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Is the Contemptible Trump In Contempt of Court?


Is the Contemptible Trump In Contempt of Court?

Peter Dreier

Donald Trump just struck out swinging, so now he’s attacking the umpire.

Unfortunately for Trump, the umpire is Judge Gonzalo Curiel of the Federal District Court in San Diego, who is presiding over a class action lawsuit accusing Trump University of defrauding and misleading consumers who plunked down at least $1,500 for three-day seminars — and up to $35,000 for additional courses — that promised to teach Trump’s secrets of success in real estate. The lawsuit has already exposed Trump in a series of outrageous lies, confirming his well-deserved reputation as a huckster.


Just as the New York Times will publish commentary favorable to the elites' agendas and submit any corrections or retractions on page 8 or 10, Mr. Dreier's correction of the record on Trump's bogus university dealings (and insults to Judge Curiel) will NEVER reach his fan base. Most of them don't read, anyway. Mostly they are drawn to Trump's bombast, bullying, and bravado. They think these infantile traits show power.

One can only wonder if Trump obtained the Oval Office how he'd treat the entire Judiciary. Like any other born-tyrant and enfant terrible, it won't be pretty.


What the media refers to as the leading Candidates for President of the United States of America, are two people that should be in jail. I am not sure there has ever been an election where BOTH Candidates would be in prison were justice applied equally.

In essence the election little more than two Dons wanting to be Godfather.


His supporters??

Shades of the Jugendbund!


Trump said that he looked forward to standing trial after being elected president. “Wouldn’t that be wild if I’m president and I come back [to San Diego] to do a civil case?”

I´m still amazed. Who´d´ve thought? Ding-dong Donald, Republican nominee for president. I´d vote for him, for Ratcatcher-in-Chief, that is. I like the sound of it. Besides, it would be fitting. He´s got so much experience chasing--then running away from--his own tail.


I agree/disagree 50/50: one in jail, the other in a looney bin.


"Creepy, greedy, amoral con artist"? You just described every American president since George Washington! Using your own words, I think Trump has all the credentials to make a fine president.


Love it! Two Dons! Or make that Don and Dona.


What about "donuts"?--as in, more or less well rounded, but hollow in the middle. Or "dough-nuts"?--as in, somewhat archaically, crazy for money. Or maybe "DO-NOTS!"--as in, "DO-NOT VOTE FOR THESE [fill in the blank]!