’s not totally convincing to others. The same Wasserman mafia of corporate hoods who screwed Bernie out of the nomination last time are getting very worried. Despite holding all the money, all the levers, all the microphones, that goddam socialist keeps getting plenty of funding from ordinary folks, and holding the biggest rallies around. This is real, and it’s getting very scary for the plutocrats. Some of them are “Buttigieg? Ya gotta be kidding” and scrambling for someone from Bain capital or the predatory genius of stop&frisk, anyone. Even the one with the rightward-arrow logo is testing the waters, still gingerly…

On TV, the scumdits adjust their collars and pretend to be concerned about whether Sanders could beat Trump. They’re concerned alright: shitting a brick because Bernie Sanders (not that other one) is on track to become elected President of the United States this year. This is real.

The views of Miles Mogulescu, on the other hand, strike me as infantile – in the sense that Mogulescu is apparently not equal to the challenge of confronting the world as it is, assuming actual solidarity with we oppressed, resigning from the ranks of M$MBS oppressors. It would be good for CommonDreams to find more grown-up columnists. (The immaterial pledge to vote Democrat no-matter-what, even having the poor taste to conclude with such bilge. It’s a dead giveaway, Miles, my friend! You’ve miles to go.)


Pete is so symptomatic of what is wrong about our system. I have come to cringe anymore when I see his face or hear him speak. So evil without intending to be–just greedy for power.


OK Bernie - take of the gloves - they hate you already so go for evisceration in the next debate. Point out the flip flop and the money trail and point out he is just another man betraying public trust for personal gain.


The corp democrats should understand they have to walk away. The line now if you don’t vote Biden or some such crap then you helped Trump — NO NO those who support corporate democrats bring us Trump.


All I hear about from the d-party pragmatists is “electability.”

Now, do they really think Trump wouldn’t mop the floor with Mayo Pete?


There’s more to it than that Buttigieg is a McKinsey robot who’s been prepared for this role for years. He was a targeter for teams of stone cold killers in Afghanistan.

In 2014, during his first term as mayor, Buttigieg was deployed to Afghanistan, where he was a member of the Afghan Threat Finance Cell, a counter-terrorism group established in 2008 by then-commanding General David Petraeus. Through his work in this task force, Buttigieg was involved in activities that placed individuals on the US military’s “kill or capture list,” targeting these opponents of the US occupation for assassination or extraordinary rendition to a CIA black site.


What good does it do to replace Trump if you don’t get at the rot at the core of the democratic party, which Mayo Pete is clearly a part of. You ended your article stating that you’ll vote blue no matter who. That won’t get it done. Michael Brooks calls him a “generation defining ideological danger”.


The only candidate on that stage pointing out the rot in the Democratic Party was Tulsi and she is being eviscerated for it on a lot of so called progressive websites. The one thing keeping me from supporting Bernie is his total lack of defense of someone who sacrificed her position in the Democratic Party in 2016 to support him. Unless he fights against the DNC forcing Stacey Abrams as his VP and chooses Tulsi, I’ll be voting Green or Socialist Equality Party. I cannot forgive his cowardice in this matter.


Unlike Biden, Buttigieg has a huge problem with needed support from black voters and without a strong voter turnout in the black community, no Democrat is going to beat Trump. The donor class may love Buttigieg, but the Dem establishment will stick with Biden until someone solves this one. Buttigieg may be the darling of Dems in Iowa, but wait till he gets to South Carolina.


In regards to Buttigieg, it’s helpful to understand the term Homonationailsm, since he is the most prominent example right now.


Once you know this term, you will understand his deal.

Also, google ‘Identification with the Oppressor.’

Also, google, ‘Trojan Horse.’

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Most all the candidates are status quo in one way or another. But I’ll vote fore any of them before I vote for Trump. He’s a known criminal.

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“Why has Buttigieg flipped from being a putative progressive to being perhaps the most conservative, pro-corporate Democrat remaining in the field? A good place to start would be to follow the money.”

He is just coming home to where he has always been outside of his rhetoric.


“(While I support Medicare for All, there’s at least a principled argument that it’s not achievable right away and that a slower approach meant to move towards Medicare for All in the medium range is more politically practical.) But Buttigieg has started parroting Republican talking points opposing Medicare for All on principle because it takes away people’s “free choice” to choose private insurance.”

Incrementalism is a Neoliberal talking point and is the same parroting the Insurance Cartel talking points. It is not better than “free choice” both are industry and thus GOP talking points.


Unbelievable. Miles can write an article like this, among other things stating the fact that Trump is the only candidate that has more insurance industry donors than Pete, then end the article by pledging to vote for the corporatists if nominated. It defies logic. Good luck living with the cognitive dissonance.


sigh—where do these candidates come from? Buttigieg is just another corporate carbon copy of Obama—but this time the Dems are pushing the white version.

There is no difference! ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!


Or could it be that Mayor Pete is a progressive who correctly understands that the Democratic primary is dominated by two powerful far left progressives (Bernie and Elizabeth) and his only shot and winning the nomination is to move to center left and pick up voters from Warren, who see her as too liberal, or Biden, who see him as too old and out of it?

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The answer to the headline is yes, yes, yes.
I would add the corrective that he’s an “identity politics” shill for corporations, donors, and the military-industrial complex, of which he was a proud member and war criminal. He’s an assassin for the Empire and should be prosecuted in The Hague.
Plus, Mayor Peat is an a-hole. Take a look at the vicious look on his face when Tulsi Gabbard dismantled him during the debate.
His act is, “Time for a gay guy in the White House.”


Pete is Obama with a different skin tone. He will get us a few small crumbs but will take a bended knee to Corps on things that really matter to us. Let him be Governor and in Congress for awhile to prove his convictions.


Is Mayor Pete JUST a shill for corporations and the donor class? Certainly not. He is ALSO a shill for the horribly corrupt Democratic Party Establishment, just as he was in 2016, when, as an Indiana superdelegate, he ensured the state’s nomination for Hillary after the voters chose Bernie. This year, superdelegates only get to vote after the first convention ballot IF no candidate has a majority. To guard against the possibility of this “reform” actually democratizing the process, the DNC has packed the 2020 candidate field with the likes of Buttegieg, Harris, Booker, and Klobuchar to serve as role players and block real difference-makers, like Sanders and Gabbard (who could actually defeat Trump in the general election), and clear the way for an “acceptable” nominee like Elizabeth Warren, who is the perfect fit to replay the 2016 debacle and let Trump cruise into a second term.

If this seems counter-productive to Democratic Party interests, think of the party as the defensive unit of the American Empire Team, on which the Republicans, wearing red uniforms rather than blue, play offense. The goal, of course, is to make the game look competitive enough for Americans to keep paying the price of admission (their taxes), and generate increasing profits for the corporate owners (who pay both teams, as well as the managers, the referees, and the announcers) regardless of who eventually gets elected. Pass the poisoned popcorn.