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Is Pete Buttigieg Just a Shill for Corporations and the Donor Class?

There is a HUGE error in the main premise of this article: That Pete is leading in ‘some’ Iowa polls. That ‘fact’ is actually a non-fact. The polls that this premise is based on are propaganda and not an accurate reflection of actual support of voters in Iowa. Some of the remaining propositions of the article are still true regarding Pete, however, and can be said by many of the Democratic candidates for president.

There are very few polls that are reliable these days, and we can be absolutely sure that any poll presented by mainstream media, the very same media owned by a few multi-millionaires and billionaires are absolute hogwash. Treat the polls for what they are: propaganda.

We all have a gut instinct about where the support lies and in what amounts. We can all sense it when we peruse social media or when we go out in the public in our daily lives. There is no place in America where Mr. Buttigieg is leading in the view of the actual voters.

Who is leading? We all know the answer.


Stacy Abrams is supremely unqualified IMO. Like so many of her equally unqualified supporters.


Got reasons? All i know is her work against disenfranchisement and her run for governor. i’ve heard she is not very progressive, but i know nothing specific. What should i know?

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Thanks for asking. Stacy is a creature of, and being groomed by, the DNC. For months, she has been hailed as a “rising star” by the corporate media. In my book, support coming from sources like those raises certain questions. Her rebuttal to the State of the Union was laden with platitudes–emblematic of the lack of courageousness displayed by Obama, his co-blocker Biden, and the current princeling, Pete B and Corey Booker. That’s not good company to be in. Stacy refused to respond to the Vote Smart political courage test when she ran for office. Oops. There’s more. But here’s a takedown from Bruce Dixon over at Black Agenda Report https://blackagendareport.com/how-stupid-do-stacey-abrams-lucy-mcbath-and-most-progressive-democrat-congressional-candidates. If you read it, the picture that emerges is the one that disappoints me. In sum, would probably call her an empty suit, or an opportunist. You can make up your own mind, of course. It’s not always comfortable to be out of step w conventional wisdom, conventional (albeit rather instant) heroes.


I had never planned to vote for him, so this just solidifies that position!

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Hey Web,

Just saw on the news that at an Iowa townhall today (24th) Biden was asked who he would choose as running mate. One was “the woman who should have been elected governor or Georgia.” See what I mean? She’s really tight with the wrong crowd. Thanks for your previous upvote, and do appreciate your requiring me to answer.


The dire ecological crisis we’re facing demands the most radical set of solutions; nothing else has any chance of succeeding at this point. On this issue—the only issue that matters now—all other policies “pose an existential threat to the future of the nation and the world” as do all other current candidates but Bernie Sanders. Even his expressed policies are less than what’s necessary; once elected he’ll have to be convinced to take needed actions and none of the other candidates will ever abandon their corporatism and adjust to reality fast enough to do anything but hinder us.


Total lack seems inaccurate. A quick search yields https://www.cnn.com/2019/10/21/politics/bernie-sanders-tulsi-gabbard-tweet/index.html. I’m not happy at all with Tulsi’s statements on Medicare for All like calling getting rid of private health insurance as “unamerican” - that is a bullshit statement period. And for her to criticize anybody on this before she has her own plan is poor planning to say the least.

Do you have a link that says Bernie is responding to any pressure (or that there is any pressure) for him to choose a particular VP? Like you, @modeforjoe and @webwalk , I’m very skeptical of Stacey Abrams being a true progressive and Bernie has said he would pick a progressive for VP. I don’t think of her is even a possibility but in general, I find most of the VP talk to be getting way ahead of ourselves. I want Bernie to be the nominee and I’m more focused on that (I was for Tulsi earlier until my major M4A disappointments).


Fool me once, DamnocRats, shame on you.  (It worked once - I voted for O’Bummer in 2008).
Fool me twice, DamnocRats, shame on me.  (But not twice - I wrote in “Bernie” in 2012 (and 2016)).


Don’t get this guy, definely corporate shill, and with the gop conspiracies flying all over the place. He looks like Putin/ trump mole.


I was for Tulsi earlier as well, but over time decided she was not yet a “complete” candidate w regard to all the issues and the policy work required to get up to speed on them all. She is young and will grow. Getting this exposure has been good–a trial.

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True, even some evangelicals who profess to hate gays, if they had no other choice, would pick Pete Buttigieg over Bernie!

I think not. Most right wingers when they finally get to see Bernie _ such as on Fox - and hear his message they are often won over as he talks common sense. Its the DNC who attacks progressives who go on Fox because they know the “left” media won’t cover them and they are upset that Bernie (or Tulsi) will be able to get their message out. Evangelists would vote Bernie over a gay guy. A right wing jerk gay guy no less.


I would certainly hope you are right and I am wrong, but many of my Republican, relatives would disagree with you.

Incrementalism in regards to climate is the chief issue before us, as climate is the only issue that matters.

Though outright denial has been largely abandoned as an excuse, denial still drives every argument to the right of AOC. In dealing with climate, health care, (in which incrementalism is also Warren’s position) inequality, and almost every other issue, incrementalism is destructive conservatism; it’s dog whistle code for inaction in support of the status quo. Because of the ecological crisis, however, that status quo won’t survive long, but the SQers seem not to care about that.

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Yes, so true. Though they seem to be accepting the fact that climate change is real and manmade, the SQers shifted complete denial to a place where they have managed to somehow convince themselves of the dilution that their wealth and power will shield them from a decimated earth.


The best description I have heard of Pete Buttplug is he is the 'murikan version of Juan Guiado. Tulsi is showing the courage that Bernie lacks.

Hi Kyer_Wiltshire:
I am a bit more cynical. After Mayor Pete went to the Silicon Valley and met with the power holders of communication----and received lots of money----but those same power holders actually sell the citizen users medical data and other private info-----------I decided that Pete was in the incorrect party—maybe he should run against Trump. as a GOP person
Besides, I sadly think that the DNC is run by some who see WE the People as WEE the people, too small and unimportant to deal with. As T.S. Eliot wrote: " This is the way the world ends, not with a bang—with a whimper." : (