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Is Russian Election Hack Just the Beginning for America?


Is Russian Election Hack Just the Beginning for America?

San Diego Union-Tribune Editorial

The CIA’s conclusion that the Russian government acted to covertly influence the U.S. election has elicited anger and concern from across the political spectrum, even as President-elect Donald Trump ridiculed the idea that Moscow helped him to victory.


The U.S. should get rid of its hackable voting machines.

And, as you say, stop deciding who should lead other peoples' countries.

For starters. :slight_smile:


It would be nice to see this op-ed in all the major papers in the nation because context is important.


It's another WMD scam by the MIC. The government won't share the details, because it's clear the Dumb Democrats left their computers wide open in three cases that we know about already:

1) DNC Admission of not being able to afford the latest security protection.
2) DNC leaving Hillary Clinton's strategy files wide open (and then the disgraced Debbie Wasserman-Shultz blaming Sanders for it, even though the Sanders Campaign was the one who reported the FUBAR by Clinton.)
3) Hillary leaving State Department and Democrat secrets and access codes lying around on an unprotected server at home in violation of Federal Law.

A kid on a laptop could have "hacked" the Democrats chitty excuse for computer security. This is no reason to start another dangerous Cold War with the Russians!


"The U.S. government should do all it can to keep its elections free of foreign influence."

On the other hand, no one is holding their breath in anticipation of the CIA concluding that corporations had a hand in unduly swaying this, or any other, election. That kind of meddling is acceptable, even if the corporations are foreign.


What's that saying:

'Payback is a bitch ! '

It's almost funny - 99% voted for either neoliberalism or neoconservatism - and that's being kind - and 'we' are worried about Russian interference !

Isn't that like worrying about whether the white wine was chilled properly as the passengers aboard the Titanic were jumping into the frigid waters of the North Atlantic ?

Here's something to worry about:



The US has a mixed image around the world and it varies in different regions and in different countries. I think overall the US has a much better image than Russia. It is all kind of relative. Does any large country have a better image than the US? Probably not.


"Russian Hacking" is a Distraction w/Legs.

From Distracting us from Dem Primary malfeasance, to, after losing access to Hillary's "Promise of War, for her Owners" and now manufacturing Trump's Rationalization, so that he can now lead the Bogus Charge.

The Captured Media has never been so blatant as it is now, not even attempting subtlety. as it attempts to Manufacture its desired Consent from us, in broad daylight, even as all Actual facts make their machinations obvious and provable.


Good editorial except for this: " after the terror attacks on New York City and the Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001 motivated by Osama bin Laden's anger over U.S. overt and covert attempts to annihilate and humiliate Islamic nations."


Your thinking is quite poor. The following are countries ranked in order as the most dangerous threats to world peace by WIN/Gallup International:

  1. United States: 24%
  2. Pakistan: 8%
  3. China: 6%
  4. Afghanistan, Israel, Iran, North Korea: 5%

A new poll says these nations are the top 4 threats to world peace. Guess who's number one.

Russia came in at 2%.


Image and danger are 2 very different things.


What about this context: There Was No Russian Hack! There was a Leak. No Russians were involved. Now how do you like the miserable op-ed?


Excellent point. The MSM are staging a major freak-out about a #WhichHillary debate red herring.

Meanwhile, they're missing the real hack: the destruction - from the inside - of representative government and of political discourse itself by the corrosive influence of money. It's not like the real story is hard to find, either; this table, and this Web site, were already open in my browser from other reading this morning.

I saw recently (forgot to bookmark it & can't find it now) that the Koch Bros. political media budget for the recent election was larger that those of either major party.

Yes, the election was "hacked," alright, but IMO those who are "barking up the Russian tree" are missing the forest.


Nobody denies the validity of the emails, their originators, recipients and content. It's just that, well, nobody was supposed to know this stuff. Oh boo-hoo-hoo, little Ms. Privilege got caught in the act and now her panties are in a wad! As big brother once said, "only the guilty have something to hide!"


This oped is just another presstitute fake news story.

of course Americans are so dumb now they will believe anything. We are the only country that blatantly interferes in other countries elections routinely, as well as sell weapons to both sides of most wars. We are the largest danger to our Earth, in many ways. Those are facts. This oped is pure corporate MIC bs.


Wow. A truly excellent article even laying out the history so few know, and you call it bs. You are just like so many on the right who believe whatever the hell sounds good to them.


With good cause? Good golly, Americans surely don't really believe all this gumpf, do they?


No, not even close. Personally, I am leaning towards the likelihood that our intelligence agencies are correct in their assessments. But, likely or not, this has NOTHING to do with a "howl for war with Russia." That would be insane. INSANE!!!!!


Interesting information:


I will narrow the historical scope for your benefit. The United States has destroyed Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria. In addition, it has also bombed Yemen, Pakistan, and Somalia. All at the cost of millions of lives, with countless more maimed and displaced.

You may choose to look away like the German citizenry did, but the image of being the world's greatest purveyor of death and destruction is well deserved.