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Is Schengen Dead?


Is Schengen Dead?

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

After the governments of both Sweden and Denmark announced Monday new border controls to stem the flow of migrants and refugees, fear is spreading across Europe that the continent's landmark open border policy will soon be nothing but a dream.


Germany shocked by Cologne New Year gang assaults on women


Two observations in the BBC news report: 1) "The men were of Arab or North African appearance." 2) "They were all asylum seekers, carrying copies of their residence certificates."

These observations could be true or false. But Europe must weigh in on what kind of brainwashed people they are being humane to and how. They should be humane, but they must also make sure that they are not spoiling their homeland with people who are too brainwashed, and could provide the so-called moderate environment that would produce people that have no sense of human rights and dignity.


Closing the border to our better angels


Fortress Europe this and that. It is sad to see Europe, blah blah blah. How about US, the US we do something? It is a huge crisis, not just Europe's, and caused in large part with US. So...... Armchair advisers, what have you done lately?


As sea levels rise, migration will be even more urgent. It is time for the USA and Europe to decide who lives and who dies, where those who are rejected will go (to die) and how will that policy be enforced? Greenland is melting, threatening to raise sea levels 23'. Bangladesh will be totally flooded, has 54 million people, will you invite them to share your apartment? These folks will not be looking for a job until the war is over like Syrians, but instead, can never go home. Ad to Bangladesh most of Indonesia, island nations, coastal cities losing their port facilities... can Kansas leave the union? How do we define a clear "we" (who live) from "them" (who die)?


I'll put it my will. A few millennia from now when the Greenland ice is completely melted "if current trends continue" my descendants will take in refugees from Bangladesh.

I know you are (hopefully) speaking figuratively but check timeline of your "Greenland melt" anyway.


Not just Germany's. Just three examples of towns including Oxford where British police did NOTHING and allowed women to be raped and abused, (some as young as 11) by such gangs because they didn't want to be seen as 'racist' or offend Muslim communities.


Ya, I was. Of course Antarctic is melting as well. Millennia is an overstatement, most are talking about 50 years. So a change in policy is not out of the question thinking proactive rather than reactive. 50 is as good as 50,000 to me at 65 with cancer, so the hospital is getting the house, I am going to ad a continent that the house goes to Indonesians, (Oh! hospital? were you the one fighting Obama care, read THIS fine print) I had a great time there.


Of the two observations in the BBC news report that I quoted, I tend to believe the first one, but not the second one. I do not think that a criminal would show his residence certificate while committing the crime. But your statement sounds like blaming the media to downplay the sexual violence committed by the immigrants. Do you have a factual basis to suggest that the criminals in this news item were not of Arab or North African appearance or that immigrants are not disproportionate committers of sexual violence? I think tolerating barbaric behavior for political correctness is too dangerous for the world, and should not be done by responsible politicians and intellectuals.


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