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Is Saudi Arabia Now the Israel of the Gulf?


Is Saudi Arabia Now the Israel of the Gulf?

Robert Naiman

I came to Iran this week to participate in a peace boat sailing from Iran to protest the Saudi bombing and blockade of Yemen.


i just ran a web search for [“Robert Naiman” Israel Nuclear], assuming i would find Naiman’s denunciation of Israel’s nukes. Didn’t find a single mention. i gotta admire his willingness to participate in direct action stunts like the “peace boat” sailing from Iran to Yemen. But can’t he find one opportunity to denounce in writing the Israeli nuclear arsenal? If anyone finds a citation, please share.


Well, watch the next act. If the UN votes any sanction or major criticism of Saudi Arabia as it has done many times with Israel, when it gets to the Insecurity Council, it will be vetoed by the US just as it has done for anything Israel doesn’t like.

  • The more vicious US lackeys are, the more they are protected by the US Fourth Reich.


No more than Israel is the new Germany of the Middle East…

There is much sectarian strife among the Muslims.
Until that’s resolved, nothing will change there.