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Is That a White House Advisor in Your Pocket, or Are You Just Helping Him Fleece Me


Is That a White House Advisor in Your Pocket, or Are You Just Helping Him Fleece Me

Pat LaMarche

There are many ways to get federal housing assistance. A person can apply to live in public housing or they can receive a rent subsidy for living in private accomodations.


Cheers, applause, You made my day, Thank you.


Extracting an energy resource through violent means from eons below the ground to facilitate mobility while killing our air and water has been the means of select few accumulating what a few opportunistic minds have deemed tender.

Those appointed by this so called democracy to oversee the well being of those less fortunate still need the filter of a king to enable their actions.

Do we have the courage to stand up to our monsters now? Or will we graduate into the likes of the elderly living in campers waiting for slave labor from Amazon?


The same argument applies to welfare payments. The poor are required to jump through hoops for the minor amount they receive. Drug tests in some areas, work requirements, and don’t have a run in with the law or game over.
The over all amount the poor receive in welfare is miniscule compared to what profitable corporations rake in with almost no rules or oversight.
The public has no idea how much of their tax dollars the corp’s. get, but only complain about what’s given to the poor.


Exactly right. And that does not include the trillions of dollars tucked away in off shore shell corporations in places like Panama. Just imagine, trillions of dollars taken out of our economy and just hidden away by the excessively wealthy.


I do not think there should be any surprise over the fact that in a system DESIGNED by the one percent to promote their well being and their best interests, that they are the ones who will benefit most from that system.

Capitalism and this so called Free market was designed to be a system OF the 1 percent , by the one percent and FOR the one percent.

They then proceeded to brainwash the people into believing this is the ONLY viable system.


they’re re-rolling the script… thats why the moustache has been brought back.
(I knew I recognized him from somewhere)

Scene in the House last week…


If we ever could reduce the top end thievery and return the money to the peasants the robber barons would be peasants. Equality I could live with!