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Is Saudi Women’s Vote a Step Forward?


Is Saudi Women’s Vote a Step Forward?

Medea Benjamin

The global press has been heralding the December 13, 2015, vote in Saudi Arabia as a breakthrough for women, since it’s the first time in history that Saudi women have been allowed to vote. But is this vote really a significant step forward?


The equally patriarchal Christian Right's wet dream: The Saudi model.


It is simply the Saudi public relations answer to the despicable reputation they have for treatment of women and any other segment of their population they choose to target for abuse and ostracism. Interesting how this "news" has been plastered over local, national, and international media (print, TV, internet, etc.) as if the Saudi's were making substantive social change. IMO, it is at best simply propaganda in order to polish the Saudi image in the eyes of the Western world. (Ironic that the woman shown in the photo is totally covered head-to-toe with a niqab while depositing her ballot.)


Nothing short of overthrowing the House of Saud is going to change things for the vast majority of the country's people. The "Royal" family are nothing but a Mafia-like gang of criminals. They all deserve to be executed en-mass for their crimes against their own people and humanity. Saying this in Saudi Arabia would be enough to get me beheaded, which should be proof enough that what I say is true.


Too true. Soon this will be the case here in the U.S.A. at the hands of a scared, right-wing electorate! Saudi Arabia is owned by the House of Saud, not governed. Who, or whomever, the King and his family don't like will be marginalized right out of existence.