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Is President Trump Headed for a War with China?


Is President Trump Headed for a War with China?

Rajan Menon

Forget those “bad hombres down there” in Mexico that U.S. troops might take out.


I actually don't think so. Big business likes cheap Chinese products too much. A war would hurt their profit margins.


It is too late to do much about the military build-up on those islands. The Obama administration dropped the ball on this one. They should acted when the build-up just started. They may have been able to prevent the current situation. I can't see a war between two superpowers (or near superpower in the case of China), both with nuclear weapons. I would think that Trump would pick on a country that the US could easily defeat in a conventional war. That way he would probably get support from the military, which would not support a war against China. The US only goes to war if it can bring overwhelming force. I could see a war with Iran as a possibility. Then Trump could claim those opposing the war are unpatriotic and it would give him an excuse to deal with the left. Such a scenario could be extremely dangerous for war protesters and could even result in the US finally coming completely apart. Trump needs to be removed from office by impeachment while the country is still intact.


It seems daily more and more likely that this frelling POS ginger-pig is headed to war with Iran, China, the American people, our one and only common environment/Mother Earth Gaia, and any other vulnerable people, issue or nation that doesn't bow-down to his mental illness dung-headedness!

The GOPigs are using this idiot to ram as much filth and destruction down America's throat as they can, as fast as they can! When trump tries that shite on any nation that will not cater to trump's mindless blather and idiot tweets, sometime soon the shite will be in the fan - an idiot fool that cannot separate his ego/narcissist madness or "businessman" greed from his public-servant (what a joke that is!) oath of office and sanity!

For Loves sake, this frelling idiot is and will continue to destroy everything he touches, except of course things that benefit himself, his 1% cronies co-conspirators, and profits uber-alles - until he is remover from power!

There has never been a more despicable pathetic excuse for a human-being than this mental POS!

Sorry, NEVER comment when you're tired and pissed!


The author forgets that corporate America still calls the shots via their bought and paid for Congressmen. Wal-Mart, Apple, GM and other companies that are heavily invested in China, won't allow their fringe lunatics a chance to start a war with their number one, beloved source of slave labor.


Fret not Emphyrio -- tired and pissed is perfectly appropriate when anything at all calls to mind Der Verrückt im Kopf Führer (Sieg Heil!!).


Then there's OBOR. One Belt One Road. The new silk road. Pepe Escobar has been writing about it for several years and I've seen articles in Forbes also. It seems like a real game changer and a huuge threat to US economic interests. Forget BRICS think TRIIICSS.


A virtual hug to you. While not your usual measured voice, this comment was still very colorful, well-written, and deadly accurate. I've been a bit more snarky than usual; I'm tired and pissed too!


Ask not what Australia could do for you, ask what Australia didn't do for Trump!


Y'know what, call their bluff. Anyone who truly believes in the ideal of supporting democracy has to support our recognition of Taiwan as a free and independent nation. That and standing with the people of Tibet in their quest for freedom and independence. I think that is where we should be as a country. Eff the bullies in Beijing. Enough of this Kabuki dance of "One China". That is not the reality on the ground, nor should it be. The people of Taiwan have done decades of hard work to become a truly democratic republic, which should be recognized and rewarded by the rest of the free World.


Do you think for one moment Trump holds such an argument on principle? And what is this " free world" nonsense? You aren't including the US in promoting such are you, especially via Trump.


I wonder if rump realizes how much US debt China owns.
I'm guessing that in general, rump will be going after low hanging fruit during his presidency in order to fool his supporters into believing that he is doing something. In other words, he won't mess with anything that he fears really could bite back. I totally expect rump to do nothing more than vigorous saber rattling, because deep down, he's a coward.


His cowardice if anything stokes his gargantuan demented ego, that now can be projected by him personally through US military power.


It can be projected through him as you say. However, I would be surprised if he did go all out militarily against China. He truly would be stupid to do so and some of the other comments here point out reasons why it would be stupid. I expect him to realize that and expect nothing more from him than "vigorous" saber rattling.


Certainly not the current PTB. But I expect a true people's party - like the Greens - to make words to that effect part of their foreign policy platform. We purport to be in favor and support of democratic republics, so we should act like it.


I guess it depends on how much China is willing to sell cheaply to the U.S. With all the alliances China is forming, it might decide that it no longer needs the U.S. to sell cheap plastic crap to. And if that happens, war is pretty much a certainty.


Yes, we are all in this together; supporting each other. The orange anus most be removed, 25th, unfit, ":insane" total danger to the World!


"likening them to Russia’s annexation of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula, an infraction for which Russia was slapped with economic sanctions"

And there is me thinking that the Crimea has been part of Russia for at least as long as the USA has been part of the USA and that the Russians in the Crimea voted overwhelmingly to stay with Russia in a fairly conducted referendum. As for the "rebels" in Ukraine, all they want is what the USA wanted in 1776; independence, or rather autonomy from the Ukrainian government. What's the problem? Scotland has its own Parliament.So does New Zealand.

As for China and the East Vietnam Sea. Someone needs to tell China to be a responsible world citizen; just because a bunch of imperialists draw maps in their favour does not mean that it is a legitimate exercise. After all, didn't the Pope split the world in two between Portugal and Spain just a few centuries ago?


Such as Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq?

Ah, I forgot; Grenada!


"Business is war", war is good for business, "the business of America is business" and "beware the Military-Industrial Complex...".

Its war with China (Trump), or war with Russia (Hillary). Take your pick.