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Is Stacey Abrams Progressive?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/26/stacey-abrams-progressive


I think this is a pretty fair piece on Abrams. She deserves kudos for her positive approach to voting rights - but is otherwise not a progressive Democrat by any means.


I do like her and I believe that Georgia was stolen from her-----but she too joined the Joe is a good guy club. OMG and he did another gaff with his comment about ebbing ball and not voting for Trump…Joe is an idiot and he was already struggling to make complete sentences---------dead man walking-------and so Stacey I really liked you, but like Elizabeth, you seem to have sold out too. Of course, if joe is elected , he won’t last long---------so who the VP is becomes even more important-- because Joe’s brain is going going and almost gone. If there is a debate, Trump will wipe the debate floor with Joe, Although, if Trump really is taking the malaria drug---- maybe he will cork off, and with those 2 both gone----the election might be interesting-------- but then we have no idea who Joe’s VP will be. Of course, if he corks off early, they would have to go with Bernie. Because --if they don’t the Dem party is dead, dead, dead.


She said, “I want to be wealthy”? There’s your political system laid out in black and white.


Thanks for this condensed analysis of Stacey Abrams and her political history, political resume, policy positions and current political affiliations.
I would consider voting for Joe Biden if his choice for VP was someone more like Con. Barbara Lee, or if Joe Biden actually had the political smarts, to pick the real deal that is Con. Barbara Lee.
I’m not interested in Stacey Abrams, or any Democratic federal office holder for that matter, " restoring America’s place in the world. " That was a rather lousy place for supporters of all people of color around the planet, not just those of the House of Podesta, Clinton & Tanden. No thanks.
I gather Stacey Abrams rejects political and economic class conflicts, as a line in the sand, inside the United States. Choosing rather to identify with, and support a more nuanced view and approach. Outside our nation’s boundaries that position is likely to be quite controversial. I’m sure that nuance is not very comforting to the human beings living in; Brazil, Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Columbia and, really most of the Global South.
" We came, we corrupted, we conquered, they died, anyway. " Again Stacey Abrams, a big No Thanks.
But, good luck with getting rich. Oprah, Beyonce, Michelle and Kanye can use some competition.


This would be a disastrous choice. Thus I think it’s highly possible Joe will do it.


Stacey Abrams is progressively more in favor of keeping a rich white man in the White House.

Who is up to his eyeballs in the corporate swamp.


So look who Biden’s talking to…



Yep. Sick to death of people running for office because of what is in it for them. Our society, this political system, is crumbling because of that.


no surprise here.


I no longer think it possible to be a member in the Democratic party in the USA and to be a progressive at the same time.

A true progressive would not trade in their values for table scraps. Getting a 1200 one time cheque to the masses of people unemployed even as billions go to the wealthy and Corporations during this pandemic is not something a progressive would do. This akin to a peace activist agreeing to blow 300 villages off the map in Vietnam because he is told “this will end the war faster”.

The shills for the DNC can not really encourage people in the USA to Vote Democrat based on the Democratic parties “progressive policies” because they have none. Instead they try and guilt trip people into the vote indicating a vote for the Democrats is a vote against Donald Trump. They advance the silly LOTE nonsense over and above anything else. The thing is there a whole pile of voters that are Republican that will vote Donald Trump , not because they embrace his policies but because they think the Democratic candidate is worse.

Voting against things is not how one makes progress.

When one votes Democrat what exactly are you voting for?
When one votes Republican what exactly are you voting for?

It certainly is not for progress and of the two voters, Republican and Democrat which of the two parties, from that voters perspective , has more things to vote for?


Is Stacy abrams Progressive? No.

Sure, when compared to Pol Pot, or dick Cheney, yeah she’s progressive. But that’s holding the bar pretty low.
But isn’t that what the democrats have been doing since 1985? Playing the lesser of two evils card. Every election year since, the democrats have been singing the same song. Sure our Candidate sucks, but not nearly as bad as the other guy.
That’s the problem with a race to the bottom. Everybody wins.


Imagine a politician that isn’t described as “corporate.”
As long as we continue to associate the wishes of the corporation with the wishes of the voter, nothing is going to change - not today nor in the future.


Stacey Abrams will definitely fire up the base.
Trump’s base.

And she won’t even bring in Georgia’s Electoral College votes.


“… Led by the extraordinary Neera Tanden, CAP has been at the forefront of progressive policy development…”
I want to support women of color, but this alone suggests that Abrams should not be a contender.



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It is possible for a wealthy person to consume at a sensible level, pay workers generously, and run a company that makes good products that many Americans can use and in general operates in an ethical manner. What percentage of wealthy people do that? Less than 1% I’m sure.

As @JoanRobinson often lays out with understanding money, it’s not the rich actually having lots of money that is the problem. Money is just paper. It’s what rich people offer to buy with their money - yachts, jets, huge mansions, political influence to distort decisions on war and trade and health care.

I’m not the least bit impressed with Abrams and think that Biden’s advisors will likely explain to him she is a lousy choice - I don’t believe she can deliver GA. I think Val Demings (who is likely less progressive than Abrams so I’m not saying I like her) is more likely to deliver FL. I was hoping he might pick Tammy Baldwin and in my fantasy of the left actually making a demand that we can force Biden to do (as outlined in ~https://anchor.fm/rumble-with-michael-moore/episodes/Ep–81-Youll-Never-Work-In-This-Town-Again–feat–Briahna-Joy-Gray-eeabq5) - force him to admit that single payer is the only answer that makes sense given where we are and so many people out of work. I wrote to Biden (~https://bidenpresident.com/Contact) and said I will vote for him if he comes around on M4A and otherwise will not.

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LOL! You know what helps with propaganda like that? The fact that the word progressive has no clear meaning. Like, if I run for office, take bribes from the rich, don’t change anything, but don’t hate immigrants or the LGBT community, and maybe I am pro choice, I am “progressive”. Not basically libertarian, no, “progressive”. How many worthless, empty, right of center nothings are in the congressional progressive caucus? People can keep that term, it means absolutely nothing, and pay no mind to the fact that Tanden and people like her have long supported policies that have clearly not led to progress. Like, if you call yourself a progressive, do you not have to prove that your policies and strategies actually lead to progress on some level? Anyone seen decades long macroeconomic, social and environmental data? Anyone noticed the corrupt cesspool that is DC and the Democratic Party?

Socialism at least has a clear definition, even if there are schools of socialism that are miles apart. Progressive is a worthless term, and the damn neoliberals have ruined that label too.


Have not seen progressive tendencies…and her economic instincts seem to be uninformed …not realizing how wealth inequality negatively impacts us. When all is said and done I think she is a bonafide neoliberal…


To answer the question of the title, absolutely not. She is another tool of the corporate oligarchy who is making a bald-faced attempt to climb up to be VPOTUS when all she has been before is a state representative. She’s got a lot of nerve, no matter what her ethnicity or race. Being that nakedly needy of unearned higher office is truly unbecoming.